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  • New Capsule Machine crap     16th Jun 2019 21:31
  • New Avatar crap     20th Mar 2019 13:16
  • Aging minis     7th Apr 2017 17:01
  • Avatars since June 1st     15th Mar 2017 22:05
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  • New Capsule Machine crap

    Posted on : 16th Jun 2019 21:31   Posted by : StephenE
    *Fade Ideus Plushie
    *Fade Equilor Plushie
    *Fade Doyle Plushie

    New Avatar crap

    Posted on : 20th Mar 2019 13:16   Posted by : StephenE

    Aging minis

    Posted on : 7th Apr 2017 17:01   Posted by : StephenE
    Here are the list of mini's I am aging.


    Avatars since June 1st

    Posted on : 15th Mar 2017 22:05   Posted by : StephenE

    12 Years - Visit King Baspinar when your Marapets account is 12 years old.

    Acorn - Earned during the Scout Event Summer 2016 when completing at least four badges for Team Acorn.

    Ahoy Matey - Open a Pinata from Marapets 12th Birthday event and win any pirate item.

    Anlur - Attach a Anlur minipet to a Vixen then view the minipet.

    Battle Fairy - Visit Battle Fairy when you have 250 Trading Cards in your Battle Deck.

    Be Prepared - Wear an article of clothing from the 2016 Scout Event, for example, Scout Uniform Hat, Scout
    Uniform Shirt, etc.

    Bee My Honey - Send any honey item to hunnie.

    Beehive - Random when your pet plays with a Beehive.

    Bigfoot - Have Bigfoot Trading Card in your Deck then view your Deck.

    Buckle Up - Send any color Seat Belt to Sassy

    Burple - Battle Burple to 50HP during Thanksgiving event 2016.

    Candle - Complete level 24 of Priscilla Mission.

    Chill - Feed a 'Neopolitan Snowman Ice Cream' to your pet.

    Conflicted - Battle King Baspinar whilst wearing 'King Baspinar Contact Lenses'.

    Crafly - Win a Crafly from Burple during Thanksgiving event 2016.

    Crowded - Visit the Online list when 400+ players online.

    Crunch - Win a battle against Crunch in Sewer Struggle game when opponent has 10 HP.

    Dead Men Tell No Tales - Feed any Sugar Skull to your pet.

    Die - Let your pet play with Grim Reaper Plushie until it breaks.

    Doh! - Let your pet play with any Party Doh.

    Elger Trick or Treat 2016 - Visit Elger for Trick or Treat 2016.

    Evil - Let your pet play with Evil Clown Plushie until it breaks.

    Feeling Bitter - Feed 'Sweet Figaro Tea' to your pet.

    Feeling Salty - Feed any Salt item to your pet.

    Feeling Sour - Feed any Lemon item to your pet.

    Feeling Sweet - Feed any candy item to your pet.

    Fifi - Complete level 14 of Priscilla mission.

    Firefly - Feed a Firefly to your pet.

    Gamer - Visit the Game Shop when you have 5000+ score points.

    Golem - View your pet Stats page with 300 or more Balance stats.

    Got What I Wanted - Open any Christmas Present from 2016.

    Gotcha! - Let your pet play with any Toy Watergun.

    Happy 12th Birthday - Random when opening a Party Bag from Marapets 12th Birthday event.

    Harpy - View your pet Stats page with 600+ Magic stats.

    Haunted - Open a Haunted Treasure Chest.

    Holiday - Random when putting pet in Hotel for 1 day.

    It's Playtime - Let your pet play with any Figurine.

    Job Done - View Scout Badge page, from Profile Stats page, if you completed 30 badges during Scout Event 2016.

    Keep Calm - Add any bath to your Marahome.

    Kirin - Visit Pet Stats page with 750+ defence stats.

    Koob - Attach a Koob to a Scout pet and view minipet.

    Love Your World - Buy an item at the Recycling Centre for 100 cans or more.

    Lovebird - Win a Lovebird from clicking Hearts during Valentine event 2017.

    Lubadore - View Lubadore attached to a Love pet.

    Maple Leaf - Earned during the Scout Event Summer 2016 when completing at least four badges for Team Maple Leaf.

    Meow - Use Elger Kitty hologram on your character.

    Merry Christmas 2016 - Feed any food item from Carol Singing 2016 to a pet.

    Minifoot - Have a Minifoot in your Inventory and click on it.

    Minipet Poop - Play Sewer Struggle game and step in Minipet Poop.

    Mistake - Win a Mistake minipet from Sewer Struggle game.

    Mmmm Pie - Win any pie from Burple during Thanksgiving event 2016.

    Ms Claus - Play with Ms Claus Plushie until it breaks.

    Native Fairy - Visit Native Fairy when you have completed 10 or more Treasure Maps.

    No Love - Wear the No Love Shirt.

    Noot - Attach a Noot to your pet for 14 days then view the minipet.

    Ottra - Awarded after purchasing Ottra from the Account Upgrades Shop.

    Out of the box - Let your pet play with 'Beast in the Box' until it breaks.

    Pixie Dice - Have your Pixie pet gain a stat at Pixie Dice.

    Play - View the Play collection of your pet with over 2500 toys.

    Possessed - Let your pet play with 'Possessed Doll' until it breaks.

    Priscilla - Complete level 30 of Priscilla Mission.

    Pumpkin Hunt 2016 - Click on 100 or more pumpkins during Pumpkin Hunt 2016.

    Queen Bee - Complete 250 Queen Bee quests.

    Roasted - Feed a 'Roasted Marshmallow' to your pet.

    Romantic - Win a Romantic from clicking Hearts during Valentines event 2017.

    Romantic Guitar - Have pet at level 10 Romatic Guitar and view instruments.

    Scout - Use a 'Scout Costume' on your pet.

    Secret Admirer - Send Secret Admirer Notes to another player.

    Seeing Double - Visit Queen Eleka wearing either Queen Eleka Male Costume or Queen Eleka Female Costume (only
    works on Layer 1)

    Septic - Random when meeting a challenger in Sewer Struggle game. -

    Sewer Struggle - Random when playing Sewer Struggle.

    Shake It Up - Random when shaking the Christmas Tree in Biala.

    Shake Your Tail Feather - Put any Tail item on your Character.

    Slime Boy - View pet Stats page with pet 250 or more Charisma stats.

    Slop - Win a battle against Slop in Sewer Struggle game when opponent has 20 HP.

    Something New? - Visit the Wishlist 'Newest Items' page (may have to click to page 2).

    Sumo Champion - Complete 1000 or more Sumo Sally Quests.

    Swine - Battle Swine in Sewer Struggle game when opponent has 30 HP.

    Sycamore - Win a Sycamore mini from Burple during Thanksgiving event 2016.

    Teacher's Pet Unknown. May require certain level school stats.

    Thriller - Put Thriller Open Jacket/Female Thriller Jacket on your character.

    Too Many Socks - Have 50 Socks in your Inventory and view Inventory.

    Tooth Fairy - Win 10,000 Battles, then visit the Tooth Fairy in Nimbus.

    Trash - Send any Trash item to Binny.

    Tut - Attach a Tut to a Desert pet and then view the minipet.

    Undying Festival 2016 - Complete the 2016 Undying Festival.

    Up Up and Away - Have 60 balloons in your Inventory and view Inventory.

    Wakey Wakey - Feed 'Fried Breakfast' to your pet.

    What the Floof - Use any ball of yarn on a Floof.

    Wide Pride - Have a pet Quell with over 2,500 gourmet foods and then view its profile.

    X Marks The Spot - Use the 'Treasure Hunt' wardrobe item on your character.

    I owe...

    Posted on : 5th Dec 2016 19:33   Posted by : StephenE
    2-20-2018 - Borrowed Flea Plushie from Gylly, need to replace asap.
    Flea Plushie has been sent to Flea Plushie has been sent to Gylly (2/27/2018, 20:08:51)

    2-16-2018 - Borrowed Zetzilla Stamp from Phenic, need to replace ASAP.
    Zetzilla Stamp has been sent to Phenic (2-16-2018, 10:06:55)

    01-15-2018 - Borrowed Purple Leidunda from Hippiechick (tishalook). I need to replace asap.
    01-16-2018 - Purple Leidunda has been sent to Hippiechick

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