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♡ sierra | 22 | north carolina ♡
♡ benjamin has my heart | 4.15.18 ♡
♡ caniac queen | carolina hurricanes superfan ♡

staff: I log in from two computers and my phone, please don't ban me lol.

sierra. sassy southern belle. carolina hurricanes caniac. professional napper. swear word user. mediocre blogger. queen of spending all day in bed. astrology admirer. Lord lover. marketing guru wannabe. grade a klutz. trying my hardest to make it through school to become an elementary teacher.

HUGE mental health advocate, and I'm wide open about my own journey with anxiety/depression/PTSD. You are not alone, and I'm always here to listen if you need someone.

did I mention I LOVE the hurricanes yet?


Maramail - Sure. Just don't spam me, please.
Maratalk - Friends only please.
Friends - If we've talked or something before. No randoms please.
Clubs - In love with my current, ask me about Fleek.
Pets - Never ever ever everrrrrr for trade. If there is one up for grabs I will post it here -> [ ]
Swaps/Lending/Votes - Always down to help!


[♡] get to 1000 items in my wardrobe (1000/1000)
[ ] get to 4000 items in my wardrobe (2,047/4000)
[♡] complete the private dental insurance map
[ ] 300 gourmets on Xiyla (233/300)
[ ] 875 newspapers on Didex (40/875)
[ ] 100 transformations on Hetfield (44/100)
[♡] save 5 mil
[♡] save 10 mil
[♡] save 15 mil
[♡] save 20 mil
[♡] save 25 mil
[♡] save 30 mil
[♡] win a beauty contest
[♡] win an ugly contest
[ ] get a Troit (I have the maker)


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