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Me and Driygon have same IP acdress.

My goal is just to ENJOY playing here...goal is to make loads of MP of course.

I collect rainbow items for my Rainbow gallery.








  • My crafts :)     ~12 Jul 2018
  • 1 million MP a day?     ~01 Dec 2013
  • Dukka Slots Results - 100k at ...     ~24 Oct 2013

  • My crafts :)

    Posted on : 12th Jul 2018 13:52   Posted by : Mirror
    Someone wanted me to make this blog about my crafts.
    I have my own crafts business so I right now make mostly stickers - but i also make polymer clay charms, i crochet, i know how to sew (done a few pencil/makeup cases before and lots more little thing Smile

    Here\'s some things I\'ve made:

    1) Here\'s a polymer clay rainbow cake necklace

    2) Some pineapple theme birthday stickers:

    3) Rainbow beaded bracelet!

    4) Here\'s a loom bracelet

    5) A hat I\'ve crocheted:

    6) Realistic looking polymer clay cookie charm:

    7) And some cute planner stickers I drew myself! Smile


    1 million MP a day?

    Posted on : 1st Dec 2013 16:28   Posted by : Mirror
    Elger quests and GYM.

    What I do to make myself do Elger quests is to go to gym, pick first pet, then look at the crystals I need and do quests as long as i get those crystals that I need. THE REST of the crystals go into the shop for sale!

    Pick a next pet in the gym, see what crystals s/he needs, do quests again to get the crystals you need and put the rest in the shop and again with others pets.

    I know you want to say why just not take crystals from the first lot of quests I already did. Well then you won't be making as much money then, that's why

    Dukka Slots Results - 100k at a time! =D

    Posted on : 24th Oct 2013 09:30   Posted by : Mirror
    1st 100k MP in Dukka Slots gave me:

    23 x One Dukka Coin
    11 x Two Dukka Coin
    4 x Six Dukka Coin
    2 x Nine Dukka Coin

    Total: 87 Dukka coins

    Bonus items:

    Dukka Coin Pearl
    Dukka Coin Crunch


    2nd 100k MP in Dukka Slots gave me:

    19 x One Dukka Coin
    7 x Two Dukka Coin
    1 x Six Dukka Coin
    1 x Nine Dukka Coin

    Total: 48 dukka coins

    Bonus items:

    Glowing Rainbow Egg
    Blue Spidly Plate (not sure if i got it from random event or not)
    Dukka Coin Contact Lenses
    Male Insert Coin Top

    Big Money Bingo
    in 2 minutes
    3,573,558MP Prize

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