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  • Candyland stamps needed     ~20 Oct 2018
  • Finished Greedy Gertrude #4     ~31 May 2018
  • Finished Greedy Gertrude #3     ~25 May 2018
  • Dukka Dash Jackpot!     ~24 Mar 2017
  • Missing Gourmet Food - Nyxibe     ~22 Mar 2017
  • Finished Greedy Gertrude #2     ~07 Jan 2016
  • Dukka Fairy     ~01 Apr 2014
  • Happy birthday to me     ~16 Feb 2014
  • Genie grants you a wish..     ~03 Feb 2014
  • Gigantic Fairy - Test your Str...     ~06 Jan 2014
  • Canouah the Party Snookle     ~31 Dec 2013
  • Finished Greedy Gertrude     ~13 Nov 2013
  • Battle Avies     ~06 Jul 2013
  • Nyxibe the Calico Yuni     ~30 Dec 2012

  • Candyland stamps needed

    Posted on : 20th Oct 2018 01:49   Posted by : Achelois
    Easter Bunny Stamp
    Gingerbread Stamp
    Pixie Snookle Stamp
    Sunny Side Up Stamp
    Easter Egg Stamp
    Happy Easter Stamp
    Bagel Stamp
    Gumball Machine Stamp
    Easter 2012 Stamp
    Valentine Potato Stamp
    Duckling Stamp
    Hidden Eggs Stamp
    Jelly Stamp
    Jelly Bean Stamp

    Finished Greedy Gertrude #4

    Posted on : 31st May 2018 04:13   Posted by : Achelois
    Completed Level 0 of 30

    Thank you for finishing my Mission on time. Here is your reward..

    Enchanted Green Lorius Plushie

    Plushie sold for 15 mill.

    Finished Greedy Gertrude #3

    Posted on : 25th May 2018 15:43   Posted by : Achelois
    Oh no, I just saw I forgot to add my third completed GG to my blogs!

    I received an Enchanted Snow Lorius Plushie Smile

    Dukka Dash Jackpot!

    Posted on : 24th Mar 2017 14:43   Posted by : Achelois

    You just found the Dukka Dash Jackpot of 377,871MP

    Missing Gourmet Food - Nyxibe

    Posted on : 22nd Mar 2017 12:46   Posted by : Achelois
    Nyxibe is missing 553 Gourmet Foods

    Retired Items (61);

    Battle Gumball
    Beanberry Sundae
    Bee Pearl
    Birthday Gift Pearl
    Black Bunns
    Black Yolk
    Blue Bunns
    Blue Yolk
    Bone Potato
    Brown Bunns
    Brown Yolk
    Carrot Juice Pouch
    Chibs Ice Sculpture
    Chocolate Pearl
    Confetti Ice Cream
    Cucumber Pizza
    Dark Side Pearl
    Deluxe Chocolate Cake
    Deviled Easter Egg
    Earth Pearl
    Empty Plate
    Gingerbread Pearl
    Green Bunns
    Green Yolk
    Grey Bunns
    Halloween Pearl
    Holly Ice Cream
    Insideout Potato
    Light Side Pearl
    Makara Tail
    Miniature Pumpkins
    Mutant Food
    My Love Candy Heart
    My Treat Candy Heart
    One Hundred Cake
    Orange Bunns
    Orange Yolk
    Pink Yolk
    Pot of Gold Cake
    Purple Bunns
    Purple Yolk
    Red Bunns
    Red Yolk
    Santa Cheesecake
    Sea Salt Ice Cream
    Simeria Pearl
    Snowman Pearl
    Spy Pearl
    St Patricks Day Cake
    Turkey Dinner
    Vacation Gumball
    Vacation Pearl
    White Bunns
    White Yolk
    Yellow Bunns
    Yule Log

    Nyxibe is missing 28 Bakery
    Nyxibe is missing 10 Candy
    Nyxibe is missing 1 Canned Food
    Nyxibe is missing 1 Cheese
    Nyxibe is missing 8 Chocolate
    Nyxibe is missing 1 Coffee
    Nyxibe is missing 1 Cooking Ingredients
    Nyxibe is missing 1 DNA
    Nyxibe is missing 8 Fast Food
    Nyxibe is missing 21 Frozen Foods
    Nyxibe is missing 2 Fruits
    Nyxibe is missing 1 Gourmet Microwave Food
    Nyxibe is missing 10 Gumballs
    Nyxibe is missing 11 Halloween Treats
    Nyxibe is missing 16 Ice Cream
    Nyxibe is missing 3 Jelly
    Nyxibe is missing 2 Meats
    Nyxibe is missing 18 Minipet Food
    Nyxibe is missing 49 Minipets
    Nyxibe is missing 2 Pancakes
    Nyxibe is missing 30 Pearls
    Nyxibe is missing 20 Pie
    Nyxibe is missing 7 Pizza
    Nyxibe is missing 43 Potato
    Nyxibe is missing 9 Potato Chips
    Nyxibe is missing 7 Restaurant
    Nyxibe is missing 158 Sewers
    Nyxibe is missing 2 Smoothies
    Nyxibe is missing 16 Soft Drinks
    Nyxibe is missing 2 Spices
    Nyxibe is missing 32 Sugar Cubes
    Nyxibe is missing 8 Sushi
    Nyxibe is missing 22 Worms

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