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staff- i login from alot of different places
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  • valentines day 2019     ~14 Feb 2019
  • missing queen bee prizes     ~03 Feb 2019
  • pets i can lend     ~25 Nov 2018
  • thanksgiving 2018     ~21 Nov 2018
  • my siggies     ~18 Nov 2018
  • beautiful stuff     ~14 Nov 2018
  • my dolls     ~11 Nov 2018

  • valentines day 2019

    Posted on : 14th Feb 2019 12:28   Posted by : cookie1678
    candy tree:
    Candlelit Dinner
    Heartfelt Songs
    Shyee ✔️
    Heartfelt Wig ✔️
    Swan Lake ✔️
    Rose Arch ✔️
    Heartfelt Sweater ✔️
    Heartfelt Jacket ✔️
    Heartfelt Boots ✔️
    Heartfelt Suspenders ✔️
    Rose Book ✔️
    Torn Love Letters ✔️
    Heartfelt Headband ✔️
    Heartfelt Belt ✔️
    Purple Sorry Candy Heart ✔️
    Orange Sorry Candy Heart
    Green Sorry Candy Heart ✔️
    Blue Sorry Candy Heart ✔️
    Red Sorry Candy Heart ✔️

    Heart Violin
    Heart Drum 2/10
    Heartfelt Glowing Egg
    Valentines Handbag
    Sweetheart Swoop Wig
    Heartfelt Top
    Heartfelt Skirt ✔️
    Heartfelt Socks ✔️
    Heartfelt Gloves ✔️
    Plum Heartfelt Macarons ✔️
    Raspberry Heartfelt Macarons
    Strawberry Heartfelt Macarons ✔️

    missing queen bee prizes

    Posted on : 3rd Feb 2019 00:30   Posted by : cookie1678
    Ash Honey
    Bee Ruffle Top
    Bee Skirt
    Bee Wings
    Blackberry Honey
    Blood Honey
    Burnt Honey
    Butterfly Belt
    Butterfly Cut Dress
    Butterfly Flower Crown
    Butterfly Hair Clip
    Butterfly Silk Dress
    Butterfly Skirt
    Butterfly Sleeves
    Cabbage White Butterfly Wings
    Cherry Honey
    Chocolate Honey
    Dawn Butterfly Cape
    Dawn Butterfly Silk Dress
    Dawn Butterfly Skirt
    Dawn Butterfly Sleeves
    Dawn Butterfly Wing Wig
    Dawn Gentle Scarf
    Dawn Luna Moth Wings
    Dawn Morpho Butterfly Wings
    Dawn Pearl Crescent Wings
    Dawn Queen Butterfly Wings
    Dawn Spider Web Bra
    Dragonfly Wings
    Dryad Hair Extensions
    Dryad Locks
    Dusk Butterfly Cape
    Dusk Butterfly Silk Dress
    Dusk Butterfly Skirt
    Dusk Butterfly Sleeves
    Dusk Butterfly Wing Wig
    Dusk Gentle Scarf
    Dusk Luna Moth Wings
    Dusk Morpho Butterfly Wings
    Dusk Pearl Crescent Wings
    Dusk Spider Web Bra
    Flower Pannel Skirt
    Flower Petal Skirt
    Flower Petals Skirt
    Flower Wrap Top
    Fluffy Hair Extensions
    Fluffy Honey Hair Extensions
    Forest Loops
    Gentle Scarf
    Glasswing Wings
    Grape Honey
    Happy Head Leaf
    Honey Sandwich
    Iridescent Butterfly Cape
    Iridescent Butterfly Silk Dress
    Iridescent Butterfly Skirt
    Iridescent Butterfly Sleeves
    Iridescent Butterfly Wing Wig
    Iridescent Gentle Scarf
    Iridescent Pearl Crescent Wings
    Iridescent Queen Butterfly Wings
    Iridescent Spider Web Bra
    Lavender Honey
    Lavender Honey Sandwich
    Lime Honey
    Long Forest Locks
    Mint Honey
    Morpho Butterfly Wings
    Moss Dryad Locks
    Mossy Dryad Hair Extensions
    Mossy Forest Loops
    Moth Antennas
    Moth Eye Wig
    Peach Honey
    Pearl Crescent Wings
    Petal Skirt
    Plain Butterfly Wing Wig
    Puffy Moth Sleeves
    Queen Butterfly Wings
    Short Butterfly Skirt
    Short Dawn Butterfly Skirt
    Short Dusk Butterfly Skirt
    Short Iridescent Butterfly Skirt
    Southern Emerald Moth Wings
    Spider Web Bra
    Spotted Tiger Moth Wings
    Strawberry Honey
    Strawberry Honey Sandwich
    Thorn Horns
    Thorny Wig
    Vanilla Honey
    Wasp Dress

    pets i can lend

    Posted on : 25th Nov 2018 23:27   Posted by : cookie1678
    tips not required but appreciated

    royal paffuto:
    6k lending fee

    ive got 2 LE's, the cheaper one 104,320MP and the other one 112,440MP

    collections pet: price changes, so mm me. definitely around 1mil or over

    my pet AvrilLavine changes alot so she might change into a costume needed for goals sometimes. she is also my battle pet. mm to find out lending fee

    thanksgiving 2018

    Posted on : 21st Nov 2018 00:35   Posted by : cookie1678
    Apple Pie Plushie ✔
    Blue Gummy Corn ✔
    Buttermilk Biscuits ✔
    Cherry Pie Plushie ✔
    Colonial Bonnet
    Colonial Side Sweep Wig
    Colonial Skirt ✔
    Colonial Top
    Corn and Pumpkins ✔
    Double Chocolate Pie
    Drumstick Plushie ✔
    Gravy Boat ✔
    Green Gummy Corn ✔
    Gummy Corn
    Pumpkin Pie Plushie
    Purple Gummy Corn ✔
    Red Gummy Corn ✔
    Stuffed Potato ✔
    Turkey Baster ✔
    Turkey Dinner Cupcake ✔
    Turkey Glowing Egg
    Turkey Pearl
    Turkey Tales


    my siggies

    Posted on : 18th Nov 2018 04:37   Posted by : cookie1678

    by yue

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