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  • Marapets 15 Birthday     ~15 Aug 2019
  • August 2019 news/magazines     ~03 Jan 2017
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  • Easter 2019/ Sock day     ~18 Apr 2019
  • St. Patricks Day 2019     ~16 Mar 2019
  • Valentine 2019     ~14 Feb 2019
  • Xmas 2018     ~12 Dec 2018
  • Thanksgiving 2018     ~21 Nov 2018
  • Maraween 2018     ~17 Oct 2018
  • Mara's Birthday events     ~12 Aug 2018
  • Safari event & treasure ch...     ~01 Jun 2018
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  • St. Patricks Day 2018     ~16 Mar 2018
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  • Xmas 2017     ~07 Dec 2017
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  • Sick pet / house?     ~15 Jul 2015

  • Marapets 15 Birthday

    Posted on : 15th Aug 2019 13:46   Posted by : Behappy
    Gift Hunt:
    x 15 Going on 30 x
    x 15th Birthday Toy Gift xx
    x Balloon Bouquet
    x Birthday Heels
    x Birthday Waves Wig
    x Blue 15th Birthday Balloon x
    x Book of Party Hats xx
    x Buttoned Collar
    x Chocolate 15th Birthday Cake x
    x Chocolate 15th Birthday Cupcake xx
    x Chocolate Birthday Sundae x
    x Cozy Striped Shorts
    x Cupcake Scarf
    x Cupcake Socks
    x Fifteen xx
    x Gift Glowing Egg xx
    x Green 15th Birthday Balloon xx
    x Moon Balloon x
    x Party Horn x
    x Purple 15th Birthday Candle x
    x Red 15th Birthday Candle x
    x Ruffled Tank Top x
    x Short Shawl
    x Shoulderless Sweater
    x Slice of Strawberry 15th Birthday Cake xx
    x Strawberry 15th Birthday Cake x
    x Strawberry 15th Birthday Cupcake xx
    x Tropical Tank Top
    x Yellow 15th Birthday Candle xx

    x 15th Birthday Book xx
    x 15th Birthday Cupcake
    x 15th Birthday Playlist
    x Birthday Lolly xx
    x Birthday Party Wig
    x Blue 15th Birthday Candle xx
    x Celebrate Glowing Egg
    x Cupcake Hat
    x Cupcake Tank Top x
    x Green 15th Birthday Candle xx
    x Ice Cream Pinata Stamp xx
    x Long Waves Hair Extension
    x Loud Party Horn xx
    x M Balloon xx
    x Marapets Beanie xx
    x Marapets Sweater
    x Party Candy Floss xx
    x Purple 15th Birthday Balloon xx
    x Red 15th Birthday Balloon xx
    x Ruffled Skirt
    x School Girl Cincher xx
    x Sheer Arm Warmer
    x Single Stripe Jacket
    x Slice of Chocolate 15th Birthday Cake
    x Slice of Vanilla 15th Birthday Cake
    x Strawberry Birthday Sundae xx
    x Sun Balloon
    x Vanilla 15th Birthday Cake xx
    x Vanilla Birthday Sundae xx
    x Yellow 15th Birthday Balloon x

    Gift hunt bags:
    x Beige 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Black 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Blue 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Bronze 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Brown 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Gold 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Green 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Light Green 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Maroon 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Orange 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Pink 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Purple 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Red 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Silver 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Teal 15th Birthday Gift Bag
    x Yellow 15th Birthday Gift Bag

    x Blue 15th Birthday Pinata
    x Blue Chibs Face Pinata
    x Blue Decadal Face Pinata
    x Blue Ice Cream Pinata
    x Blue M Pinata
    x Green 15th Birthday Pinata
    x Green Chibs Face Pinata
    x Green Decadal Face Pinata
    x Green Ice Cream Pinata
    x Green M Pinata
    x Purple 15th Birthday Pinata
    x Purple Chibs Face Pinata
    x Purple Decadal Face Pinata
    x Purple Ice Cream Pinata
    x Purple M Pinata
    x Red 15th Birthday Pinata
    x Red Chibs Face Pinata
    x Red Decadal Face Pinata
    x Red Ice Cream Pinata
    x Red M Pinata
    x Yellow 15th Birthday Pinata
    x Yellow Chibs Face Pinata
    x Yellow Decadal Face Pinata
    x Yellow Ice Cream Pinata
    x Yellow M Pinata


    August 2019 news/magazines

    Posted on : 3rd Jan 2017 13:30   Posted by : Behappy
    Magazines complete

    Newspapers complete

    if list complete ...feel free to offer MISSING photo/ plates/gourmet foods etc to approx same value

    Tooth Care Pamphlet -mystery item 06/08

    Capsule/Chest items and new socks list

    Posted on : 9th Apr 2018 04:49   Posted by : Behappy
    Apocalypse Treasure Chest -COMPLETE
    Aquarius chest items: COMPLETED
    Aries Treasure Chest: need lots
    Artic chest : need lots
    Carnival Treasure Chest: complete

    Desert Treasure Chest: need Golden Arm Bands
    extra: Divine Belt,Ancient Kamilah Wig,Pharaoh Headdress,Anubis Mask

    ELEKA treasure chest: COMPLETE
    Galactic Treasure Chest: need whole chest
    Gemini Items: COMPLETED
    Halloween treasure chest: complete
    Harmony Treasure Chest: need whole chest
    Haunted treasure chest: complete
    Heartless Treasure Chest COMPLETED
    Leo chest items: COMPLETED
    Libra chest items: Completed
    Love treasure chest: COMPLETE
    Noble Treasure Chest: Complete
    Party Treasure Chest: need whole chest
    Pisces Treasure Chest: Completed
    Safari Treasure chest: Completed
    Sagittarius Treasure Chest COMPLETE
    SPRING treasure chest: COMPLETE
    St Patricks Day Treasure Chest: COMPLETE
    Steampunk Treasure Chest: COMPLETED
    Summer Treasure Chest: need items
    Taurus Treasure Chest: COMPLETED
    VIRGO Chest items: COMPLETED
    UNDERWATER treasure chest: need whole chest
    VIRGO treasure chest: Completed
    WINTER chest items: Completed
    Wonderful Wizard chest complete
    Wonderland Treasure Chest: need half the items

    Summer Capsule Machine items still needed:

    Sea Salt Ponytail Wig

    MUSICAL CHEST: Complete

    x Calm Gaze Contact Lenses
    X Curly Band Wig
    X Eager Eyes Contact Lenses
    X Foot Stage
    X Marching Band Blouse
    X Marching Band Boots
    x Marching Band Cap
    X Marching Band Coat
    X Marching Band Flag
    X Marching Band Flowing Skirt
    X Marching Band Gloves
    X Marching Band Hat
    X Marching Band Pants
    X Marching Band Shoes
    x Marching Band Skirt
    X Marching Band Trumpet
    x Microphone Stand
    X Music Stand
    x Musical Instruments
    X Short Band Wig
    X Stage Lights

    x Marching Mayo
    X Concerto
    X Marching Band Pop Up Book

    Curly Band Wig
    Marching Band Blouse
    Marching Band Pants
    Marching Band Trumpet
    Music Stand
    Short Band Wig
    Stage Lights


    [x] Cherry Blossom Book x
    [X] Demon Mask
    [X] Dragon Statue
    [X] Dumplings x
    [X] Imperial Belt
    [X] Imperial Hair Ornament
    [X] Imperial Horns
    [X] Imperial Necklace
    [X] Imperial Pants
    [X] Imperial Sandals
    [X] Imperial Top
    [X] Imperial Wig
    [X] Katana Belt
    [X] Kimono Shoes
    [X] Kimono Skirt
    [X] Kimono Sleeves
    [X] Kimono Socks
    [X] Kimono Top
    [X] Kitsune
    [x] Kitsune Mask
    [X] Lotus Pond
    [X] Sakura Trees
    [X] Samurai Wig
    [X] Warrior Armour
    [x] Warrior Gauntlets
    [X] Warrior Shin Guards


    Imperial Hair Ornament
    Imperial Sandals
    Kimono Socks
    Warrior Armour
    Warrior Shin Guards

    Love treasure chest: COMPLETE
    x Arrow Heart Tank Top
    x Be Mine Book
    x Heart Boxers
    x Heart Cupcake
    x Heart Underwear
    x Kissy
    x Love Hearts
    x Love Party Dress
    x Love Tuxedo
    x Love Wig
    x Rose Dress

    Carnival Treasure Chest: complete
    x Carnival Dress
    x Carnival Feliz Costume
    x Carnival Shoes
    x Carnival Suit
    x Carnival Wig
    x High Carnival Shoes
    x Starry Feliz Costume
    x Super Sized Cotton Candy

    have to trade:
    Carnival Feliz Costume
    Carnival Shoes
    Super Sized Cotton Candy

    Sagittarius Treasure Chest COMPLETE
    have to trade: Archer Top

    Have to trade:
    Steampunk Azul Plushie
    Steampunk Dress
    Long Steampunk Boots

    ELEKA treasure chest: COMPLETE

    Have to trade:
    rebel jacket

    Haunted treasure chest: complete

    Have to trade:
    Cauldron Soup x2
    Evil clown plushie
    Festive Pumpkin Latte x2
    Witch Cauldron

    Apocalypse Treasure Chest:
    Need: Zombie bites tattoo

    Have to trade:
    Long Undercut Wig
    Dead Inside Tank Top
    Full Face Gas Mask
    Gear Belt
    Survivor Story x2

    Need: Aries Bodice
    Aries Contact Lenses
    Aries Eye Shadow
    Flaming Phoenix Wings

    Aries Tattoo

    Cancer Book
    Cancer Shirt
    Cancer Top
    Cancer Shoes

    Capricorn booster

    GEMINI treasure chest: Complete
    Gemini Book

    Halloween treasure chest: complete

    Capsule items Sept.2018
    x is what I have already

    x Avalon Plushie
    x Avalon Summoning Stone
    x Beach Ball
    x Beach Pearl
    x Beach Stamp
    x Beach Umbrella
    x Cozy Shorts
    x Gathered Skirt
    x Handheld Bass Guitar
    x Handheld Guitar
    x Hanging Shells
    x Head Sunglasses
    x Loose Tie
    x Melting Ice Cream
    x Neck Headphones
    x Pucu Doll
    x Relaxing Ocean Sounds
    x Ruffle Top
    x Safari booster
    x Salty Tank Top
    x Sand Cupcake
    x Sand Sandwich
    x Seaside Book
    x Seaside Glowing Egg
    x Shell Ruffle Top
    x Spiked Up Wig
    x Spotted Tie
    x Striped Tie
    x Summer Shoes
    x Sunset
    x Surfs Up Wig
    x Tantua Summoning Stone
    x Two Tone Snapback
    x Verano Plushie
    x Work Tie

    Carnival Treasure Chest: complete
    Heartless Treasure Chest COMPLETED
    Gemini Items: COMPLETED
    Aquarius chest items: COMPLETED
    VIRGO Chest items: COMPLETED
    Leo chest items: COMPLETED
    Libra chest items: Completed
    Love treasure chest: COMPLETE
    WINTER chest items: Completed

    x Can of Ambrosia
    x Harmoni
    x Libra Armoured Top
    x Libra Boots
    x Libra Contact Lenses
    x Libra Feathered Brooch Top
    x Libra Shirt
    x Libra Tattered Cloth
    x Libra Tattoo
    x Libra Underskirt
    x Libra Wig
    x Old List of Rules
    x Tall Libra Boots

    x Black Leo Shoes
    x Black Whistle Leo Pants
    x Book of Leo Fashion
    x Female Black Whistle Leo Pants
    x Female Leo Jacket
    x Female Leo Pants
    x Female White Whistle Leo Pants
    x Leo Contact Lenses
    x Leo Jacket
    x Leo Pants
    x Leo Shirt
    x Leo Steak
    x Leo Tattoo
    x Leo Wig
    x White Leo Shoes
    x White Whistle Leo Pants

    Gemini Items: COMPLETED
    x Gemini Blouse
    x Gemini Book
    x Gemini Boots
    x Gemini Contact Lenses
    x Gemini Pants
    x Gemini Shirt
    x Gemini Shoes
    x Gemini Skirt
    x Gemini Tattoo
    x Gemini Top
    x Gemini Wig
    x Twins
    x Yin Yang Jelly

    Capsule items needed:

    X Back Bow
    X Book of Flowers
    x Bun Top Wig
    x Bunny Hops
    x Bunny Spring Toy
    x Butterflies
    x Butterfly Hair Bow
    x Butterfly Pearl
    x Casual Jacket
    X Chick Stamp
    x Crystal Necklace
    X Cute Bun Wig
    X Easter Tea Cup
    Fasoro Doll
    x Flower Shorts
    x Flower Skirt
    x Grundge Sneakers
    x Lace Cardigan
    x News Boy Cap
    x Parasol
    x Poofy Hair Wig
    XX Rigatoni GF + minipet
    Spring Glowing Egg
    x Waffleo GF+ minipet
    x Watering Can


    x Skull Fire
    X Jacket
    x Half Armour
    X Laced Skirt
    X Laced Top
    X Gold Flake Dress
    X Noble Dress
    X King Cape
    x Wisteria
    X Poodle
    x Flower Crest
    X Noble Hat
    X Cloak Hat
    X Royal Sash
    x Cane
    X Cloak
    X Sword
    X Messy Braid Wig
    X Headband Wig
    X Glam Contact Lenses
    x Contact Lenses
    x Gold Chocolate Truffle
    X Bandit
    X Glam Tunes

    taurus chest items: completed

    Taurus Trousers [x]
    Taurus Pants [x]
    Taurus Blouse [x]
    Taurus Top [x]
    Taurus Shirt [x]
    Taurus Zodiac Tattoo [x]
    Taurus Contact Lenses [x]
    Taurus Wig [x]
    Flutterbull [x]
    Giant Salad Bowl [x]
    Taurus Book [x]

    New socks: Complete

    [x] Angry Socks
    [x] Big Socks
    [x] Black and Yellow Tennis Socks
    [x] Blue and Brown Tennis Socks
    [x] Bone Socks
    [x] Clubs Socks
    [x] Diamond Socks
    [x] Fake Sandal Socks
    [x] Female Socks
    [x] Figaro Print Socks
    [x] Fish Bone Socks
    [x] Fluffy Socks
    [x] Game Socks
    [x] Grey and Green Tennis Socks
    [x] Heart Socks
    [x] Left Sock
    [x] Male Socks
    [x] Mara Socks
    [x] Mismatched Socks
    [x] Moustache Socks
    [x] Pastel Rose Socks
    [x] Pikaboo Socks
    [x] Rainbow Socks
    [x] Red and Yellow Tennis Socks
    [x] Right Sock
    [x] Rose Socks
    [x] Skull Socks
    [x] Spades Socks
    [x] Thick Striped Socks
    [x] Unicorn Socks


    Band Camp

    Posted on : 30th May 2019 20:48   Posted by : Behappy
    x Band Camp Clarinet x10
    x Band Camp Cymbals x10
    x Band Camp Drum x10
    x Band Camp Electric Guitar x10
    x Band Camp Flute x10
    x Band Camp Guitar x10
    x Band Camp Keyboard x10
    x Band Camp Lute x10
    x Band Camp Maracas x10
    x Band Camp Recorder x10
    x Band Camp Saxophone x10
    x Band Camp Triangle x10
    x Band Camp Trumpet x10
    x Band Camp Tuba x10
    x Band Camp Violin x10
    x Blue Gummy Music Note x
    x Book of Sheet Music x
    x Brass Marching Band Playlist x
    x Bronze Band Camp Guitar x10
    x Casual Scarf x
    x Clarinet Marching Band Playlist x
    x Coattail x
    x Drum Marching Band Playlist x
    x Drum Set Necklace x
    x Elegant Band Camp Cymbals x10
    x Elegant Band Camp Tambourine x10
    x Flute Marching Band Playlist x
    x Giant Blue Gummy Music Note xx
    x Giant Green Gummy Music Note x
    x Giant Purple Gummy Music Note xx
    x Giant Red Gummy Music Note x
    x Giant Yellow Gummy Music Note xx
    Gold Band Camp Guitar
    x Gradient Scarf x
    x Green Gummy Music Note x
    x Left Glove x
    x Lush Wig x
    x Marching Band Boy Doll x
    x Marching Band Brochure x
    x Marching Band Corset Skirt x
    x Marching Band Cuffs x
    x Marching Band Girl Doll x
    x Marching Band Glowing Egg x
    x Marching Band Jacket x
    x Marching Band Pearl xx
    x Marching Band Playlist xx
    x Marching Band Poster x
    x Marching Band Shorts x
    x Marching Band Stamp x
    x Marching Band Top x
    x Music Note Balloon x
    x Music Note Cupcake x
    x Music Note Glowing Egg
    x Music Note Pillow x
    x Musical Belt x
    x Musical Cookie x
    x Musical Cupcake x
    x Purple Gummy Music Note x
    x Recorder Marching Band Playlist x
    x Red Gummy Music Note x
    x Right Glove x
    x Saxophone Marching Band Playlist x
    x Sheet Music x
    x Shoulder Sash x
    Silver Band Camp Guitar
    x Simple Comb Over Wig x
    x Stadium Solo x
    x Swoop Bangs Hair Extension x
    x Tambourine Marching Band Playlist xx
    x Yellow Gummy Music Note xx

    Easter 2019/ Sock day

    Posted on : 18th Apr 2019 06:12   Posted by : Behappy

    x Bunny Socks

    x Checkered Socks
    x Cherry Socks

    x Dripping Socks

    x Fancy Socks
    x Fancy Fishnet Socks
    x Fire Socks
    x For the Love of Socks x

    x Heart Socks
    x History of Socks xx
    x Hot Dog Socks
    x Hot Dog in my Sock x

    x Lace Pattern Socks
    x Lace Socks

    x Moon Socks

    x One Last Sock x

    x Parted Socks
    x Pizza Socks
    x Pineapple Socks
    x Planet Socks
    x Polka Dot Socks
    x Pumpkin Socks

    x Reverse Checkered Socks
    x Reverse Dripping Socks
    x Reverse Polka Dot Socks

    x Sock Encyclopedia x
    x Sock Garter Quartet x
    x Socks from Outer Space x
    x Square Knit Socks
    x Strawberry Socks
    x Sun Socks

    x The Lost Sock x
    x Tight Notes x

    x World of Socks x

    x Zig Zag Socks


    x All Ears
    x Baby Doll Top
    x Bitten Chocolate Book
    x Blue Bunny Jelly Bean
    x Bouquet of Carrots
    x Bow Tank Top
    x Bunny Beanie
    x Bunny Ears Pearl
    x Bunny Jacket
    x Butterflies
    x Comfy Crop Sweater
    x Cute Bangs Hair Extension
    x Dark Chocolate Carrot
    x Easter Curls Wig
    x Easter Egg Cookie
    x Easter Shorts
    x Floral Hoodie
    x Floral Overalls
    x Floral Print Glowing Egg
    x Floral Skirt
    x Floral Stockings
    x Floral Top
    x Flower Belt
    x Fried Eggs Stamp
    x Giant Bow
    x Green Bunny Jelly Bean
    x Knitt Top
    x Lucky Feet Beats
    x Milk Chocolate Carrot
    x Orange Chocolate Carrot
    x Pink Bunny Jelly Bean
    x Pink Bunny Plushie
    x Purple Bunny Jelly Bean
    x Purple Bunny Plushie
    x Red Bunny Jelly Bean
    x Sindi Foot
    x Spring Basket
    x Striped Overalls
    x Tulip Garden
    x White Chocolate Carrot

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    Four Corners
    in 9 minutes
    233,960MP Prize

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