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  • Halloween Snowman & Pumpkin Hu...     22nd Oct 2019 23:47
  • Restocking for my Attic     6th Sep 2019 07:34
  • Band Camp 2019     28th Jun 2019 06:49

  • Halloween Snowman & Pumpkin Hunt 2019

    Posted on : 22nd Oct 2019 23:47   Posted by : s57v58
    Instead of marking them with [x], I'll be deleting the items I get!

    Halloween Snowman 2019
    Got them all ♥

    Pumpkin Hunt 2019
    Bone Trumpet
    Pumpkin Balloon
    Pumpkin Scarf

    Elger's Trick or Treat 2019
    Got them all ♥

    Restocking for my Attic

    Posted on : 6th Sep 2019 07:34   Posted by : s57v58
    For the past two months I've been working on the two attic avatars available, which means that I haven't been able to enjoy all the prizes and cute restockable items I've been getting, because they all get stashed away!

    I'll use this blog to keep track of the items I need from the shops I'm restocking since I have too many notes scattered around XD

    Contact Lenses Shop
    Pollen Dusted Contact Lenses

    Face Make Up Shop
    Antique Gold Face Makeup Dye
    Blonde Face Makeup Dye
    Dark Red Face Makeup Dye
    Golden Blonde Face Makeup Dye
    Lipstick Kiss Mark
    Melon Face Makeup Dye
    Murky Grey Face Makeup Dye
    Sky Blue Face Makeup Dye
    Thyme Face Makeup Dye
    Tropical Green Face Makeup Dye

    Smoothies Shop
    Coconut Lemon Water

    Traps Shop
    Brown Golden Trap
    Golden Trap

    Wigs Shop
    Blue Noir Wig
    Bun Wig
    Noir Wig
    Peach Noir Wig
    Red Noir Wig
    Short Freya Wig
    Side Curl Wig
    White Noir Wig

    Eye Make Up Shop
    Doll Eye Mascara
    Dramatic Eye Liner
    Gentle Eye Shadow
    Steel Purple Eye Makeup Powder

    Pearls Shop
    Baby Pearl
    Balloon Pearl
    Cheese Pearl
    Floral Pearl
    Giant Pearl
    Hairy Pearl
    Ladybird Pearl
    Light Blue Pearl
    Magenta Pearl
    Minipet Pearl
    Moss Green Pearl
    Orange Pearl
    Panda Pearl
    Party Pearl
    Pirate Pearl
    Purple Pearl
    Rainbow Pearl
    Snow Pearl
    Spotted Pearl
    Starry Pearl
    Striped Pearl
    Tiger Pearl
    Wooden Pearl


    Minipet Colors
    White Ivor

    Mining Prizes
    Elegant Martite
    Light Geode
    Ocean Martite

    Crevice Prizes
    Gypsy Caterpillar
    Honey Bee (1/3)
    Julia Caterpillar
    Jumping Spider
    Painted Lady Butterfly
    Praying Mantis
    Tiger Beetle
    Water Boatman
    Wooly Bear Caterpillar

    Band Camp 2019

    Posted on : 28th Jun 2019 06:49   Posted by : s57v58
    Band Camp 2019 Checklist

    [2/10] Elegant Band Camp Cymbals
    [4/10] Elegant Band Camp Tambourine

    - Band Camp Clarinet
    - Band Camp Cymbals
    - Band Camp Drum
    - Band Camp Electric Guitar
    - Band Camp Flute
    - Band Camp Guitar
    - Band Camp Keyboard
    - Band Camp Lute
    - Band Camp Maracas
    - Band Camp Recorder
    - Band Camp Saxophone
    - Band Camp Triangle
    - Band Camp Trumpet
    - Band Camp Tuba
    - Band Camp Violin
    - Blue Gummy Music Note
    - Book of Sheet Music
    - Brass Marching Band Playlist
    - Bronze Band Camp Guitar
    - Casual Scarf
    - Clarinet Marching Band Playlist
    - Coattail
    - Drum Marching Band Playlist
    - Drum Set Necklace
    - Flute Marching Band Playlist
    - Giant Blue Gummy Music Note
    - Giant Green Gummy Music Note
    - Giant Purple Gummy Music Note
    - Giant Red Gummy Music Note
    - Giant Yellow Gummy Music Note
    - Gold Band Camp Guitar
    - Gradient Scarf
    - Green Gummy Music Note
    - Left Glove
    - Lush Wig
    - Marching Band Boy Doll
    - Marching Band Brochure
    - Marching Band Corset Skirt
    - Marching Band Cuffs
    - Marching Band Girl Doll
    - Marching Band Glowing Egg
    - Marching Band Jacket
    - Marching Band Pearl
    - Marching Band Playlist
    - Marching Band Poster
    - Marching Band Shorts
    - Marching Band Stamp
    - Marching Band Top
    - Music Note Balloon
    - Music Note Cupcake
    - Music Note Glowing Egg
    - Music Note Pillow
    - Musical Belt
    - Musical Cookie
    - Musical Cupcake
    - Purple Gummy Music Note
    - Recorder Marching Band Playlist
    - Red Gummy Music Note
    - Right Glove
    - Saxophone Marching Band Playlist
    - Sheet Music
    - Shoulder Sash
    - Silver Band Camp Guitar
    - Simple Comb Over Wig
    - Stadium Solo
    - Swoop Bangs Hair Extension
    - Tambourine Marching Band Playlist
    - Yellow Gummy Music Note

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