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Marapets is mobile friendly
I am super busy irl and forget to respond/read mails. Be patient and don't be afraid to send reminders.

Always selling BP. Buying mystery bags via wanted ads to help finish my mag collection. Always swapping/buying magazines, photos, and plates I need. chiyu.png

hey staff... i get on tons of different computers and devices on several different IP addresses
  1. Missing Gourmets on Robin
    22nd May 2021 12:03
    4 months, 27 days & 15 hrs ago
  2. Missing Magazines on Robin
    22nd May 2021 11:50
    4 months, 27 days & 15 hrs ago
  3. Completed Plates
    22nd May 2021 11:38
    4 months, 27 days & 15 hrs ago
  4. Missing Photos
    22nd May 2021 11:26
    4 months, 27 days & 15 hrs ago
  5. Missing Trading Cards
    22nd May 2021 11:04
    4 months, 27 days & 16 hrs ago
  6. Missing Books/CDs/DVDs on Robin
    22nd May 2021 10:50
    4 months, 27 days & 16 hrs ago
  7. Missing Stamps
    22nd May 2021 10:40
    4 months, 27 days & 16 hrs ago
  8. Completed Newspapers on Robin
    21st Apr 2018 12:45
    3 years, 5 months & 30 days ago
  9. Checkpoint
    27th May 2015 19:28
    6 years, 4 months & 23 days ago
  10. Past Pets
    27th Feb 2009 21:31
    12 years, 7 months & 22 days ago
Missing Gourmets on Robin
4 months, 27 days & 15 hrs ago
22nd May 2021 12:03

Will swap UB gourmets or other items from my attic or trades for them. Buying as well, discounted appreciated since they will go straight to my collection.

Addow Ice Sculpture
Anagram Sam Cupcake
Astro Cookie
Azul Ice Sculpture
Beige Jelly
Black Bunns
Black Sesame Ice Cream
Black Truffle Pizza
Black Yolk
Blue Bunns
Blue Osafo Marshmallow *time machine
Blueberry Love Pie
Blueberry Sprinkles Donut
Bone Potato *time machine
Bottle of Soy Sauce
Breeze Potato
Breeze Potato Chips
British Potato
Broken Egg Pearl *time machine
Brown Bunns
Brown Yolk
Bubble Gum Pie
Bubble Gum Snowcone
Bunns *time machine
Burnt Pearl
Burnt Pokey
Buttered Potato
Candy Mushroom
Checkered Potato
Cheeky Omelette
Cheese and Tomato Sandwich
Cheese Astro
Cheese Fries
Cheese Quell
Cherry Love Pie
Chibs Ice Sculpture
Chocolate Love Pie
Chocolate Pearl *time machine
Chocolate Potato
Christmas Pretzel *time machine
Cracked Green Gumball
Cracked Pink Gumball
Cracked Yellow Gumball
Cranberry Pie
Daisy Ice Sculpture
Dark Chocolate Decadal
Dark Chocolate Straya
Decadal Dip
Deluxe Dark Chocolate Donut
Deluxe Maple Donut
Deluxe Milk Chocolate Donut
Deluxe Rainbow Donut
Donut Pizza
Double Chocolate Vixen Lolly
Drake Sugar Cube
Dukka Coin Jelly
Dusk Cupcake
Ercuw Blood
Fasoro Ice Sculpture
Fat Beach
Fat Booty
Fat Butt
Fat Deeko
Fat Derriere
Fat Doomed
Fat Farley
Fat Fatty
Fat Grimmus
Fat Ian
Fat Jezebel
Fat Klik
Fat Limited
Fat Loser
Fat Miraffe
Fat Mistake
Fat Neesta
Fat Nerd
Fat Nude
Fat Piggy
Fat Plump
Fat Sassy
Fat Serri
Fat Sewage
Fat Tefty
Fat Trauma
Fat Turdle
Floral Pearl
Flounder Sashimi
Frozen Bone
Gizmo Cookie
Gizmo Ice Sculpture
Glazed Apple Pie
Glazed Pineapple Pie
Golem Sugar Cube
Gonk Ice Sculpture
Greedy Fairy Sugar Cube
Green Bunns
Green Eyeball Gummies
Grey Bunns
Grey Yolk
Griffin Sugar Cube
Grint Ice Sculpture
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Hazel Eyeball Gummies
Ice Fairy Ice Cream
Jar of Buttons
Jar of Cotton
Jar of Herbs
Jar of Rocks
Jar of Strawberries
Jar of Taffy
Kale Pie
Kidlet Ice Sculpture
Kirin Sugar Cube
Kronk Ice Sculpture
Ladybird Pearl
Lati Ice Sculpture
Limax Dip
Magenta Jelly
Maple Donut
Melted Snow
Merman Sugar Cube
Milk Chocolate Decadal
Milk Chocolate Donut
Milk Chocolate Sprinkles Donut
Milk Chocolate Straya
Mint Chocolate Decadal
Mint Chocolate Straya
Mint Chocolate Zoink
Monster Burger
Naga Cupcake
Naga Mocktail
Newth Ice Sculpture
Oglue Ice Sculpture
Orange Chocolate Decadal
Orange Chocolate Straya
Orange Yolk
Panda Onigiri
Phanty Ice Sculpture
Pile of Mould
Pink Osafo Marshmallow *time machine
Pink Yolk
Plum Pie
Plushie Fairy Donut
Plushie Fairy Pie
Pork Pie
Pot of Gold Cake
Pumpkin Pancakes *time machine
Pumpkin Pokey
Purple Bunns
Purple Yolk
Quell Cake Pop
Quell Cookie
Radioactive Crikey Claw
Rainbow Drizzle Donut
Raspberry Pie
Red Bunns
Red Eyeball Gummies
Red Mermaid Tail
Red Yolk
Royal Fairy Sugar Cube
Rusty Ice Sculpture
Sand Jelly
Seasonal Tootoo
Sewer Fairy Sugar Cube
Simeria Pearl *time machine
Skyscraper Burger
Skyscraper Cupcake
Slice of Gourmet Apple Pie
Slice of Mint Chocolate Pizza
Slice of Unicorn Pizza
Smuggler Pearl
Snowman Meringue
Snowman Pancakes
Snowman Pearl *time machine
Solidified Blood
SPAM Fairy Sugar Cube
Speiro Ice Sculpture
Spookfruit Pie
Spotted Mermaid Tail
Starry Blueberry Pie
Starry Cherry Pie
Starry Chocolate Pie
Starry Coconut Pie
Starry Lemon Pie
Strawberry Snowman Meringue
Sultan Cupcake
Summer Potato
Super Stacker Burger
Tiny Mushroom Pearl
Tiny Sultan Pearl
Tomato Pizza
Tree Pearl *time machine
Triangle Swiss Roll
Troit Ice Sculpture
Turkey Dinner
Unicorn Ice Cream
Vampire Sugar Cube
Village Pearl *time machine
Villain Pearl *time machine
Waffle Mix
Walee Ice Sculpture
Wallop Wheat Flakes
Wallop! Cupcake
Water Gumball
White Chocolate Sprinkles Donut
White Potato
Yellow Bunns
Yolk *time machine
Zoink Ice Sculpture
Zola Dip
Zombie Drool
Zombie Pumpkin Jelly

Missing Magazines on Robin
4 months, 27 days & 15 hrs ago
22nd May 2021 11:50

Have extras in trades to swap at all times. Will buy any SS mag for 250k.

Any UB mag can be traded for any items in my trades worth up to 2 mil. I have photos, plates, mags, news, and other items in trades for swapping for mags.

Doyle Magazine Feb 2014 
Huthiq Magazine Oct 2016 
Kidlet Magazine Oct 2016 
Lati Magazine Aug 2016 
Mordo Magazine Oct 2016 
Murfin Magazine Oct 2016 
Speiro Magazine Oct 2016 
Speiro Magazine Sep 2016 
Tasi Magazine Nov 2016 
Xoi Magazine Oct 2016 
Zola Magazine Sep 2016 

Completed Plates
4 months, 27 days & 15 hrs ago
22nd May 2021 11:38

Completed 8/26/21

Thanks to everyone who donated, swapped, and sold to me!

Missing Photos
4 months, 27 days & 15 hrs ago
22nd May 2021 11:26

I have extras in trades to swap at all times, and I can make plates of any of my pets. I will also buy any for 75k.

**I will NOT accept photos for any items except other photos or plates.**

American Rusty Photo 
Angel Tasi Photo 
Autumn Pucu Photo 
Baby Gobble Photo 
Bee Sindi Photo 
Bee Tasi Photo 
Blitzen Vlad Photo
Blitzen Willa Photo 
Breeze Sindi Photo 
British Ercuw Photo 
British Gobble Photo 
British Poera Photo 
British Vlad Photo 
Bronze Vixen Photo 
Bronze Vlad Photo 
Brown Vixen Photo 
Bug Snookle Photo 
Bug Sybri Photo 
Bug Tasi Photo 
Bug Vixen Photo 
Burnt Astro Photo 
Burnt Daisy Photo 
Burnt Vlad Photo
Camouflage Arinya Photo 
Camouflage Astro Photo 
Camouflage Basil Photo 
Camouflage Daisy Photo 
Camouflage Dakota Photo 
Camouflage Decadal Photo 
Camouflage Figaro Photo 
Camouflage Huthiq Photo 
Camouflage Ike Photo 
Camouflage Lati Photo 
Camouflage Viotto Photo 
Camouflage Vlad Photo 
Camouflage Zola Photo 
Cartoon Justin Photo 
Checkered Crikey Photo 
Checkered Dakota Photo 
Checkered Gizmo Photo 
Checkered Viotto Photo 
Checkered Willa Photo 
Cheese Arinya Photo 
Cheese Crikey Photo 
Cheese Dakota Photo 
Cheese Decadal Photo 
Cheese Figaro Photo 
Cheese Justin Photo 
Cheese Kujo Photo 
Cheese Quell Photo 
Cheese Rofling Photo 
Cheese Sindi Photo 
Cheese Snookle Photo 
Cheese Tasi Photo 
Cheese Viotto Photo 
Cheese Vixen Photo 
Cheese Zola Photo 
Cheese Zoosh Photo 
Chibi Gobble Photo 
Chibi Hump Photo 
Chibi Tasi Photo 
Chibi Zoink Photo 
Chinese Basil Photo 
Chinese Yuni Photo 
Chocolate Crikey Photo
Chocolate Dakota Photo
Chocolate Decadal Photo
Chocolate Eyru Photo
Chocolate Feliz Photo
Chocolate Flab Photo
Chocolate Gobble Photo
Chocolate Hump Photo
Chocolate Knutt Photo
Clown Viotto Photo 
Dalmatian Crikey Photo 
Dalmatian Echlin Photo 
Dalmatian Gobble Photo 
Dalmatian Hump Photo 
Dalmatian Viotto Photo
Dalmatian Wallop Photo 
Dark Fairy Azul Photo
Dark Fairy Photo
Dark Fairy Wallop Photo
Dark Lati Photo 
Defective Addow Photo 
Defective Dakota Photo 
Defective Ike Photo
Defective Kronk Photo
Defective Nino Photo 
Defective Rusty Photo
Defective Ushunda Photo 
Defective Vlad Photo
Defective Wallop Photo 
Defective Willa Photo 
Detective Gizmo Photo 
Devil Willa Photo 
Digital Vixen Photo 
Doll Snookle Photo 
Dragon Ike Photo 
Easter Huthiq Photo 
Easter Phanty Photo 
Easter Poera Photo 
Easter Vlad Photo 
Easter Zoosh Photo 
Eleka Basil Photo 
Eleka Dakota Photo 
Eleka Figaro Photo 
Eleka Hump Photo 
Eleka Raulf Photo 
Eleka Straya Photo 
Eleka Willa Photo 
Eleka Zoink Photo 
Elf Decadal Photo 
Elf Gizmo Photo 
Enpiah Basil Photo 
Enpiah Decadal Photo 
Enpiah Oglue Photo 
Enpiah Poera Photo 
Enpiah Troit Photo 
Enpiah Ushunda Photo 
Fade Crikey Photo 
Fade Decadal Photo 
Fade Figaro Photo 
Fade Gobble Photo 
Fade Justin Photo 
Fade Kronk Photo 
Fade Kujo Photo 
Fade Limax Photo 
Fade Oglue Photo 
Fade Raulf Photo 
Fade Rusty Photo 
Fade Snookle Photo 
Fade Sybri Photo 
Fade Viotto Photo 
Fade Vixen Photo 
Fade Wallop Photo 
Fade Willa Photo 
Fade Yuni Photo 
Fade Zetlian Photo 
Fade Zola Photo 
Fat Decadal Photo
Fire Lati Photo
Fire Lorius Photo 
Fire Pucu Photo 
Frostfire Dakota Photo 
Frostfire Pucu Photo 
Funky Viotto Photo 
Funky Zoosh Photo 
Galaxy Dakota Photo 
Galaxy Ercuw Photo 
Galaxy Gizmo Photo 
Galaxy Hump Photo 
Galaxy Huthiq Photo 
Galaxy Justin Photo 
Galaxy Kronk Photo 
Galaxy Nino Photo 
Galaxy Poera Photo 
Galaxy Quell Photo 
Galaxy Sindi Photo 
Galaxy Straya Photo 
Galaxy Sybri Photo 
Galaxy Tasi Photo 
Galaxy Troit Photo 
Galaxy Vixen Photo 
Galaxy Wallop Photo 
Galaxy Willa Photo 
Galaxy Zoink Photo 
Gingerbread Huthiq Photo 
Gingerbread Mordo Photo 
Glass Basil Photo 
Glass Poera Photo 
Glass Pucu Photo 
Glass Raulf Photo 
Glass Rusty Photo 
Glass Sindi Photo 
Glass Viotto Photo 
Glass Vixen Photo 
Glass Zola Photo 
Gnome Lati Photo 
Goblin Eyru Photo 
Goblin Mordo Photo 
Gold Raulf Photo 
Gold Sybri Photo 
Gold Tasi Photo 
Gothic Huthiq Photo 
Gothic Kronk Photo 
Gothic Kujo Photo 
Grey Nino Photo 
Hairy Viotto Photo 
Halloween Gizmo Photo 
Halloween Gobble Photo 
Halloween Ike Photo 
Halloween Oglue Photo 
Halloween Sindi Photo 
Halloween Wallop Photo 
Headless Vixen Photo 
Headless Vlad Photo
Headless Willa Photo 
Hobo Dakota Photo 
Ice Cream Decadal Photo 
Ice Cream Lati Photo 
Ice Huthiq Photo 
Ice Kujo Photo 
Ice Quell Photo 
Ice Rusty Photo 
Ice Sindi Photo 
Ice Tasi Photo 
Ice Zola Photo 
Insideout Crikey Photo 
Insideout Decadal Photo 
Insideout Eyru Photo 
Insideout Figaro Photo 
Insideout Gizmo Photo 
Insideout Gobble Photo 
Insideout Hump Photo 
Insideout Ike Photo 
Insideout Justin Photo 
Insideout Lati Photo 
Insideout Pucu Photo 
Insideout Raulf Photo 
Insideout Sindi Photo 
Insideout Snookle Photo 
Insideout Viotto Photo 
Insideout Vixen Photo 
Insideout Willa Photo 
Insideout Zola Photo 
Insideout Zoosh Photo 
Invisible Astro Photo 
Invisible Basil Photo 
Invisible Daisy Photo 
Invisible Decadal Photo 
Invisible Eyru Photo 
Invisible Ike Photo 
Invisible Justin Photo 
Invisible Kujo Photo 
Invisible Mordo Photo 
Invisible Nino Photo 
Invisible Oglue Photo 
Invisible Phanty Photo 
Invisible Pucu Photo 
Invisible Raulf Photo 
Invisible Troit Photo 
Invisible Vixen Photo 
Invisible Willa Photo 
Invisible Yuni Photo 
Invisible Zoink Photo 
Invisible Zola Photo 
Island Astro Photo 
Island Gizmo Photo 
Island Huthiq Photo 
Killer Chibs Photo 
Killer Decadal Photo 
Killer Tasi Photo 
Lava Arinya Photo 
Lava Astro Photo 
Lava Echlin Photo 
Lava Huthiq Photo 
Lava Ike Photo 
Lava Justin Photo 
Lava Phanty Photo 
Lava Sybri Photo 
Lava Viotto Photo 
Lava Yuni Photo 
Lava Zoink Photo 
Lava Zola Photo 
Leopard Arinya Photo 
Leopard Astro Photo 
Leopard Crikey Photo 
Leopard Gizmo Photo 
Leopard Hump Photo 
Leopard Kronk Photo 
Leopard Kujo Photo 
Leopard Limax Photo 
Leopard Lorius Photo 
Leopard Mordo Photo 
Leopard Nino Photo 
Leopard Oglue Photo 
Leopard Phanty Photo 
Leopard Poera Photo 
Leopard Raulf Photo 
Leopard Snookle Photo 
Leopard Straya Photo 
Leopard Tasi Photo 
Leopard Viotto Photo 
Leopard Vixen Photo 
Leopard Wallop Photo 
Leopard Yuni Photo 
Leopard Zoosh Photo 
Leprechaun Basil Photo 
Leprechaun Chibs Photo 
Leprechaun Willa Photo 
Light Fairy Decadal Photo 
Light Nino Photo 
Light Yuni Photo 
Lightning Basil Photo 
Lightning Crikey Photo 
Lightning Huthiq Photo 
Lightning Justin Photo 
Lightning Kronk Photo 
Lightning Kujo Photo 
Lightning Nino Photo 
Lightning Oglue Photo 
Lightning Quell Photo 
Lightning Rusty Photo 
Lightning Sybri Photo 
Lightning Wallop Photo 
Lilac Arinya Photo 
Lilac Basil Photo 
Lilac Crikey Photo 
Lilac Decadal Photo 
Lilac Echlin Photo 
Lilac Huthiq Photo 
Lilac Justin Photo 
Lilac Limax Photo 
Lilac Mordo Photo 
Lilac Phanty Photo 
Lilac Poera Photo 
Lilac Quell Photo 
Lilac Viotto Photo 
Lilac Wallop Photo 
Lilac Willa Photo 
Lilac Zola Photo 
Love Arinya Photo 
Love Astro Photo 
Love Basil Photo 
Love Crikey Photo 
Love Decadal Photo 
Love Ercuw Photo 
Love Eyru Photo 
Love Gizmo Photo 
Love Gobble Photo 
Love Huthiq Photo 
Love Sybri Photo 
Love Tasi Photo 
Love Vixen Photo 
Love Yuni Photo 
Love Zoink Photo 
Mad Scientist Poera Photo 
Mafia Crikey Photo 
Magenta Pucu Photo 
Maroon Decadal Photo 
Maroon Tasi Photo 
Maroon Viotto Photo 
Midnight Decadal Photo 
Midnight Kronk Photo 
Midnight Tasi Photo 
Midnight Zoosh Photo 
Millionaire Decadal Photo 
Millionaire Ike Photo 
Millionaire Nino Photo 
Millionaire Snookle Photo 
Millionaire Tasi Photo 
Millionaire Viotto Photo 
Millionaire Vixen Photo 
Minipet Kujo Photo 
Minipet Raulf Photo 
Minipet Viotto Photo 
Monster Viotto Photo 
Mummy Viotto Photo 
Mutant Decadal Photo 
Mutant Figaro Photo 
Mutant Ideus Photo 
Mutant Limax Photo 
Mutant Paffuto Photo 
Mutant Straya Photo 
Mutant Tantua Photo 
Mutant Wallop Photo 
Native Justin Photo 
Native Yuni Photo 
Negative Tasi Photo 
Nightmare Decadal Photo 
Nightmare Snookle Photo 
Nimbus Sybri Photo 
Nimbus Vlad Photo 
Ninja Newth Photo 
Ninja Nino Photo 
Ninja Snookle Photo 
Old Limax Photo 
Old Poera Photo 
Old Sindi Photo 
Old Yuni Photo 
Olive Gobble Photo 
Olive Raulf Photo 
Orange Decadal Photo 
Origami Doyle Photo 
Origami Kujo Photo 
Origami Mordo Photo 
Origami Poera Photo 
Origami Troit Photo 
Origami Viotto Photo 
Panda Ercuw Photo 
Panda Phanty Photo 
Party Lorius Photo 
Party Mordo Photo 
Party Nino Photo 
Party Sybri Photo 
Pastel Kujo Photo 
Pastel Viotto Photo 
Pastel Vlad Photo
Pastel Wallop Photo 
Pastel Zoosh Photo 
Phantom Zola Photo 
Pirate Yuni Photo 
Pixel Dakota Photo 
Pixel Huthiq Photo 
Pixel Limax Photo 
Pixel Sindi Photo 
Pixel Wallop Photo 
Pixie Sindi Photo 
Plant Bolimo Photo 
Plant Leido Photo 
Plant Mordo Photo 
Plant Poera Photo 
Plant Walee Photo 
Plant Wallop Photo 
Plushie Limax Photo 
Plushie Raulf Photo 
Poison Poera Photo 
Poison Willa Photo 
Prison Gizmo Photo 
Prison Raulf Photo 
Prize Nino Photo 
Prize Sybri Photo 
Prize Zola Photo 
Purple Decadal Photo 
Radioactive Nino Photo 
Radioactive Pucu Photo 
Radioactive Viotto Photo 
Radioactive Vixen Photo 
Rainbow Arinya Photo 
Rainbow Astro Photo 
Rainbow Basil Photo 
Rainbow Crikey Photo 
Rainbow Dakota Photo 
Rainbow Eyru Photo 
Rainbow Gizmo Photo 
Rainbow Gobble Photo 
Rainbow Hump Photo 
Rainbow Huthiq Photo 
Rainbow Justin Photo 
Rainbow Kronk Photo 
Rainbow Kujo Photo 
Rainbow Lati Photo 
Rainbow Nino Photo 
Rainbow Phanty Photo 
Rainbow Straya Photo 
Rainbow Troit Photo 
Rainbow Vixen Photo 
Rainbow Wallop Photo 
Rainbow Yuni Photo 
Rainbow Zoink Photo 
Rainy Huthiq Photo 
Recycled Decadal Photo 
Recycled Justin Photo 
Recycled Rusty Photo 
Recycled Tasi Photo 
Red Panda Hump Photo 
Red Panda Kaala Photo 
Red Panda Nino Photo 
Robot Kujo Photo 
Robot Limax Photo 
Rotten Basil Photo 
Royal Fairy Photo 
Royal Kujo Photo 
Sad Azul Photo
Sad Poera Photo
Sad Walee Photo
Safari Dakota Photo 
School Phanty Photo 
School Snookle Photo 
Seasonal Decadal Photo 
Seasonal Troit Photo 
Seasonal Zoosh Photo 
Sewer Fairy Photo 
Sewers Arinya Photo 
Sewers Astro Photo 
Sewers Bolimo Photo 
Sewers Dakota Photo 
Sewers Decadal Photo 
Sewers Hump Photo 
Sewers Huthiq Photo 
Sewers Ike Photo 
Sewers Justin Photo 
Sewers Kronk Photo 
Sewers Kujo Photo 
Sewers Limax Photo 
Sewers Lorius Photo 
Sewers Mordo Photo 
Sewers Nino Photo 
Sewers Oglue Photo 
Sewers Poera Photo 
Sewers Pucu Photo 
Sewers Raulf Photo 
Sewers Rofling Photo 
Sewers Rusty Photo 
Sewers Sindi Photo 
Sewers Snookle Photo 
Sewers Tasi Photo 
Sewers Ushunda Photo 
Sewers Vixen Photo 
Sewers Willa Photo 
Sewers Yuni Photo 
Sewers Zoink Photo 
Sewers Zola Photo 
Sewers Zoosh Photo 
Shaved Hump Photo 
Shaved Lati Photo 
Shaved Limax Photo 
Silver Astro Photo 
Silver Lorius Photo 
Silver Tasi Photo 
Silver Vlad Photo 
Simerian Gobble Photo 
Simerian Poera Photo 
Simerian Sybri Photo 
Skater Gizmo Photo 
Skater Lati Photo 
Skeleton Snookle Photo 
Skeleton Tasi Photo 
Sketch Justin Photo 
Sketch Lorius Photo 
Sketch Vixen Photo 
Slime Arinya Photo 
Slime Ercuw Photo 
Slime Eyru Photo 
Slime Feliz Photo 
Slime Gobble Photo 
Slime Huthiq Photo 
Slime Limax Photo 
Slime Mordo Photo 
Slime Nino Photo 
Slime Oglue Photo 
Slime Poera Photo 
Slime Sindi Photo 
Slime Viotto Photo 
Slime Zola Photo 
Slime Zoosh Photo 
Snow Crikey Photo 
Snow Dakota Photo 
Snow Ercuw Photo 
Snow Eyru Photo 
Snow Gizmo Photo 
Snow Gobble Photo 
Snow Huthiq Photo 
Snow Justin Photo 
Snow Kronk Photo 
Snow Lati Photo 
Snow Limax Photo 
Snow Nino Photo 
Snow Pucu Photo 
Snow Raulf Photo 
Snow Sindi Photo 
Snow Tasi Photo 
Snow Vlad Photo 
Snow Wallop Photo 
Snowman Raulf Photo 
Snowman Viotto Photo 
Snowman Vixen Photo 
Space Hump Photo 
SPAM Fairy Photo 
Sparkle Chibs Photo 
Sparkle Crikey Photo 
Sparkle Decadal Photo 
Sparkle Echlin Photo 
Sparkle Eyru Photo 
Sparkle Hump Photo 
Sparkle Huthiq Photo 
Sparkle Justin Photo 
Sparkle Kujo Photo 
Sparkle Limax Photo 
Sparkle Lorius Photo 
Sparkle Nino Photo 
Sparkle Poera Photo 
Sparkle Raulf Photo 
Sparkle Rusty Photo 
Sparkle Sybri Photo 
Sparkle Viotto Photo 
Sparkle Wallop Photo 
Sparkle Yuni Photo 
Sparkle Zoink Photo 
Splatter Ike Photo 
Splatter Limax Photo 
Splatter Quell Photo 
Splatter Rofling Photo 
Splatter Snookle Photo 
Splatter Vlad Photo 
Sports Poera Photo 
Sports Rofling Photo 
Sports Wallop Photo 
Sports Zoosh Photo 
Spring Decadal Photo 
Spring Raulf Photo 
Staff Crikey Photo 
Starry Astro Photo 
Starry Figaro Photo 
Starry Hump Photo 
Starry Kronk Photo 
Starry Lati Photo 
Starry Limax Photo 
Starry Poera Photo 
Starry Pucu Photo 
Starry Raulf Photo 
Starry Sindi Photo 
Starry Straya Photo 
Starry Tasi Photo 
Starry Vixen Photo 
Starry Wallop Photo 
Starry Willa Photo 
Starry Yuni Photo 
Starry Zola Photo 
Steampunk Phanty Photo 
Stone Age Gobble Photo 
Stone Arinya Photo 
Stone Dakota Photo 
Stone Decadal Photo 
Stone Echlin Photo 
Stone Ercuw Photo 
Stone Eyru Photo 
Stone Huthiq Photo 
Stone Ike Photo 
Stone Limax Photo 
Stone Mordo Photo 
Stone Nino Photo 
Stone Oglue Photo 
Stone Raulf Photo 
Stone Rofling Photo 
Stone Rusty Photo 
Stone Sindi Photo 
Stone Snookle Photo 
Stone Sybri Photo 
Stone Tasi Photo 
Stone Troit Photo 
Stone Ushunda Photo 
Stone Vixen Photo 
Stone Vlad Photo 
Stone Yuni Photo 
Stone Zola Photo 
Strobe Arinya Photo 
Strobe Astro Photo 
Strobe Decadal Photo 
Strobe Echlin Photo 
Strobe Ercuw Photo 
Strobe Figaro Photo 
Strobe Gobble Photo 
Strobe Huthiq Photo 
Strobe Lati Photo 
Strobe Lorius Photo 
Strobe Mordo Photo 
Strobe Phanty Photo 
Strobe Poera Photo 
Strobe Quell Photo 
Strobe Sindi Photo 
Strobe Willa Photo 
Strobe Zoink Photo 
Strobe Zoosh Photo 
Summer Nino Photo 
Summer Troit Photo 
Super Hero Basil Photo 
Super Hero Ike Photo
Super Hero Kronk Photo
Super Hero Wallop Photo
Teal Lorius Photo 
Teal Nino Photo 
Teal Vlad Photo 
Teal Zola Photo 
Thunder Addow Photo 
Thunder Dakota Photo 
Thunder Eyru Photo 
Thunder Gizmo Photo 
Thunder Hump Photo 
Thunder Limax Photo 
Thunder Nino Photo 
Thunder Poera Photo 
Thunder Raulf Photo 
Thunder Snookle Photo 
Thunder Viotto Photo 
Thunder Vixen Photo 
Thunder Zoink Photo 
Tiger Arinya Photo 
Tiger Chibs Photo 
Tiger Dakota Photo 
Tiger Ercuw Photo 
Tiger Gobble Photo 
Tiger Limax Photo 
Tiger Raulf Photo 
Tiger Sindi Photo 
Tiger Troit Photo 
Tiger Viotto Photo 
Tiger Vixen Photo 
Toddler Troit Photo 
Tornado Decadal Photo 
Underwater Kujo Photo 
Undying Fairy Basil Photo
Undying Fairy Rusty Photo
Undying Fairy Troit Photo
Undying Fairy Wallop Photo
Valentine Echlin Photo 
Valentine Feliz Photo 
Valentine Gizmo Photo 
Valentine Ushunda Photo 
Valentine Yuni Photo 
Valentine Zola Photo 
Vampire Limax Photo 
Vampire Phanty Photo 
Vampire Snookle Photo 
Villain Kujo Photo 
Voodoo Decadal Photo 
Witch Justin Photo 
Witch Zoink Photo 
Witch Zoosh Photo 
Yellow Decadal Photo 
Zombie Feliz Photo 
Zombie Nino Photo

Missing Trading Cards
4 months, 27 days & 16 hrs ago
22nd May 2021 11:04

Will swap UB trading card or any other items from my attic or trades for them. Buying as well, discounted preferred since they will go straight to my collection.

Acne Trading Card
Bailiff Trading Card *not at time machine
Cake Trading Card *not at time machine
Crinkal Trading Card *not at time machine
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  1. Missing Gourmets on Robin
    22nd May 2021 12:03
    4 months, 27 days & 15 hrs ago
  2. Missing Magazines on Robin
    22nd May 2021 11:50
    4 months, 27 days & 15 hrs ago
  3. Completed Plates
    22nd May 2021 11:38
    4 months, 27 days & 15 hrs ago
  4. Missing Photos
    22nd May 2021 11:26
    4 months, 27 days & 15 hrs ago
  5. Missing Trading Cards
    22nd May 2021 11:04
    4 months, 27 days & 16 hrs ago
  6. Missing Books/CDs/DVDs on Robin
    22nd May 2021 10:50
    4 months, 27 days & 16 hrs ago
  7. Missing Stamps
    22nd May 2021 10:40
    4 months, 27 days & 16 hrs ago
  8. Completed Newspapers on Robin
    21st Apr 2018 12:45
    3 years, 5 months & 30 days ago
  9. Checkpoint
    27th May 2015 19:28
    6 years, 4 months & 23 days ago
  10. Past Pets
    27th Feb 2009 21:31
    12 years, 7 months & 22 days ago