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  • Gonna Keep this Brief, but...     20th Sep 2019 22:48
  • WHAT HAPPENED???????????     20th Aug 2015 08:27
  • Well, fate may be fate, but th...     24th Jun 2012 19:02
  • my theory of what happened to ...     7th Nov 2009 12:46
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  • the mouth!     10th Nov 2007 18:54

  • Gonna Keep this Brief, but...

    Posted on : 20th Sep 2019 22:48   Posted by : avaikavixen
    With all that's happened in my absence, RP-ing has suddenly become more difficult here. And not only in the sense that I can't find anything interesting or mine don't catch or anything...


    ...Honestly, I'm gonna be real blunt here, but it's the new Edit gimmick. The 10 minute limit.
    It's probably fair in plenty of other environments, but NOT AT ALL ideal for RPs. And while I understand thoroughly that RPs are NOT a main priority of a virtual pet site, it's honestly just salt in the wound...

    From the lack of forewarning over old thread removals (didn't get the chance to copy some of my favorite ones to notepad files, back in "ye-olde 2012" when they were wiped without prior notice), all the way to how mundane and outright DEAD things got for me, and NOW THIS... I think it's safe to say you may not see me lurking the RP Forum as often anymore, at bare minimum.

    It's an honest shame, really. This very website was what started me off on and introduced me fully to RP. Back in c. 2005-2006. And the RP spirit has never truly left me even NOW! I'm STILL itching for a roleplay....

    ...And yet, if I find myself in a situation where I only realize a fatal continuity-breaking mistake later, have my character unintentionally/uncharacteristically miscommunicate at an inopportune moment, or notice one-such mistake straight away but have to be pulled away to some half-day long chore... That's it! I can't do any favors for those who get confused or upset by any mere errors on my part, simply because the RP forum clearly states that NO DOUBLE POSTING IS ALLOWED. And I know of no grand exceptions to this rule --not within ANY roleplay forum category.

    So... until there's some kind of solution or work-around...

    I may not be all that active in general, and that's pretty breaking considering how strong my sentiments are to here, and all it has done over the years.
    (Needless to say, the site's received plenty of neat, fresh upgrades for the better... But while I'm thankful for the rest, this one here just ISN'T one of them. )

    WHAT HAPPENED???????????

    Posted on : 20th Aug 2015 08:27   Posted by : avaikavixen
    Things change behind my back and now I can't find where to edit forum posts?

    Well, fate may be fate, but this is uncalled for.

    Posted on : 24th Jun 2012 19:02   Posted by : avaikavixen
    So, as most of you forum dwellers have already noticed, some time ago, "Topics started" and "Topics posted on" had come back after a long time. I, for one, was so amazed and really happy I could see dear old memories (most of which were roleplays I participated in) once again and read them over and over-- whenever I got the chance. I had plans to make sure they were kept (on a notepad thingy)(all the best ones, at least), but every time I looked back at one, the thought of doing it "now" never usually crossed my mind, and whenever it did, I thought that maybe there'd be more time, seeing as no plans of clearing space were announced. I thought they would all last a lot longer than they did through the course of their short, read-only revival. Maybe even forever, right?
    Boy was I wrong... Without care or concern, they let their little yellow Poera slither around and eat up all the dead ones, all memory of them lost. And made my goal not acheived at last, but rather, broken to pieces, irepairable shards. And the only shards still sparkling good as new, the names of such wonderful past memories that I wanted to survive. One "shard" of which, almost brought me to tears when I saw it's pieces too were lost... The best of the old times: "*starfox* originals and made-ups welcomed" which was started by a dear friend of mine who has not come back since a long while ago.
    Now, don't get me wrong, I can understand the whole deal of wanting to clear space by permanently removing things too out-of-date (from years ago) and read-only anyway, believing no marapets user would care about the old topics; but what should have been done, was something like this, just in case there were people like me, who held all the old (or at least some of the old) VERY dear:
    We should have been informed maybe a few days or so ahead of time, so that all who did hold anything old DEAR could copy-paste them to (and fix them on) a notepad, word, or whatever similar thing file. At least as many precious things one could possibly grab within such timeframe.
    This, dearies, is my complaint... My biggest complaint. And I wish I could grab at least that one that I mentioned... I loved that one great rp like a child or something... Despite being badly written by most, and moving along very poorly and all too suddenly in most cases, it was by far, the best I had participated in, in my entire career as a marapets, and first-time roleplayer. It even showed how I first portrayed Akaiva, one of my characters... She was a little crazier, just by a bit. And even though she was meant for this "revenge" on her sister (and always has been), she'd even go looking for revenge on just about anyone. For reasons such as st8pidity, being in the way, or even annoying, almost regardless of whatever side said other character was on.
    Anyway, other than the detail of why that roleplay is so special to me, that's really it. I really wish that I could find some way to get to the thing again and copy and paste it to a special place where it will never leave my sight again... but for all we know, things such as these, could be permanently removed from all existence already... forever within the unrecoverable abyss of the completely deleted.
    I wish things hadn't 've turned out this way... I'm really upset that they have, and probably will be by some (maybe small (by the time it* comes)) level to *the day I have to leave this world (which isn't coming anytime soon, just so you know).
    So yeah, now you know.
    Thanks for your time, that is... if you read it entirely. It is very much appreciated.

    my theory of what happened to the best of rp-ing

    Posted on : 7th Nov 2009 12:46   Posted by : avaikavixen
    (my keyboard is a little tricky so don't mind if you see many capitalized letters)
    in the past, many roleplAYS INCLUDED LOTS OF ANIMALS, VIDEOGAMES,ANIMES AND SO on. back then roleplayers were active AS HECK, many roleplays ghas pages gtoing up to forty and over, and many posts continued on, you could instantly view someone's started topics and recent posts, it was very useful, so many roleplays you could choose from!
    now, people have been neglecting helpless Videogame and aNIME ROLEPLAYS AND EVEN and EVEN ANIMALS! ( THOSE POOR SWEET ANIMALS...)
    now filling the now only three pages of roleplaying with sparkling vampires and highschool... that is my worst nightmare, do you really think highschool is about meeting some hot guy and more of that ridiculous crap, marapets rules clearly states that you are not to use romance in your roleplays, it may seem unfair, but that's fate for you!
    many viudeogame and anime fans are having the most difficult problems starting up their roleplays, swome even refuse to make anymore and neglect the roleplay forums. too many crazed roleplays to deal with, and not to mention problems too. now that many of us have disapeared, all anyone can see are some of the (not meaning to offend their creators) annoyances of videogame roleplaying, nothing but highscool, numbers of 1x1s that exclude various animes and videogames.
    and now, io have come to this:
    now videogame fans all over marapets i feel, have been considered, the "losers" of roleplaying and has made me very upset, now thinking theres nothing i can do to change that
    i do not mind what they did to change roleplays, but it was much better back then, when most roleplays i've had interest in were the stars of the show. i have been on vmarapets for four to five years ago, and would like to know the reason many people similar to me have given up on and neglected roleplaying while i still never gave up!
    any questions?

    my love today is....

    Posted on : 13th Dec 2008 18:52   Posted by : avaikavixen
    ...SIR KIBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    from kirby! ^^

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