PANDAPAIGE1000 here!! Check meh out!!







  • Essences of Life     20th Apr 2019 14:06
  • What Up?     19th Apr 2019 11:20
  • Hi I'm New!!     19th Apr 2019 08:14

  • Essences of Life

    Posted on : 20th Apr 2019 14:06   Posted by : pandapaige1000
    Please come to my shop Essences of Life:

    Greeting from my shop: Welcome to pandapaige1000's store: Essences of Life!! My items are great for new members but may be high priced for all the rich folk (yet profitable for me) prices!! And unlike other stores....we will always be in stock (until that item is gone)!! Thank you so much if you purchase and please subscribe/buddy/trade/bid on me auctions!! pandapaige1000 will also possibly be accepting trade request for some items if you notify her!! For more info or a negotiation of prices, contact pandapaige1000!!

    Employees include my pets: Aquatrinity, Tortell, and FuzzyWuzzyGummyBear

    Please come and help meh out please......i'm 2 days new!!
    Rate it after you go to the store with a

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    Thank you so much!!

    What Up?

    Posted on : 19th Apr 2019 11:20   Posted by : pandapaige1000
    Hello fellow Marapetters!! I'm pandapaige1000
    Please subscribe/buddy me and bid on my auction......i'm new so i'm trying to win mps... im always accepting buddy requests!! thank ya'll so muchXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
    love y'all bye!!

    Hi I'm New!!

    Posted on : 19th Apr 2019 08:14   Posted by : pandapaige1000
    Shifty EyesShifty EyesShifty EyesShifty Eyes I'm not really sure how to make more coins and the mahjong isnt really working for some reason...i like click on one then it wont let me click on the other!! so confused.....and i need more coins!! If you have any info that can be used to help me plz post a comment!! thank you so much y'all...and remember i will always accept buddy requests!!

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