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  • Fleek Pokemon Event!!!     16th Sep 2019 09:22
  • Taylor Swift Dolls     9th Aug 2019 03:32
  • Fleek 2nd bday gift swap!     2nd Aug 2019 06:11
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  • Fleek Pokemon Event!!!

    Posted on : 16th Sep 2019 09:22   Posted by : meodlly
    Lets do thissss


    Taylor Swift Dolls

    Posted on : 9th Aug 2019 03:32   Posted by : meodlly
    Die hard Taylor stan, what can I say. Plus lots of fun looks to do.

    Back to December ~ music video doll

    \"You gave me roses and I left them there to die\"

    Future Dolls

    Teardrops on my guitar (need handheld guitar)

    White Horse

    Forever and always (\\"Rains when your here and it rains when your gone?\\")


    Long live (\\"had the time of my life-fighting dragons with you\\") (\\"how the kingdom lights shine with you\\") (\\"confetti falls to the ground\\")

    Music video doll looks

    I know places (\\"they got the foxes\\") forest esc

    Out of the woods

    Dancing with our hands tied (\\"deep blue but you painted me golden\\") (\\"picture of your face in an invisible locket\\")

    Fleek 2nd bday gift swap!

    Posted on : 2nd Aug 2019 06:11   Posted by : meodlly
    a little about yourself, what you collect, and some dream items of yours (within a reasonable price, please).

    Hey there!

    I go by my irl name Anna Pleased Im from the Uk and im one of mara\'s young mature players haha.

    Some facts about me...

    My fave colour is pink and I love working with pastels.

    Im a hugeeeee Disney nerd!

    Fave mara pet is a rusty and im working on building a rusty army.


    I collect everything but wardrobe is my main focus followed by Tara\'s gourmet collection.

    Mara Goals!

    Warbrobe, wardrobe, wardrobe and a rusty army.

    Dream items <3

    My wishlist is full of wardrobe items id love to own some day! My top are probs...

    Flower Shower (also more pricey rip meee)

    Heartless Shoes Want

    Sweet hair buns

    Clover skirt

    Cheaper dream item
    Amy flats

    Amy pumps

    Wolf hood

    Haunted house

    Id be so grateful for whatever someone gifts me, so thank you so much in advance!!! <3 <3 <3

    Fleek title holder siggies <3

    Posted on : 26th Jul 2019 04:21   Posted by : meodlly



    Posted on : 14th Jul 2019 16:51   Posted by : meodlly
    All of my saved dolls... rip to those before my first blog and the selfie gb... they were kinda bad anyways so its chill... the progression is something else. Shout out to Fleek for my doll making skills (Jas in particular) Lol none are in order either so guess the old dolls

    Formal Dolls



    Challenge dolls

    Country (UK)
    Victorian Foundling from the Foundling Hospital/ Neon Blacklight party

    Use Hawt 03/No colour change

    School doll (based on my own school uniform I had)/ Ice cream inspired (Cool Britania, pink and blue swirled in vanilla, from an independent place)

    Twisted Nursery Rhyme (Three blind mice)/Tim Burton Fashion (Emma Bloom from Miss Peregrine\'s Home for Peculiar children)

    Copycat Challenge/One glowing egg only (Arcade fairy glowing egg)

    Magic bean inspired (Cupid magic bean)/MJ 02 and colour 00CC99 (mouldy glowing egg)

    Spring dolls

    Summer dolls

    Autumn dolls

    Winter dolls

    Christmas dolls

    Halloween dolls


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