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Prefer MT over MM right now because my mails are clogged 😥
Got a new phone from which I will be logging on mostly, so staff are requested not to ban my account for using multiple devices, thanks
Unavailable from 11:00 Mara time to 18:00 Mara time coz it's sleeping time :p

Online status deceptive as I rarely log out.







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  • ATM 2.0 Dress up Contest

    Posted on : 26th Jun 2019 20:24   Posted by : Swetanew
    So, it\'s been a long time since one of these was held.
    Here\'s presenting a new one ^_^

    You can choose either of the two categories:-

    1. Dress up with those clothes that are restockable from the main shops

    This applies to tops, bottoms and shoes. Make sure these are sufficiently visible.

    Wigs can be from anywhere so can be the makeup, accessories, wings etc.

    Do tell us which Restockable clothes you used!


    2. Dress inspired by a Hidden Avatar!
    Can be any avvie, just post the avvie which you used as well!

    P.s.- The ideas are borrowed from the Dress up Forum\'s Doll Challenge Game.

    The prizes aren\'t as good but oh well

    1st place- 1 mil MP
    2nd place- 750k MP
    3rd place- 500k MP

    All entries before 3rd July 2019 23:59 Maratime will be counted Wide Grin

    Have fun y\'all!


    1st- LinkinPark

    Thanks for participating you guys Smile

    Avatars to get

    Posted on : 22nd Jun 2019 20:06   Posted by : Swetanew
    Incomplete list as of now

    Make a Plate


    Attach to a pet

    Arizona- Fire pet
    Bugsy- Minipet pet
    Dasher- Snow pet
    Fang- 10+ days

    Battle Avatars
    Don Pefuto-151
    Hithe- 101
    Efall- put in gallery and view gallery

    ATM 2.0 Members and Birthdays Blog

    Posted on : 21st Jun 2019 01:38   Posted by : Swetanew
    So, this is a new blog for birthdays for the current ATM members.
    If you want your birthday to be displayed here (and eventually in our club calendar) please let me know!

    Just fill out the following :

    Hobbies/Something about yourself-
    Mara Aspirations-

    p.s.- If you feel like you can only let us know the first three.. ignore the other stuff Smile

    UN - cutebutpsycho07
    Nickname - Jenn
    Birthday 1 February
    Country - USA
    Hobbies - Mara, reading, playing video games, etc.
    Mara Aspirations - nothing really specific lol

    I'm SpringLilac
    My nickname is Dee
    My birthday is July 25th
    I live in the United States
    I love to read and collect rocks and shells
    I volunteer a couple of times a week as an aquarium guide
    Mara aspirations for now - to advance past level 50 of the Progress Goals

    UN- qwilt
    Nickname- you can call me qwilt, if you want to call me something else my irl nick names are either VV (that's two V s lol) or Bunny. Smile
    Birthday- 8 December
    Country- USA
    Hobbies/Something about yourself- I have a husband and an 11 yo son Smile
    Mara Aspirations- I just want to keep working on my pets, training them. And eventually I would like to add a crikey into my family here. Smile

    UN - DayravenB
    Nickname - Raven, Day, Dayraven
    Birthday - 27 March
    Country - Canada
    Hobbies - I love Mara! I have a family and a full-time job.
    Mara Aspirations- Currently working on gourmet foods and transformations for 2 of my pets.

    UN- jennna
    Nickname jen
    birthday 25th of july,
    country UK,
    hobbies- computing
    mara inspo- having my gallery filled with enchanted plushies

    UN - mcguire2006
    Nickname- Chris
    Birthday- 23 July
    Country- USA
    Hobbies- Mara-Reading-Cooking
    Mara Aspirations- Full filling all my main pet goals

    UN: CJ
    Nickname: CJ
    Birthday: March 29
    Country: USA
    Hobbies: Movies, TV, Video Games.
    Mara Aspirations: Complete Goals, Get all plushies

    UN- Zeichii/Hiatus are my main usernames
    Nickname- Ashley
    Birthday- March 30
    Country- Canada
    Hobbies/Something about yourself- I like to draw, eat and sleep Silly will be in university to become a 3d animator
    Mara Aspirations- To fill my gallery with art related items especially splatter and sketch!! AdoreAdoreAdore

    UN- Palmtrees
    Nickname- Sarah
    Birthday- Jan 19
    Country- USA
    Hobbies/Something about yourself- I love cooking vegetarian & vegan foods and making things from scratch.
    Mara Aspirations- Collect all of the avatars!

    UN ~ victorianartist
    Birthday ~ January 7
    USA, Oregon
    Art, Designing Pet Clothes, Sewing, Drawing, Graphics,
    Would love to get past 50 of Progress Goals; have 1 of each Rofling

    UN- prettyangelz
    Nickname- pretty, angelz or Chi
    Birthday- January 28
    Country- UK
    Hobbies/Something about yourself- Avid Anime fan, love to bake/cook and eat lol
    Mara Aspirations- Work on Pet and Mara Collections

    UN- Taylor245
    Nickname- Taylor
    Birthday- July 18
    Country- United States
    Hobbies/Something about yourself- I ride horses and work/live at a horse farm in the heart of wine country in California!
    Mara Aspirations- To finish all goal levels (the worlds and progress) and get a Decadal!

    UN- LinkinPark/iPod/Supernatural
    Nickname- iPod
    Birthday- 8/29
    Country- USA
    Hobbies/Something about yourself- Ilike cats, music, and candy!
    Mara Aspirations- Collect ALL the mini pets!

    BIRTHDAY... 5/28
    HOBBIES...Listen to new kids on the block,Watching tv, playing marapets
    Mara Aspiration to get more avays and go up some levels and learn new things

    UN- etrnldarkness
    Nickname- N/A
    Birthday- August 17th
    Country- USA
    Hobbies/Something about yourself- I love to read, write, and shop! I also play with the kids and keep them entertained while keeping them alive. ^_~
    Mara Aspirations- Working on Foxiness for battling!

    UN- SwetaNew
    Nickname- Sweta
    Birthday- 18 November
    Country- India
    Hobbies/Something about yourself- I\'m an introvert and mostly lurk around Tongue Out
    Mara Aspirations- Varied. I don\'t have a specific goal but I enjoy doing a little of everything


    Band Camp Event Checklist

    Posted on : 31st May 2019 01:54   Posted by : Swetanew


    Book of Sheet Music
    Marching Band Brochure
    Sheet Music


    Brass Marching Band Playlist
    Clarinet Marching Band Playlist
    Drum Marching Band Playlist
    Flute Marching Band Playlist
    Marching Band Playlist
    Recorder Marching Band Playlist
    Saxophone Marching Band Playlist
    Tambourine Marching Band Playlist


    Stadium Solo


    Marching Band Glowing Egg
    Music Note Glowing Egg


    Blue Gummy Music Note
    Giant Blue Gummy Music Note
    Giant Green Gummy Music Note
    Giant Purple Gummy Music Note
    Giant Red Gummy Music Note
    Giant Yellow Gummy Music Note
    Green Gummy Music Note
    Marching Band Pearl
    Music Note Cupcake
    Musical Cookie
    Musical Cupcake
    Purple Gummy Music Note
    Red Gummy Music Note
    Yellow Gummy Music Note


    Band Camp Clarinet
    Band Camp Cymbals
    Band Camp Drum
    Band Camp Electric Guitar
    Band Camp Flute
    Band Camp Guitar
    Band Camp Keyboard
    Band Camp Lute
    Band Camp Maracas
    Band Camp Recorder
    Band Camp Saxophone
    Band Camp Triangle
    Band Camp Trumpet
    Band Camp Tuba
    Band Camp Violin
    Elegant Band Camp Cymbals
    Elegant Band Camp Tambourine
    Bronze Band Camp Guitar
    Gold Band Camp Guitar
    Silver Band Camp Guitar


    Marching Band Stamp


    Marching Band Boy Doll
    Marching Band Girl Doll
    Marching Band Poster
    Music Note Balloon
    Music Note Pillow


    Casual Scarf
    Drum Set Necklace
    Gradient Scarf
    Left Glove
    Lush Wig
    Marching Band Corset Skirt
    Marching Band Cuffs
    Marching Band Jacket
    Marching Band Shorts
    Marching Band Top
    Musical Belt
    Right Glove
    Shoulder Sash
    Simple Comb Over Wig
    Swoop Bangs Hair Extension


    ATM 2.0 Club Word Game

    Posted on : 17th Jan 2019 23:51   Posted by : Swetanew
    So, I found this interesting word game in a magazine and thought it would make a cool club game! Here\'s hoping it\'s both challenging and enjoyable!

    If a biege gang is a ecru crew, a disagreeable milieu is an upsetting setting and an outlandish ruse is aneccentric trick, can you guess the rest of these adjective-noun combos?
    In each case, the noun is a perfect echo of the syllable or syllables of the adjective, although, as in two of the given examples, the spelling might be different. As a solving aid, the letters of the adjective that do not get pronounced in the noun are given, as well as, blanks for the missing letter in each word.

    [Credit for the puzzle goes to STEPHEN SNIDERMAN]

    And to reward all your hard work, here are the prizes-

    1st prize- 500k and either Robo Bop or Broken Halo
    2nd prize- 300k and either Jersey Shirt or Chocolate Bunny stamp
    3rd prize- 250k and either Head sweatband orHolly Maracas

    P.S.-The MP prize is fixed but you can choose one of the two item prizes listed!

    If you are able to solve all 15 correctly, you\'ll be entered in the drawing for the 1st prize.
    If you solve at least 12, you will be entered into the drawing for the 2nd prize.
    If you are able to solve at least 9, you will be entered for the 3rd prize.

    If no one is able to solve all of them, the person who has the most correct answers wins the 1st prize

    Please send in the answers to me (SwetaNew) via a Maramail with the title \"ATM Club Game: Echo System\"
    The contest will run from 19th January 00:00 mara time to 25th January 23:59 mara time.

    P.S.- This the first time I\'m hosting something like this so if there\'s any mistake please let me know Smile

    Used a random name picker!

    W I N N E R S
    1st- SpringLilac
    2nd- DayravenB

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    Full House
    in 2 minutes
    760,055MP Prize

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