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??i will lend my pets for goals
??i will not trade my pets.
??im already in a club- Legend Family
?? please vote for me on ugly contest and beauty contest , (staff check my info please)maratalk or mm if you need a photo of my pets, i don't mind helping but ask nicely please







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  • 15th Birthday party

    Posted on : 15th Aug 2019 09:58   Posted by : Pikalove
    Gift Hunt(missing 1)
    15 Going on 30[x]
    15th Birthday Toy Gift[x]
    Balloon Bouquet[x]
    Beige 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Birthday Heels[]
    Birthday Waves Wig[x]
    Black 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Blue 15th Birthday Balloon[x]
    Blue 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Book of Party Hats need 16[x]
    Bronze 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Brown 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Buttoned Collar[x]
    Chocolate 15th Birthday Cake need 16[x]
    Chocolate 15th Birthday Cupcake need 16[x]
    Chocolate Birthday Sundae need 16[x]
    Cozy Striped Shorts[x]
    Cupcake Scarf[x]
    Cupcake Socks[x]
    Gift Glowing Egg[x]
    Gold 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Green 15th Birthday Balloon[x]
    Green 15th Birthday Gift Bag[xx]
    Light Green 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Maroon 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Moon Balloon[x]
    Orange 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Party Horn[x]
    Pink 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Purple 15th Birthday Candle[x]
    Purple 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Red 15th Birthday Candle[x]
    Red 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Ruffled Tank Top[x]
    Short Shawl[x]
    Shoulderless Sweater[x]
    Silver 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Slice of Strawberry 15th Birthday Cake need 16[x]
    Strawberry 15th Birthday Cake need 16[x]
    Strawberry 15th Birthday Cupcake need 16[x]
    Teal 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]
    Tropical Tank Top[x]
    Yellow 15th Birthday Candle[x]
    Yellow 15th Birthday Gift Bag[x]

    15th Birthday Book need 16[x]
    15th Birthday Cupcake need 16[x]
    15th Birthday Playlist need 16[x]
    Birthday Lolly need 16[x]
    Birthday Party Wig[x]
    Blue 15th Birthday Candle[x]
    Blue 15th Birthday Pinata[x]
    Blue Chibs Face Pinata[x]
    Blue Decadal Face Pinata[x]
    Blue Ice Cream Pinata[x]
    Blue M Pinata[x]
    Celebrate Glowing Egg[x]
    Cupcake Hat[x]
    Cupcake Tank Top[x]
    Green 15th Birthday Candle[x]
    Green 15th Birthday Pinata[x]
    Green Chibs Face Pinata[x]
    Green Decadal Face Pinata[x]
    Green Ice Cream Pinata[x]
    Green M Pinata[x]
    Ice Cream Pinata Stamp[x]
    Long Waves Hair Extension[x]
    Loud Party Horn[x]
    M Balloon[x]
    Marapets Beanie[x]
    Marapets Sweater[x]
    Party Candy Floss need 16[x]
    Purple 15th Birthday Balloon[x]
    Purple 15th Birthday Pinata[x]
    Purple Chibs Face Pinata[x]
    Purple Decadal Face Pinata[x]
    Purple Ice Cream Pinata[x]
    Purple M Pinata[x]
    Red 15th Birthday Balloon[x]
    Red 15th Birthday Pinata[x]
    Red Chibs Face Pinata[x]
    Red Decadal Face Pinata[x]
    Red Ice Cream Pinata[x]
    Red M Pinata[x]
    Ruffled Skirt[]
    School Girl Cincher[x]
    Sheer Arm Warmer[x]
    Single Stripe Jacket[x]
    Slice of Chocolate 15th Birthday Cake need 16[x]
    Slice of Vanilla 15th Birthday Cake need 16[x]
    Strawberry Birthday Sundae need 16[x]
    Sun Balloon[x]
    Vanilla 15th Birthday Cake need 16[x]
    Vanilla Birthday Sundae need 16[x]
    Yellow 15th Birthday Balloon[x]
    Yellow 15th Birthday Pinata[x]
    Yellow Chibs Face Pinata[x]
    Yellow Decadal Face Pinata[x]
    Yellow Ice Cream Pinata[x]
    Yellow M Pinata[x]


    Bolimo list for myself

    Posted on : 30th Jul 2019 21:58   Posted by : Pikalove
    Pronounced Boh-lim-oh

    -I wish there was an actually one

    -some old ones-


    Doll Selfie ideas 2

    Posted on : 16th Jul 2019 17:07   Posted by : Pikalove
    This is also were i would show dolls that another people did to my doll to make it better or i like the style too- thank you!

    made by hanami

    made by mosspaws

    made by SaraKittenburg

    made by Tokyo

    made by Astaroth

    made by Meringueapples

    made by GoalsMan

    Capsule machine

    Posted on : 15th Jun 2019 09:23   Posted by : Pikalove
    [X]Fade Ice Cream Cone
    []Fade Sugar Cube
    []Fade Pearl
    []Fade Gumball
    [X]Enhanted Fade Ideus Plushie
    []Enhanted Fade Grint Plushie
    [X]Enhanted Fade Equilor Plushie
    []Enhanted Fade Doyle Plushie
    []Fade Ideus Potion
    []Fade Grint Potion
    [X]Fade Equilor Potion
    []Fade Doyle Potion
    [X]Fade Glowing Egg
    []Jack in the Box Trading Card
    []Book of Wizards
    []Trashy Tales x
    []Ball of Fade Yarn
    []Songs from Space
    []Starry Tights
    []Starry Leggings
    []Silk Sash
    [X]Striped Blouse
    []Sleeveless Sweater
    []Jasmine Top
    [X]Bandana Necktie
    []Pastel Pizza
    [X]Bitten Gumball

    ♊Links that are helpful ♊

    Posted on : 10th Jun 2019 15:04   Posted by : Pikalove
    Hidden avatar - not mine---it's hers

    Guess the flags

    Anagram sam


    It just to help people out, please be nice

    Flash games
    Puffin browser- app

    To find anime show name-

    - old- username-i had- that got banned-


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