I have minipet plates for exchange in my trades. Am looking for plates I don't have in my collection.
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  • Trivia Game     22nd May 2013 09:28
  • completed goals/missions     7th Aug 2009 12:49
  • pratical wishlist     27th Feb 2009 10:39
  • A heartfelt Thank you     11th Jan 2008 02:40
  • Our little family     11th Oct 2007 17:31

  • Trivia Game

    Posted on : 22nd May 2013 09:28   Posted by : MoonbeamRyder
    Please mail answers to me with Trivia Game in the subject line so I know its a game entry. Trivia Game will be held weekly, starting Wensday and going through Tuesday 0:00 mara time.
    This weeks game is about top movies in 2000-2006. Please mail me your answers with "Trivia Game" in the subject line. Prizes will be given for all correct entries.
    1. Which 2000 movie starring Russell Crowe won Oscars for Best Picture and best Actor?
    2. What was one of the top movies of 2002 starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks?
    3. What very popular movie in 2004 did Kate Winslot star in?
    4. Forrest Whitaker won Best Actor for which popular movie in 2006?

    completed goals/missions

    Posted on : 7th Aug 2009 12:49   Posted by : MoonbeamRyder
    gigantic paradise
    lush lake
    puchalla village
    undying woods
    minipet island
    tarquin-4 times
    trunx-4 times

    pratical wishlist

    Posted on : 27th Feb 2009 10:39   Posted by : MoonbeamRyder
    while I would love to get potions, tc's, costumes and AU items, on the practical side, these are the things I need for my pets:
    dvd's are needed badly
    musical instruments
    scholarships (business, environmental the most but need some of all)(worms are less expensive though)
    diamonds and crystals are always appreciated and in need.

    A heartfelt Thank you

    Posted on : 11th Jan 2008 02:40   Posted by : MoonbeamRyder
    A heartfelt thank you to my greatest friends. Thank you for being just who you are and for thinking so very much of lil ole me
    God Bless you and keep you safe!
    Though we are miles apart, you are always close in my heart.

    Our little family

    Posted on : 11th Oct 2007 17:31   Posted by : MoonbeamRyder
    We are a beekeeping, woodworking, jewelry making, book reading, animal loving lot in this house, lol.
    Marapets is family entertianment for us all in our house! My better half and our children play on here (if there is a question about their accounts by Mara staff, I will gladly let the staff know their names/user names).

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