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  • Help please     5th Dec 2017 11:53

  • Help please

    Posted on : 5th Dec 2017 11:53   Posted by : ChelsChels12
    These are goals that I need help with:

    Baspinar’s Castle: Complete 25 or more Knutt Knight quests.
    Biala Mountain: Complete 35 or more Santa Klaws quests.
    Candyland: Own any Chocolate coloured pet
    City of Marada: Complete 10 or more Garage quests
    Dukka Caves: You need to buy an item from the Restaurant.
    Enpiah: You need to complete level 2 or higher of Ublish’s Lair mission
    Eleka’s Castle: You need to own any VooDoo coloured pet
    Gigantic Paradise: Complete 25 or more Farm quests
    Jenoa: You need to own any Underwater Coloured pet.
    Lush Lake: You need to own any Skater Coloured pet.
    Mini Pet Island: You need to gain a stat at the gym
    Nimbus: You need to complete level 2 or higher Greedy Gertrude
    Puchalla Village: Own any Defective Coloured pet
    Simeria: level 2 or higher Hector the Collector
    Slater Park: level 5 or higher Circus mission
    Undying Woods: 25 or more Elger quests
    Ziranek: 25 or more computer repair quests

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