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  1. layout
    12th Aug 2012 19:48
    7 years, 11 months & 21 days ago
  2. My Goals For Marapets
    9th Aug 2012 17:26
    7 years, 11 months & 24 days ago
  3. Graphics I've bought/Graphics made for me
    8th Nov 2011 18:35
    8 years, 8 months & 25 days ago
  4. graphics
    8th Nov 2011 06:40
    8 years, 8 months & 25 days ago
7 years, 11 months & 21 days ago
12th Aug 2012 19:48

vrcvg6.jpg<br id=banner


There is new news as of 8/01/12. Seriously, go check it out. And I mean it. You need to see it. Please. I'm now on my knees begging you. Go check it out.

Welcome to our lovely little fashion club! We are a very tight-knit family and would love to welcome you in!

Have An Inventory or and Attic you need to clean out? Donate to the club, and for every 3k worth of items you get 1 activity point!!! So you can clear out all that junk and at the same time earn activity points... that can be turned into prizes.


August 1, 2012!


Hey guys it's Nessy. I have come to the news section to announce to winner of July's Raffle, And the winner is ... Ingrid!!! Congradulations Ingrid, you have been rewarded 15,000mp. Now to all you other members: you better be joining for next weeks raffle (we are doing a raffle for 3 weeks now instead of 6) because the prize value is going up.

August 1, 2012!


Happy August! Is everybody ready for school to start? I sure am. I miss everybody. Even the teachers for God's sake. EVERYBODY mail me, Brianna. I can't tell you why, just do it. Everybody. I mean EVERYBODY. I need you to as soon as possible, to. I'm planning a little something. I need everybody's help. We don't have long. Get to Mailing me!

July 31, 2012!


Me and Nessy/Peter/Stewie have decided that for our Spree activity(Check the activities section of the club). We will need more members. To make this activity more successful, We will need around 15 more members. Until then, The club has became Public. We would appreciate everybody to invite everyone they can. Remember! You get rewards for recruiting!(Check the referral section of the club). We're proud of everybody for keeping this club active and fun, And we want it to stay that way, or even get better!

July 27, 2012!


So far we have added Member of the Month, Events, and a new Raffle!! We are beginning our 15 member party! So make sure to check those links out! Though I think our MOTM link isn't working yet... Sigh, that means more work for me, huh? Well then! Keep refering guys! And go check out those new games!!


So, since we are a brand new club we are thinking about having a party when we reach 15 members! So go and recruit people! Maybe I'll talk to staff and see if we can get a referal game started! ~Gabi (Your ever so loyal graphic designer).



-Bri AKA OmgItsBri.

-Nessy AKA Nessygary.



1. Sally AKA Maraprincess

2. Gabi AKA Love991

3. Angie AKA Mainstream


Maramail Nessy or Bri for what you want to apply for and why you will be good for the job.


1.No spamming Unless it is spam Wednesday.

2. Use Nicknames.(Go to Nickname page to understand.)

3. Be active in the club

4. Be appropriate and nice to other members.

5.No club hopping

Only donate Clothe related items.

NOTICE:Members will be banned if they do not follow rules 1, 3, 4, or 5 depending on how much. Maramail one of the staff for questions


Nessygary: Nessy/Peter/Stewie (Only because we like to annoy him). Wink

Mainstream: Angie

Addiegirrl: Addie

Orangeleaf: Ty

kacyrox: Kacy

Maraprincess: Sally

Omgitsbri: Brianna

love99: Gabi

IngridR6: Ingrid

nuts23: Ambey

chocochibs: Heather

Lusiana: Chelsea

tigertiger123cc: Grace

BrooklynMichelle: Scarlet (NOT BROOKLYN!!!)


Diminutize: Mhye

KittyKat8910: Kam/Kami

Sammi412: Sammi

Submit your nickname to any staff!! ???



















?To be added to the birthday calender please contact staff!?


Coming soon to a club near you!!


Brianna's Name Game.

I have decided to start a new game. I finds it entertaining to make lists of good name pets that are not taken. So, I have decided to make lists of 5 names each. To read a list, Donate 5k Mp to the club till and then Mm Bri(Nobody else will see the names on the list you recieve). The Mp will be going towards our fund for a big Giveaway in the future!


Once we have 15 members we will begin giveaways!


Once we have 15 members we will begin contests!


Gabi's Tree Event

This week we are doing a, Kick, Burn, Kiss, or Hug tree! You may select an option every 6 hours. Mail Gabi, because no other staff member knows she is doing this yet, your action. If you choose the winning action you win a prize!

P.S. Each action will be selected at random from a random generator on a website. So that doesn't mean I have picked one action! I don't even know what it will be!


Every once in a while, when our club has 10+ members on and atleast 2 staff/owners we will be having sprees!!!(I know what your thinking...what a dorky name hehe)

Donating Spree

So for the donating spree, you can donate 1,000mp at a time as many times as you want, and my the end of the time period, the person with the most donates, wins 25k!

Best Dressed of the Week

FINALLY the winner has been decided! The person we chose looked absouletly beauitful! We loved the dress and the color it was and her hair and EVERYTHING! The winner is:

Lusiania! Lusiania is our winner!!21f065v.png

Her reward is this awesome avatar and something else that is still being decided right now!



Ranks are a confusing sort of thing. So mainly you start off as a newbie. Always! As you post and become more active and participate in games and have fun with us, you move up the ladder! Fairly simple, right?...If you want to know more, read on!

Ranks are split up into four groups (Newbie, Acitive, Citezen, Royal Member, and Staff.)


Newbies are the members that have joined and have their Nickname and birthday entereed into the club.


Needs to have been in the club for at least a week, has posted 50 messages has been friendly and has invited atleast 1 person.

Member Of The Month

Since we have now reached 15 members, we will have MOTM! Staff will decide on some members that have been being loyal, and respectful to our club and they will then be put onto a poll to be voted on. The person who gets the most votes will get a picture and their name on the homepage plus a prize bulk!

Prizes and rules will be announced soon!


That's right! Now that we have 15 members we will be celebrating by slowly unlocking different activities that you have been waiting for!


  1. Every week there will be a different thing to do that will enter you into the raffle. You can enter as many times as you want.
  2. Mail a staff member once you have completed the weekly challenge. Do not post in chat, we might not see it. And only mail ONE staff member.
  3. At the end of the week we draw names. If you win you will win an amazing prize!

This Weeks Challenge:

Donate 1,000 Mp into the club till. Do this sepereatly and not in big chunks. Every time you donate you get a ticket in the raffle!

Activity Points

So we were trying to think of a way to get you guys to play more of our games and other stuff. So we thought of this idea!

Activity points are rewarded for every time you do something in the club! Once your points are added up you will get a reward!

How to get points:

activity points cost 500mp, so just donate 500mp at a time and post on the chat how many we have, staff will be sure to add by 24 hours

1) Every time you buy a raffle ticket you get one point!

2)Every 50 posts you get 5 points!

3) Every time you enter Gabi's Tree activity you get one point!

4)More to come soon!

Mebmber's Activity points:

Nobody currently has any Activity Points.

Coming Soon-How many points to get what prize!

Referral System

You know what to do...go Refer people!!!


5k for every 1 invite!

additional rewards:

3 members: any minipet

5 members: 10k and your name on the home page.

10 members:10k, 1 crystal,1 minipet, and your name on the home page.


NOTICE: For you to get you Referral Rewards, the member has to be active for atleast three days and has to follow all the rules, so you might want to tell them that yourself

Gumball Challenge

From now and on there will be a new section called the Gumball Challenge that will be an on-giong challenge that all members can participate in. The goal is to collect as many blue gumballs as possible. You can get gumballs by diong other activites in the group and by donating 500mp to our till as a donation to the club.



1. You cannot buy any Gumballs from club shops, but you can get them from the Gumball Machine.

2. Once you collect your gumballs, put them in your gallery

3. When you update your gumballs, tell Nessy and he will check (once you collect 25 staff will automaticaly by one week)


Coming soon.


None yet.



Here are posted a list of siggies with some links so you can help us advertise!!!






layout base by inocente. designed by love991 (Gabi).

My Goals For Marapets
7 years, 11 months & 24 days ago
9th Aug 2012 17:26


[]Do 100 Elger quests
[]Do 250 Elger quests

[]Do 100 Spy quests
[]Do 250 Spy quests
[]Do 500 Spy quests

[]Do 50 Leprachaun quests


[]Complete 1 mission
[]Complete 2 missions
[]Complete 5 missions


[]Collect 50 stamps
[]Collect 75 photos

Graphics I've bought/Graphics made for me
8 years, 8 months & 25 days ago
8th Nov 2011 18:35


  1. layout
    12th Aug 2012 19:48
    7 years, 11 months & 21 days ago
  2. My Goals For Marapets
    9th Aug 2012 17:26
    7 years, 11 months & 24 days ago
  3. Graphics I've bought/Graphics made for me
    8th Nov 2011 18:35
    8 years, 8 months & 25 days ago
  4. graphics
    8th Nov 2011 06:40
    8 years, 8 months & 25 days ago