Back after a long hiatus, no clue how long I'll stick around. Main goal is to get a Chibs <3

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  • Giftbox Priority List     6th Oct 2019 13:39
  • Keeping track of the pets I ne...     4th Oct 2019 18:59
  • Pet Plans and Goals     15th Sep 2019 11:26
  • App for Erzilie     15th Aug 2013 16:12

  • Giftbox Priority List

    Posted on : 6th Oct 2019 13:39   Posted by : ktkitty4
    For my own purposes, I'm just listing the giftboxes I would eventually like to get and the general order I'd like to get them in, based on how much I want them and how likely I'd be to spend that amount on them:

    Shop Pricer - Graciously gifted by cutebutpsycho07, thank you so much!!
    Wardrobe Selfie
    Extra Pet (x10 or something lol)
    Missing Food
    Webcam and/or Photo
    Double Scholarships
    Double Crystals
    Missing Wardrobe
    Double Hieroglyphics
    Gym/Elite Gym

    The others are less important. As well, I definitely don't have money to be spending this much on a game so I'd have to miraculously win AU or suddenly become rich.

    Keeping track of the pets I need to borrow

    Posted on : 4th Oct 2019 18:59   Posted by : ktkitty4
    As of Oct 4 2019, I need to borrow:

    any Chocolate coloured pet (done- thanks David!)
    any Voodoo coloured pet
    any Space Fairy coloured pet
    any Leprechaun colored pet
    any Skater coloured pet (done- thanks David!)
    any Toddler coloured pet
    a Chibs pet, to take a photo at the lush lake photo studio


    Pet Plans and Goals

    Posted on : 15th Sep 2019 11:26   Posted by : ktkitty4
    Current number of pets: 13/15

    List of pets I already have and want to keep as-is
    Stiana the Midnight Tantua
    Minkowski the Gold Fasoro
    crazy_frog244 the Cowboy Renat
    Johnny_99 the Snow Ushunda

    General list of pets I want in order of desire
    1. Chibs (LE)

    Maybe Kidlet
    Maybe Crindol
    Maybe Pucu (LE)
    Maybe Oglue (LE)
    Maybe Lati (LE)
    Maybe Zola (LE)
    Maybe Straya (LE)
    Maybe Rusty (LE)
    Maybe Vlad (LE)

    Specifics regarding pets
    My pet all_fired_up, currently colour changing, would like to be a Daylight Kaala, Fire Crindol, Fire Gonk, Fire Ideus, Fire Fasoro, Fire Tantua or Fire Snookle, Frostfire Chibs (as if lol), Frostfire Kaala, Frostfire Gonk, Lava Bolimo, Lava Chibs, Lava Fasoro, Lava Fiagro, Lava Gonk, Lava Kaala or almost any lava pet

    My pet cutiecorn, currently colour changing, would like to be a Gonk or Yuni. Specifically, I like Coral Gonk, Fairy Gonk, Galaxy Gonk, Lilac Gonk, Maroon Gonk, Mermaid Gonk, Pink Gonk, Pastel Gonk, Sparkle Gonk, Spacefairy Gonk, Strobe Gonk. I like Sparkle Yuni, Strobe Yuni, Toddler Yuni, Valentine Yuni

    My pet whisperedwords is currently an angel murfin. Will remain like that until the 'Have an angel pet' goal from nimbus is complete. After that, will likely change to Tantua, Kaala, Fasoro, or Bolimo of some sort.

    My pet Palmarosa is currently a Pink Mordo, would like to change to a Floral Mordo, or possibly Native Mordo, to go with her name

    My pet Ambisinistrous is currently a Clown Walee. I would like to change her to another type of Walee, Speiro, or Fasoro

    My pet Cryptonomica is currently a Red Bolimo (cute, but boring). Will likely change to a Maroon Bolimo. Would like to change to a Camouflage, Desert, Galaxy, Lava, Monster, Moonlight, Starry, Stobe, or Thunder. Best costumes for him would be Monster, Starry, Thunder, or Galaxy. Zombie would be fitting but it is not my favorite. OR a Halloween Pucu just because.

    Other Pet Changes I want to make
    Would LOVE to change gafey_girl to literally any other name, and perhaps give her a different species. I like having a witch pet, though....).

    Would like to change the name of sweet_n_cute, but not as badly as gafey_girl. I also like having a Halloween pet a LOT, but perhaps not a Knutt. We will see.

    I would really like to get a Calico Fasoro, a Galaxy Equilor, and a Halloween Pucu.

    Recent Changes
    my_baby_doll the Pink Mordo was renamed to Palmarosa This is the name of an essential oil that smells like rose, but is cheaper and more sustainable to produce. A main component in my homemade perfume that I love.

    baby_doll44 the gold fasoro was renamed to Minkowski (min-kov-ski). Named after the character Renee Minkowski from the podcast Wolf 359, a favourite podcast of mine. The character was named for Hermann Minkowski, a German mathematician.

    Cryptonomica the Red Bolimo was born, named after the cryptid museum/tourist trap owned by Ned Chicane in the podcast The Adventure Zone: Amnesty, another favourite of mine.

    gafey_girl was renamed to Wynorah, the name of my first dnd character.

    Esvele the Kaala was born
    **If anybody has anything that can help me reach any of these goals, I'd be forever grateful!**

    App for Erzilie

    Posted on : 15th Aug 2013 16:12   Posted by : ktkitty4
    Hello Sangfleur! I'm a Canadian girl who is about to turn 18 and still occasionally drops into Mara, more in summer than anything. I'm applying for Erzilie because I've been looking for a VooDoo pet, another LE, and almost anything with a good name. When I first made most of my pets I was much younger and didn't realize how competitive trading is, so I made them without concern for their names. (This same thing goes with my username. It's horrid, I know.)
    I can't promise you I will keep her forever, but I do tend to get attached to many of my pets, so whether or not she'll be traded if she ends up in my care isn't definite.

    I also must admit I haven't participated in many giveaways before, so I'm not used to applying and can only guess what you might be looking for. I'm half-decent at writing and you said you enjoyed stories on your forum post, so I'll do that.

    As a young Ercuw, Erzilie was always fascinated by the nature of darkness, things that would scare most others away. She liked to visit the darker areas of Marada in her free time, spend her evenings in the Undying Woods or hanging around the outskirts of Eleka's Castle.

    While in the Undying Woods one day, she picked up a book on Undying Tombla, as well as a CD on the subject. She quickly found she preferred listening to CDs better than reading, so she collected a few more before returning to her home.

    She continued to pick up CDs wherever she went, wanting to expand her knowledge, especially if it had to do with something eerie or creepy or dark.

    Spending so much time in the darkness, Erzilie soon began to come across mentions of VooDoo, along with poison, and other things that scared some of her friends. She couldn't help what interested her, though, and ended up left with only a friend or two left because most didn't approve of her learning more and more about these dark arts. It wasn't that she was a cruel person, either, she simply liked things that others disliked. Aside from that, she found it easy to get along with people who were as kind.

    One day, however, when Erzilie was looking into another CD, this one on the subject of daggers, she came across someone who was equally as interested. Stiana, a Tantua, shared much of the same interests as Erzilie. The two made quick friends, in fact, and Stiana ended up introducing Erzilie to a Sindi named Desex. The three found they could easily share their love of darkness together. They talked about the things others would shy away from, and even made plans to explore together. Listening to CDs and reading books only did so much, Stiana wanted to experience the things Desex read and Erzilie listened to first hand.

    Their first destination was to the graveyard of the Undying Woods. They had to sneak in, because the gates were always locked, but it proved to be much easier a task than any of them expected. Once they were far enough inside to not be seen, the three girls put down their belongings at their feet and crouched down to speak.

    "If we gather the moss from one of these graves, and find a blue Speiro feather, we would have most of the ingredients for this spell," Desex said, pointing at the open page of her book.

    "Neat! The enchantment is 'love is a many splendored thing', huh? What's the spell for?" Erzilie asked.

    "It's a love potion, right?" Stiana looked at them both.

    "Hm. I think it's a love potion. Either that, or it brings a loved one back to life."

    "Whoa, really?" Erzilie looked amazed.

    "That's awesome! We should try it," Stiana grinned.

    "None of us have someone we want to use the potion on, though."

    "Oh. Right."

    "We could find someone to try it on," Erzilie said.

    "Well, go collect the moss while we look around. Someone also needs to find a feather."

    The three girls split up, but didn't stray far. None of them wanted to be caught, but if they were, it would only be worse if they were alone at the time. Because it was their first time sneaking in together, they didn't spend a long time in the graveyard. Once they looked around a little, and collected the things they decided they wanted, the scamper out and away from the graveyard, accelerated from the minor crime they just technically committed.

    Over the next few days, the girls talked about what the spell could be and who they could use it on. They decided they would try the spell on an old Widowed Mordo who lived not far from Erzilie herself. The man could use another love in his life, or for his to come back to life.

    The spell took a while to prepare, with Desex reading the instructions and Erzilie handling the VooDoo dolls they made to help with the spell. Even if it didn't work, this would be an interesting experience for them to try.

    They sat around in a circle and did as Desex told them, dropping ingredients into a cauldron they got from a shop near Eleka's castle. They set the VooDoo dolls out once the potion was almost created. As Stiana stirred the last thing into the potion, the three of them chanted, "love is a many splendored thing". The potion fizzed, and they all gasped. They poured the potion into two vials, then put the VooDoo dolls in the empty cauldron.

    They went outside, to the house of the old Mordo, and left the vial at his step. Only now did they realize they wouldn't really know if their spell had worked. That part didn't matter to them, though, not really. They had fun and tried something new, that was important to them.

    Besides, a few days later, as Erzilie was on her way to the Undying Woods for yet another day trip, she noticed something at the old man's house. A slightly younger Figaro hanging around, talking with him. They seemed to be in deep conversation, from what Erzilie could see. She couldn't assume they were [i]in love [/i], but she had to wonder if maybe their spell did something good for somebody. She wouldn't be able to tell, no, but the thought made her smile.

    At the very least, she'd have something to report to her friends for next time. And, hopefully, whatever they picked to do next, they'd be able to see if it worked this time.

    Thank you for reading and considering my application. I hope you enjoyed the story! If you have any questions feel free to ask me them.

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