Hello all!
You can call me Akito or Yuri. Whatever floats your boat. I'm an adult player who has been on here for a very long time lol. I am open to club invites, friends, random talking (though it may take me a hot second to get back to you as I work weird hours.)

Feel free to ask to borrow a pet. ^-^ I don't charge for loaning pets nor do I require a tip. Just MM me and we can set it up.

My biggest goal is to turn KC_KellysCat into either and Angel Chibs, Halloween Chibs or a Desert Chibs. I know it more than likely will never happen, but hey, everyone needs a goal to work towards lol.

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  • JournyTo Get Enchanted Plushie...     10th Apr 2017 15:20
  • My Journy To Get Enchanted Plu...     13th Mar 2017 17:30

  • JournyTo Get Enchanted Plushie Instructions Update

    Posted on : 10th Apr 2017 15:20   Posted by : roningirlyuri
    It's now April 10, 2017. Still no luck in getting any pieces. Currently saving up MP in the hopes that someone will sell it to me.

    Current goal- 40Mil
    Current MP Amount- 13.5Mil

    *Head to shop to stock and price items*


    My Journy To Get Enchanted Plushie Instructions

    Posted on : 13th Mar 2017 17:30   Posted by : roningirlyuri
    I really want to get the Enchanted Plushie Instructions. I will be keeping track of my attempt to get the pieces.

    So far no luck. If anyone is selling the pieces or willing to trade for other items, please let me know. I have a lot of older items
    Book Of Anime
    Easter Egg Book
    Enchanted Cheese Fasoro Plushie
    Enchanted Tantua Dip
    Evil Clown Book
    Evil Clowns
    Festival Pearl
    Ghost Pearl
    Ghostly Chrismas Tunes
    Halloween Album 2009
    Haunted Gumball

    And a lot of other stuff.

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