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  • Missing poops

    Posted on : 11th Oct 2019 06:32   Posted by : Same
    Addafo Poop
    Addese Poop
    Addimo Poop
    Addoro Poop
    Adorab Poop
    Alen Poop
    Andy Poop
    Anjet Poop
    Anlur Poop
    Ant Poop
    Anubis Poop
    Anuriah Poop
    Apollo Poop
    Apophis Poop
    Arasi Poop
    Arizona Poop
    Arso Poop
    Ata Poop
    Autumn Poop
    Avalon Poop
    Aviv Poop
    Azint Poop
    Azubi Poop
    Bacon Poop
    Bananey Poop
    Bandit Poop
    Batty Poop
    Batz Poop
    Baxter Poop
    Baylien Poop
    Bearger Poop
    Belle Poop
    Bellerina Poop
    Bewmel Poop
    Billy Poop
    Blake Poop
    Bloobloo Poop
    Blub Poop
    Bolint Poop
    Bolisoro Poop
    Boogle Poop
    Booty Poop
    Boris Poop
    Bottled Poop
    Broken Poop
    Buckaroo Poop
    Bugsy Poop
    Bullo Poop
    Buttercream Poop
    Butters Poop
    Buzzy Poop
    Cabbachi Poop
    Camelot Poop
    Camero Poop
    Camofog Poop
    Candy Poop
    Caribow Poop
    Centaur Poop
    Cerberus Poop
    Chameleon Poop
    Champion Poop
    Chariot Poop
    Charmer Poop
    Chawmp Poop
    Cherub Poop
    Chickle Poop
    Chidow Poop
    Chiliz Poop
    Chilla Poop
    Chlug Poop
    Chook Poop
    Choyle Poop
    Chuckles Poop
    Chutt Poop
    Cian Poop
    Cinnabar Poop
    Cirroc Poop
    Clover Poop
    Cohnonut Poop
    Concerto Poop
    Cremul Poop
    Cricket Poop
    Crumbs Poop
    Cumulus Poop
    Dandy Poop
    Dapurtle Poop
    Dasher Poop
    Decadal Poop
    Decapitate Poop
    Deeko Poop
    Deino Poop
    Demi Poop
    Devan Poop
    Devil Poop
    Devilray Poop
    Diamond Poop
    Dino Poop
    Doogle Poop
    Doyle Poop
    Dracorex Poop
    Dragoth Poop
    Drinas Poop
    Drowsy Poop
    Dumpling Poop
    Durabat Poop
    Easter Poop
    Edgy Poop
    Edwina Poop
    Egbert Poop
    Eggy Poop
    Elektro Poop
    Embers Poop
    Erni Poop
    Fandor Poop
    Fang Poop
    Farley Poop
    Fasafo Poop
    Fasofin Poop
    Fatty Poop
    Fawlt Poop
    Fee Poop
    Fendol Poop
    Fidge Poop
    Fifi Poop
    Fifteen Poop
    Filondor Poop
    Flin Poop
    Flitter Poop
    Flix Poop
    Flonk Poop
    Floof Poop
    Floss Poop
    Flurso Poop
    Fly Poop
    Foh Poop
    Forte Poop
    Fraggle Poop
    Freedom Poop
    Fritzi Poop
    Frosty Poop
    Fumb Poop
    Future Poop
    Gamma Poop
    Gator Poop
    Gazelle Poop
    Gemma Poop
    Ghostling Poop
    Ghosty Poop
    Gingerbread Imposter Poop
    Glitch Poop
    Goglue Poop
    Gooey Poop
    Gordo Poop
    Grepig Poop
    Grimmus Poop
    Grint Poop
    Gromps Poop
    Grouchy Poop
    Gruff Poop
    Gruffle Poop
    Grypho Poop
    Gutur Poop
    Halloweenie Poop
    Happilo Poop
    Hart Poop
    Heart Poop
    Heartling Poop
    Hearty Poop
    Heavy Poop
    Hethe Poop
    High Poop
    Hot Dawg Poop
    Houo Poop
    Hump Poop
    Huxen Poop
    Hyebi Poop
    Ian Poop
    Indy Poop
    Iris Poop
    Jason Poop
    Jessul Poop
    Jessup Poop
    Jinnie Poop
    Jinx Poop
    Jokemo Poop
    Juju Poop
    Justin Poop
    Kaaleus Poop
    Keech Poop
    Kidlet Poop
    Kimble Poop
    Kirikoo Poop
    Kissy Poop
    Kitsune Poop
    Koob Poop
    Korn Poop
    Kouki Poop
    Kringle Poop
    Kronk Poop
    Kuork Poop
    Kusil Poop
    Lafter Poop
    Laiyee Poop
    Lambit Poop
    Leafy Poop
    Lemhorse Poop
    Lemnkey Poop
    Leon Poop
    Lettuchi Poop
    Lightbug Poop
    Liiing Poop
    Limited Poop
    Limox Poop
    Lolie Poop
    Lolzbra Poop
    Lorius Poop
    Lorulf Poop
    Loyal Poop
    Lubadore Poop
    Luffley Poop
    Lurve Poop
    Maddox Poop
    Maestro Poop
    Maft Poop
    Malware Poop
    Manticore Poop
    Mato Poop
    Meepo Poop
    Merant Poop
    Mia Poop
    Middy Poop
    Minibot Poop
    Minifoot Poop
    Mintcream Poop
    Minti Poop
    Miraffe Poop
    Mistake Poop
    Misti Poop
    Mizu Poop
    Moneybag Poop
    Moofle Poop
    Moonie Poop
    Mordo Poop
    Mort Poop
    Mushtoo Poop
    Naga Poop
    Naia Poop
    Napoleon Poop
    Neek Poop
    Neesta Poop
    Neil Poop
    Nesasio Poop
    Nimble Poop
    Nodio Poop
    Noosh Poop
    Nyuchan Poop
    Oleni Poop
    Oley Poop
    Olvic Poop
    Omen Poop
    Osabri Poop
    Osafup Poop
    Otus Poop
    Partridge Poop
    Pat Poop
    Patrick Poop
    Pebbles Poop
    Pee Poop
    Peiko Poop
    Phantasm Poop
    Pidge Poop
    Piggy Poop
    Pikey Poop
    Pingi Poop
    Pinkal Poop
    Pinto Poop
    Plap Poop
    Plapus Poop
    Plooster Poop
    Plugged Poop
    Plump Poop
    Polar Poop
    Pongin Poop
    Poppy Poop
    ly Poop
    Princess Poop
    Psyclone Poop
    Pudine Poop
    Puff Poop
    Puffnut Poop
    Pumkitty Poop
    Pumpee Poop
    Pyri Poop
    Pythonix Poop
    Quelow Poop
    Quibs Poop
    Ra Poop
    Rababerry Poop
    Reaper Poop
    Reesoro Poop
    Reezul Poop
    Rokma Poop
    Romantic Poop
    Rosie Poop
    Rubble Poop
    Rupper Poop
    Rutabaga Poop
    Rweek Poop
    Ryno Poop
    Sabertooth Poop
    Sakko Poop
    Salad Poop
    Salem Poop
    Salvaged Poop
    Sandy Poop
    Scarfy Poop
    Schoot Poop
    Scorch Poop
    Scorpi Poop
    Scratchy Poop
    Scrooge Poop
    Seaso Poop
    Shamrock Poop
    Shea Poop
    Shelly Poop
    Shmancy Poop
    Shnuggle Poop
    Shroomy Poop
    Shyda Poop
    Shyee Poop
    Silkie Poop
    Silser Poop
    Sk8er Poop
    Skelly Poop
    Skramp Poop
    Slig Poop
    Slymol Poop
    Smartdo Poop
    Smew Poop
    Snek Poop
    Snickle Poop
    Sniffles Poop
    Snixie Poop
    Snoween Poop
    Snowel Poop
    Snowman Poop
    Snowy Poop
    Solaroo Poop
    Sooer Poop
    Sooty Poop
    Spark Poop
    Sphinx Poop
    Spinestein Poop
    Spinner Poop
    Spobble Poop
    Spooks Poop
    Spootli Poop
    Sprig Poop
    Springo Poop
    Spud Poop
    Spurkle Poop
    Starcub Poop
    Starstruck Poop
    Stego Poop
    Stingler Poop
    Stitch Poop
    Strawbun Poop
    Straya Poop
    Superhero Poop
    Tadi Poop
    Tako Poop
    Tantibs Poop
    Tasi Poop
    Tefty Poop
    Teto Poop
    Thracius Poop
    Tisha Poop
    Toadling Poop
    Toff Poop
    Tokem Poop
    Toodles Poop
    Topplin Poop
    Toto Poop
    Treat Poop
    Tri Poop
    Troogle Poop
    Tropeck Poop
    Tubby Poop
    Tuly Poop
    Tune Poop
    Turdle Poop
    Tweblud Poop
    Tween Poop
    Twins Poop
    Twittle Poop
    Unlucky Poop
    Ush Poop
    Ushundow Poop
    Ushunoro Poop
    Valentino Poop
    Vampider Poop
    Velox Poop
    Verano Poop
    Vile Poop
    Waffleo Poop
    Wallet Poop
    Wax Poop
    Willa Poop
    Willafo Poop
    Xoi Poop
    Yolk Poop
    Yonce Poop
    Yule Poop
    Zax Poop
    Zola Poop
    Zoosh Poop

    Plushies needed for sewer cleaner mission

    Posted on : 29th Sep 2018 03:26   Posted by : Same
    Getting two of each to start off with

    Cockroach Plushie 0/2
    Earwig Plushie 1/2
    Elephant Moth Plushie 0/2
    Flea Plushie 0/2
    Mosquito Plushie 0/2

    Chibi Art

    Posted on : 11th Feb 2018 12:54   Posted by : Same
    Thank you to Silence (Britt) for my adorable chibi art!!


    Goals tracking

    Posted on : 22nd Dec 2017 06:34   Posted by : Same
    Baspinars Castle: Complete

    Biala Mountain: Complete

    Candyland: Complete

    City of Marada: Complete

    City Sewers: You need to complete the Sewer Pipes Treasure Map.

    Dukka Caves: Complete

    Elekas Castle: Complete

    Enpiah: Complete

    Gigantic Paradise: Complete

    Jenoa: Complete

    Lush Lake: Complete

    Minipet Island: Complete

    Nimbus: You need to win Seven Heaven with a multiplier of 6 or more.

    Puchalla Village: You need to have 3,000 or more Photos in your Photo Collection

    Simeria: You need to complete a level of the Temple of Transumption

    Slater Park: Complete

    Undying Woods: Complete

    Ziranek: Complete

    Lowlyhood: Complete

    Kamillah Desert: You need to complete the Kamilah Pyramid Treasure Map

    Vortex Park: Complete


    Posted on : 28th Oct 2017 08:14   Posted by : Same
    you shut up

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