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  • You move the claw down...     10th Sep 2019 16:54
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  • You move the claw down...     30th Jul 2019 20:39
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  • Help me decide my pets ...

    Posted on : 15th Sep 2019 19:01   Posted by : Xiumin
    Gracefully - Spring Straya [09/16/2019)
    Heroine - Anime Willa (09/16/2019)
    Dalena - Fairy Raulf?
    Overrated & Underrated- ??? I think I want them to be either Sindi's or Snookles since I have the potions but costumes??? Fairy and Bug Sindis maybe?? Idek

    I also lowkey want to transform all my phantys and zooshes into something else but that's a whole other mess

    This is giving me a headache
    Shifty Eyes

    You move the claw down...

    Posted on : 10th Sep 2019 16:54   Posted by : Xiumin
    Enchanted Headless Arinya Plushie is now in your InventoryAdore

    Welp, thought I was seeing things for a moment there XD
    2nd one so far ... not sure what to do w it now O_o

    Shortcake changed to Starry Newth...

    Posted on : 6th Aug 2019 19:17   Posted by : Xiumin
    but then changed back!

    Holly smokes, I almost cried ...O_o

    You move the claw down...

    Posted on : 30th Jul 2019 20:39   Posted by : Xiumin
    You move the claw down...

    Enchanted Grey Phanty Plushie??is now in your Inventory

    Wow, was not expecting that. I didnt want another Phanty but finally something good ...Adore

    New Pets, who dis?

    Posted on : 29th Jul 2019 13:46   Posted by : Xiumin
    Impeccable has changed into a Lava Chibs - Woot, I plan on changing him to a fancy chibs soon!

    Guiwang has been renamed to Fluster Adore - Probably wont costume him anytime soon, hes my battle pet ...

    BellaSwanz (oh my lord) has been renamed to Tattletale!

    TaecZy (2pm and Miss A anyone?) has been renamed to Troublemaker

    Cant remember what Heroine's name was before but she was also renamed - Not sure what pet to change her into...

    Gracefully (Possible Spring Willa or Spring Straya), Impeccable, Warlord, and Shortcake (Fat Quell maybe, idk) have been borned thanks to the purge!!

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