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  • Special Thank You's     28th Mar 2008 20:05
  • hints 1-29     25th Mar 2008 10:33
  • Currently doing Trotter, Sexyk...     17th Oct 2007 15:02

  • Special Thank You's

    Posted on : 28th Mar 2008 20:05   Posted by : scampers
    These are a list of people I'd like to thank:
    Scampgallery-for always helping me out
    rubymine4-for helping me get my dream oglue

    hints 1-29

    Posted on : 25th Mar 2008 10:33   Posted by : scampers
    1.You may want to go to the undying woods where your opponents wait

    2.Hmm... ziranek sure is a good place to put an ad... go check out other peoples ads!

    3.Go to this mighty cool clock and refresh A LOT

    4.Chibs and doyle look good with hair! Go to the rainbow and check it out! Nice and fluffy and a reward from ublish

    5.Hmm.. if you are loyal this King will give you prizes go look at them and refresh!

    6.Leave one of your dear pets somewhere.... or get a new one without making it yourself!

    7.Play this game where the chances are a million to one!

    8.You may want to go to a wet place and heal your pets... bit first, a nice place in the Site where sick pets go!

    9. Help out a snow man in biala, send someone a nice gift and get a reward

    10. Get a new look... change threads!

    11. This bunny is stuck in a card! Look him up and refresh A LOT

    12.You ate soo much chocolate you are fat! Work it off on minipet island! Train to beat that opponent

    13.Go to lowly wood and get some thing to wear without buying it, it's free daily

    14. Go to a wet place and play a game of chance, hope you get the #'s correct

    15. Get something sweet that you cant restock, it cost 150Mp in candyland

    16. Play a cold, slippery racing game in biala

    17. Learning is power..... it takes 5hr and 59min and complete it

    18. Send something lovely and shiny to a friend mabey elger can help you out?

    19. Need treasure? First you need to buy a map

    20. Hmmm there are a lot of these.... Rusty .... charity shop .. just change the av!

    21. Feeling lucky? Spin this wheel to find egg 21!

    22. You earned it for letting them use your mp... now go collect it!

    23. Go to a place where things are being auctioned.. and bid on something paper you wear on your head!

    24.Your pets want gumballs... give them what they want!

    25.Go get your hands dirty and dig for something in gigantic paradise

    26. Potatoes are heavy... how heavy? What do you think?

    27. Anyways.... I always love using the fasoro falls when i come on mara.

    28.Go get something out of a machine that you can cuddle!

    29. Go get your mp from a place that borrows it!

    Currently doing Trotter, Sexykahne has watched:

    Posted on : 17th Oct 2007 15:02   Posted by : scampers
    Undying Tombola
    Undying Graveyard
    Undying Festival
    Trick or Treat
    There's Something about Doyle's
    The Musical Phanty
    The Little Christmas Tree
    The History of Candyland
    Tarquin DVD
    King Feliz
    How to be Loyal
    Gonk Racing
    Eleka's Tombola
    About a Zetlian
    A Snowman Halloween
    101 Azuls

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