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  • Maraween 2k19     22nd Oct 2019 23:01
  • Transubstantiation Temple     4th Oct 2019 18:58
  • Explorer quests     2nd Oct 2019 06:33
  • Avatar     10th Sep 2019 05:05
  • Transmogrification Temple     27th Aug 2019 06:08
  • Dream pets     21st Jul 2019 05:06

  • Maraween 2k19

    Posted on : 22nd Oct 2019 23:01   Posted by : Liebe
    Halloween Snowman

    ( ) arinya cake pop
    ( ) candy corn ice cream
    ( ) cat purse
    ( ) cat slippers
    ( ) chain belt
    ( ) count vladula
    (X) creepy eye cupcake
    ( ) creepy red eye cupcake
    ( ) crikey cake pop
    ( ) curved horns
    ( ) ghost tissue
    ( ) mystery red juice
    ( ) purple candy corn plushie
    ( ) rose necklace
    ( ) slime book
    (X ) smeary eye makeup
    ( ) swept bangs hair extension
    ( ) tarot top
    (X) torn sleeve gloves

    Pumpkin Hunt

    ( ) addow cake pop
    ( ) azul cake pop
    ( ) blue candy corn plushie
    ( ) bone trumpet
    ( ) cobweb pants
    (X) dakota cake pop
    ( ) ghost dress
    ( ) happy pumpkin glowing egg
    ( ) mystery yellow juice
    ( ) pumpkin balloon
    () pumpkin dress
    ( ) pumpkin mug
    ( ) pumpkin scarf
    ( ) stacked pumpkins
    ( ) zombieland

    ( ) 2019 pumpkin
    (X ) alien pumpkin
    ( ) aqua pumpkin
    ( ) bootleg pumpkin
    (X ) breeze pumpkin
    ( ) bronze pumpkin
    (X ) checkered pumpkin
    ( ) fairy pumpkin
    ( ) fat pumpkin
    (X) gold pumpkin
    ( ) ice fairy pumpkin
    ( ) light fairy pumpkin
    ( ) pampered pumpkin
    ( ) pirate pumpkin
    ( ) pixie pumpkin
    (X ) plushie pumpkin
    ( ) royal pumpkin
    ( ) silver pumpkin
    ( ) skater pumpkin
    ( ) starry pumpkin
    ( ) voodoo pumpkin
    ( ) witch pumpkin

    Halloween alien

    Beelzebub prize


    Beelzebub Figurine
    Beelzebub Pennant
    Beelzebub Tail
    Bloody Potato Chips
    Butcher Knife
    Retro Beelzebub Plushie


    Beelzebub Candy Corn
    Beelzebub Glowing Egg
    Beelzebub Summoning Tome
    Beelzebub Trident
    Cerberus Plushie


    Beelzebub Stamp
    Beelzebub Flaming Shoes
    Severed Horn


    13 Masks
    Beelzebub Novel
    Beelzebub Pearl
    Hellhound Trading Card
    Red Spider on a String
    Saturday the 13th

    (X)Beelzebub Cupcake
    (X)Beelzebub Ice Cream

    RETIRED Prizes

    Beelzebub Plushie
    (X)Beelzebub Poop
    Beelzebub Summoning Circle
    Blood Spattered Mouth
    Ink Stained Eye Mask
    Ink Stained Vampire Mask
    Liquorice Gummy Brain
    Liquorice Gummy Finger
    Liquorice Gumming Heart
    Liquorice Gummy Kidneys
    Liquorice Gummy Liver
    (X)Liquorice Gummy Lungs
    Liquorice Gummy Stomach
    Pile of Skulls
    Signed Beelzebub Photo

    Transubstantiation Temple

    Posted on : 4th Oct 2019 18:58   Posted by : Liebe

    Level 1- Rune Z (431k)
    Level 2- Rune k (198k)
    Level 3 - Rune p (220k)
    Level 4- Rune Z (429k)
    Level 5- Rune D
    Level 6- Rune A (369k)

    Explorer quests

    Posted on : 2nd Oct 2019 06:33   Posted by : Liebe
    Starting MP: 500k
    Start Quest Count: 78

    Ending MP: 7,446
    End Quest Count:162

    Quests completed:84
    Runes Obtained: 7

    MP per Quest:5k
    Quests per Rune: 12

    Estimated Total Worth: 2.23m
    Estimated Total Profit:1.73m

    Rune O=497k
    Rune AE=419k
    Rune H=499k
    Rune I=148k
    Rune L=178k
    Rune N=141k
    Rune U=348k


    Starting MP: 500k
    Start Quest Count: 162

    Ending MP: 113k
    End Quest Count:242

    Quests completed:80
    Runes Obtained: 13

    MP per Quest: 4.8k
    Quests per Rune: 6

    Estimated Total Worth: 6.4
    Estimated Total Profit:6

    Rune Z x2 (431k)
    Rune A (369k)
    Rune C (196k)
    Rune H (1m)
    Rune I (199k)
    Rune N x2 (138k)
    Rune K (198k)
    Rune S (318k)
    Rune T x2 (498k)
    Rune W (2m)

    Starting MP: 500k
    Start Quest Count: 243

    Ending MP:
    End Quest Count:

    Quests completed:
    Runes Obtained:

    MP per Quest:
    Quests per Rune:

    Estimated Total Worth:
    Estimated Total Profit:


    Posted on : 10th Sep 2019 05:05   Posted by : Liebe
    Missinf easiest avatars

    3-Battle Of Baspinar Avatar
    Kill at least one enemy in the Battle of Baspinar game then send score.
    4-Bounchy Avatar
    Send a score of over 75 in the Bounchy game.
    5-Burning Bright Avatar
    Have 30 Candles in your inventory
    6-Candy Avatar
    Visit Candyland with 10 chocolates in your inventory
    7-Dark Chocolate Avatar
    Have 40 Dark Chocolates in your inventory
    8-Demi Avatar
    Win a Demi from a Club Quiz
    11-Dukka Trove Avatar
    Send a score of over 300 in the Dukka Trove game.
    20-Hippow Avatar
    Buy an Hippow from the Minipet Shop on Minipet Island
    21-Hurdles Avatar
    Enter your pet into the Hurdles Olympics Event at Lush Lake
    23-Jokemo Avatar
    Attach any minipet to your pet and name it Jokemo
    24-Journal Avatar
    Refresh at the Blogs page
    26-Kouki Avatar
    Buy a Kouki from the Minipet Shop on Minipet Island
    27-Lolly Avatar
    Feed a Lollypop to your pet
    28-Loser Avatar
    View Olympics page after your pet has lost an Olympic event
    30-Loyal Avatar
    Visit the Loyalty Prizes page located in the Baspinar's Castle
    32-Maisonette Avatar
    Refresh at the Puchalla page.
    33-Marasites Avatar
    Type the word Marasites on your Marasite.
    35-Milk Chocolate Avatar
    Have 60 milk chocolates in your inventory
    36-Mint Chocolate Avatar
    Have 25 mint chocolates in your inventory
    40-Neesta Avatar
    Buy a Neesta from the Minipet Shop on Minipet Island
    43-Orange Chocolate Avatar
    Have 50 orange chocolates in your inventory
    44-Orville Avatar
    Buy an Orville from the Minipet Shop on Minipet Island
    47-Push Avatar
    Buy a Wind Up Grint from the Toy Shop in Biala Mountain.
    48-Racing Avatar
    Enter your pet into the Racing Olympics Event at Lush Lake
    49-Satellite Avatar
    Visit the Satellite Search Engine in Ziranek.
    50-Search Avatar
    Search for your Username in the Satellite Search Engine
    52-Shaggy Avatar
    Send any Poop to Shaggy.
    53-Shea Avatar
    Buy a Shea from the Minipet Shop on Minipet Island.
    54-Sheepbow Avatar
    Buy a Sheepbow from the Minipet Shop on Minipet Island
    56-Shineh Avatar
    Use a Dukka Coin. (Add it to your dukka exchange balance
    57-Shout Avatar
    Post SHOUT on any topic in the Spam Forum
    58-Silver Avatar
    Let your pet Play with a Silver Plushie
    60-Skinny Avatar
    Visit the Pampered Costume page when you have 50 Fast Food items in your Inventory
    61-Skullington Avatar
    Buy a Skullington from the Minipet Shop on Minipet Island
    63-Snap Avatar
    Have someone send you a Maramail with both the Subject and Body of the Mail as Snap and then view the Maramail. Both users must also be dressed the same.
    65-Snowy Avatar
    View the profile for the Snow Costume
    66-Something New? Avatar
    View the Newest Items list.
    67-Sparkly Avatar
    Find a Mineral when you go Mining in Foxfire Forest
    68-Sudoku Avatar
    Complete a game of Sudoku
    69-Swimming Avatar
    Enter your pet into the Swimming Olympics Event at Lush Lake
    70-Thracius Avatar
    Buy a Thracius from the Minipet Shop on Minipet Island
    71-Trade Avatar
    Send a Trading Card to someone.
    73-Treasure Avatar
    Go to the Account Upgrade page and refresh.
    74-Vacation Avatar
    Put all of your pets in the Hotel for a night and then view your pets
    75-White Avatar
    View all the pets that can be painted White.
    76-White Chocolate Avatar
    Have 30 white chocolates in your inventory
    77-Weight Lifting Avatar
    Enter your pet into the Weight Lifting Olympics Event at Lush Lake.
    78-Yellow Avatar
    Send a Maramail with both the Subject and Body of the Mail as Yellow
    79-You Make Me Blush Avatar
    Use any kind of Blusher on your Doll.
    80-Ziranek Avatar
    Refresh at Zirenek.

    Transmogrification Temple

    Posted on : 27th Aug 2019 06:08   Posted by : Liebe
    Level 1-
    Hieroglyphic S+ Hieroglyphic N+ Hieroglyphic Y
    Mps spent- 30k

    Level 2-
    Hieroglyphic K+ Hieroglyphic G+ hieroglyphic Y
    Mps spent-

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