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  • ⚡️ 2019 log     1st Jan 2019 00:24
  • 🌙 2018 log     1st Jan 2018 01:37
  • 🌟 dream pets     5th Dec 2013 18:19

  • ⚡️ 2019 log

    Posted on : 1st Jan 2019 00:24   Posted by : am
    start of year stats [01.01.2019]
    avatars: 657
    wardrobe: 690
    photos: 253
    plates: 54
    plushies: 588
    deck: 62
    nest: 67
    stamps: 147

    plushie machine

    You move the claw to the left...
    You picked up Whale Plushie [enchanted]

    You move the claw to the left...
    You picked up Enchanted Grey Figaro Plushie [enchanted]


    'Thank you for buying Calico Costume for 13,511MP' 
    'Thank you for buying Squid Soup for 27,145MP' 

    'Thank you for buying Tiger Costume for 14,794MP' 
    'Thank you for buying Jar of Cotton for 9,338MP' 
    'Thank you for buying Grey Kujo Potion for 49,904MP' 
    'Thank you for buying Handmade Layered Jam for 4,444MP' 
    'Thank you for buying Clown Costume for 12,879MP' 
    'Thank you for buying Floral Costume for 19,782MP' 
    'Thank you for buying Sketch Costume for 9,439MP' 

    'Thank you for buying Radioactive Costume for 20,507MP' 

    'Thank you for buying Chinese Costume for 21,940MP'
    'Thank you for buying Jar of Marbles for 8,515MP'

    'Thank you for buying Colour Concoction for 29,392MP'
    'Thank you for buying Biography of Smuggler for 13,796MP'

    Thank you for buying Frozen Yam for 6,396MP


    You have received your prizes for the Band Camp event
    You are on the losing team and received 2 x Marching Band Burger.
    You also received a Gold Trophy

    🌙 2018 log

    Posted on : 1st Jan 2018 01:37   Posted by : am
    L O G

    foxfire pond
    Favolos also ate Deirdre and spat them out..
    Deirdre changed into a Mafia Pucu

    Favolos was just about to eat Grepig but is now full
    You now have a Grepig in your Inventory

    plushie machine
    You picked up Enchanted Aqua Willa Plushie [regular]

    You picked up Enchanted Beige Zola Plushie [enchanted]

    You picked up Enchanted Villain Doyle Plushie [enchanted]

    You picked up Egg Plushie [enchanted]

    You picked up Enchanted Killer Feliz Plushie [enchanted]

    You picked up Plushie Costume Plushie [regular]

    You picked up Enchanted Yellow Zola Plushie [enchanted]

    You picked up Black Sindi Egg Plushie [regular]

    special events <3
    Congratulations! You won a Full House at Bingo on a Lucky Star! You won 86,069MP and £10 AU Lucky Star!

    Congratulations! You were in the top 250 highest Pumpkin Hunt Winners. You have been given 1,500,000MP and a Possessed Ian Trading Card.

    Congratulations! You are a winner in last month's Monthly Checklist!! You have won £10 Account Upgrade Credit!!!

    Thank you for playing Marapets! Here's a £1 Account Upgrade credit reward

    Dear AM You have been sent a Enchanted Christmas Tree Chibs Plushie from Elf!

    Dear AM You have been sent a Winter Elf from Elf!
    Dear AM You have been sent a Snow Costume from Elf!

    You put a token into the Capsule Machine and won...
    Blue Zola Potion


    🌟 dream pets

    Posted on : 5th Dec 2013 18:19   Posted by : am








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