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  • Omg what a lucky day!!...     5th Apr 2014 08:47
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  • I'm finally auctioning Kohia my high stat pet!

    Posted on : 19th Jan 2015 17:37   Posted by : Honey
    He's been my main pet for years but I think he needs a new home now! Good luck to anyone who bids!!

    Omg what a lucky day!!!

    Posted on : 5th Apr 2014 08:47   Posted by : Honey
    Thank you for finishing my mission on time. Here is your reward..

    Enchanted Leprechaun Lorius Plushie and 500,000MP!!

    Please come back tomorrow for your next mission!


    I got a Blue Zola Potion from the capsule machine with my last coin I had took me 11 tries!

    Kohia's Missing Books

    Posted on : 5th Feb 2014 17:30   Posted by : Honey
    Books - I currently have 1,568.
    Regular books missing(33):
    - Surviving 9 Years Book
    - Bankruptcy Book
    - Being Elger
    - Book of Wings
    - Cancer Book
    - Candy Guide Book
    - Christmas Carol Book
    - Creepy Book
    - Error Book
    - Festival Candles Book
    - Frankenstein Book
    - Fried Eggs Book
    - Gift Wrapped Book
    - How to Fish
    - Maramail Grammar Guide
    - Mini Fairy Book
    - Moustache Book
    - On Fire Book
    - Pest Control Book
    - Possessed Book
    - Puchalla Village Book
    - Rainbow Popup Book
    - Roman Numerals Book
    - Runes
    - Secrets of the Light Book
    - Simerian History Vol 4
    - Smuggler Journal
    - Spy Guide Book
    - Stock Market Crash Book
    - Summer Vacation Book
    - Taurus Book
    - Tower Of Secrets Book
    - Witch Cook Book

    Kohia's Missing CDs

    Posted on : 5th Feb 2014 17:13   Posted by : Honey
    Cds - Currently have 269. I am missing 12.
    I am missing the following:

    - 9th Birthday Songs
    - Dancing Eggs
    - Dark Dance
    - Experimental Music
    - Greatest Hits by Baby Maradolls
    - Number Ones by Huffix
    - Oasis Album
    - Olympic Anthems
    - Peaceful Serenade
    - Rotten CD
    - The Best Christmas Carols
    - Undercover Hits

    Missing Gourmets for Kohia

    Posted on : 5th Feb 2014 16:58   Posted by : Honey
    He currently has 1,476, he is missing 187 gourmets.
    He is missing the following:

    9th Birthday Luxury Cake
    9th Birthday Pearl
    Angel Pearl
    Angelwing Butterfly
    Anime Pearl
    Apple Gumball
    Bankrupt Pearl
    Baspinar Potato
    Baspinars Castle Pearl
    Bat Cupcake
    Battle Gumball
    Bee Pearl
    Black Blood
    Black DNA
    Black Widow
    Blitzen Pearl
    Blue Blood
    Blue DNA
    Blue Osafo Marshmallow
    Bone Potato
    Broken Egg Pearl
    Brown DNA
    Buttered Potato
    Calico Gumball
    Can of SPAM
    Cheese Gumball
    Chocolate Pearl
    Christmas Pretzel
    Christmas Tree Pearl
    Christmas Tree Potato
    Cola Potato
    Cotton Candy Gumball
    Cowboy Pearl
    Cucumber Pizza
    Dark Side Pearl
    Devil Pearl
    Digital Pearl
    Digital Potato
    Earth Fairy Pearl
    Easter Pizza
    Easter Potato
    Egg Potato
    Elf Pearl
    Empty Plate
    Endangered Fish
    Explorer Pearl
    Fire Fairy Pearl
    Firework Potato
    Frankenstein Cupcake
    Frankenstein Pearl
    Frankenstein Potato
    Frozen Candycane
    Frozen Gumball
    Fruit Potato
    Funky Gumball
    Funky Pearl
    Geek Pearl
    Giant Poinsettia
    Giant Salad Bowl
    Gingerbread Pearl
    Goblin Pearl
    Green Blood
    Green DNA
    Green Heart Macaroon
    Grey DNA
    Gypsy Caterpillar
    Halloween Pearl
    Happy Pearl
    Hippow Easter Egg
    Honey Bee
    Ice Cream Pearl
    Ice Fairy Pearl
    Inside Out Potato
    Insideout Pearl
    Island Pearl
    Jar of Artifacts
    Jar of Love
    Jar of Nectar
    Jar of Roses
    Jar of Snow
    Jezebel Easter Egg
    Killer Pearl
    Leo Steak
    Leprechaun Pearl
    Leprechaun Potato
    Light Fairy Pearl
    Light Pearl
    Light Side Pearl
    Love Berries
    Low Fat Yule Log
    Lush Easter Egg
    Midnight Potato
    Mini Fairy Cupcake
    Mini Fairy Pearl
    Miniature Pumpkins
    Monarch Caterpillar
    Mud Pie
    Mummy Gumball
    Old Fairy Cupcake
    Old Fairy Pearl
    Olympics Pearl
    One Hundred Cake
    Orange Blood
    Orange DNA
    Peach Gumball
    Pearl with a Hat
    Pink Blood
    Pink DNA
    Pink Heart Macaroon
    Pink Osafo Marshmallow
    Polar Pearl
    Princess Pearl
    Princess Tea
    Pumpkin Pancakes
    Pumpkin Potato
    Purple Blood
    Purple DNA
    Purple Heart Macaroon
    Radioactive Potato
    Rainbow Fairy Cupcake
    Rainbow Fairy Gumball
    Rainbow Fairy Pearl
    Rainbow Heart Lolly
    Rainbow Pizza
    Rainbow Smoothie
    Rainbow Toast
    Recycled Potato
    Red Blood
    Red DNA
    Red Heart Macaroon
    Robot Pearl
    School Pearl
    Scrooge Easter Egg
    Simeria Pearl
    Simerian Pearl
    Skater Pearl
    Sleepy Pearl
    Sliced Potato
    Smuggler Pearl
    Snowman Gumball
    Snowman Pearl
    Space Fairy Pearl
    Sparkle Pearl
    Sparkle Potato
    Splatter Gumball
    Spy Pearl
    Stamps Pearl
    Stamps Potato
    Steampunk Cake
    Steampunk Pearl
    Superhero Pearl
    Thanksgiving Pearl
    Tomato Pearl
    Turkey Dinner
    Undying Fairy Pearl
    Ush Easter Egg
    Vacation Gumball
    Vacation Pearl
    Valentine Pearl
    Valentines Day Chocolates
    Vampire Pearl
    Vampire Potato
    Village Pearl
    Villain Pearl
    Vlad Wing
    Volcanic Drink
    Vortex Pearl
    Wedding Cake
    Wedding Pearl
    Wedding Potato
    Werewolf Pearl
    White DNA
    Yellow Blood
    Yellow DNA
    Yellow Heart Macaroon
    Yellow Osafo Marshmallow
    Yin Yang Jelly
    Yule Log
    Zombie Figaro Tail

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