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  • Missing Plates

    Posted on : 22nd Aug 2019 05:39   Posted by : Jhennya
    Paying 200k each and swapping (see shop for my plates). Got some ub plates in trades but looking for photos or UB plates from this list for them.

    Black Delayed Plate
    Black Nicky Plate
    Black Pumkin Plate
    Black Sprite Plate
    Black Tearex Plate
    Black Tweblud Plate

    Blue Hauntling Plate
    Blue Lela Plate
    Blue Prancer Plate
    Blue Princess Plate
    Blue Snuggles Plate
    Blue Tearex Plate
    Blue Tres Plate
    Blue Verano Plate

    Bronze Leon Plate

    Eleka Lucent Plate

    Green Anuriah Plate
    Green Apophis Plate
    Green Balloonimal Plate
    Green Blake Plate
    Green Drowsy Plate
    Green Gobby Plate
    Green Googlag Plate
    Green Kissy Plate
    Green Kuork Plate
    Green Plynx Plate
    Green Puff Plate
    Green Schmog Plate
    Green Valentine Plate
    Green Vamps Plate
    Green Vorto Plate
    Green Yule Plate
    Green Zound Plate

    Grey Kissy Plate
    Grey Leon Plate
    Grey Lucky Plate
    Grey Naia Plate
    Grey Napoleon Plate
    Grey Psyclone Plate
    Grey Pumpkin Ed Plate
    Grey Tearex Plate
    Grey Twinkle Plate
    Grey Vorto Plate
    Grey Zetoro Plate

    Island Gobbled Plate

    Orange Alen Plate
    Orange Dantiz Plate
    Orange Olvic Plate
    Orange Punk Plate
    Orange Stitch Plate
    Orange Toto Plate
    Orange Vamps Plate
    Orange Viondol Plate
    Orange Wax Plate

    Pink Drab Plate
    Pink Drowsy Plate
    Pink Erto Plate
    Pink Nicky Plate
    Pink Rocket Plate
    Pink Tail Plate
    Pink Tearex Plate
    Pink Vorto Plate
    Pink Wisp Plate
    Pink Zorg Plate

    Purple Blake Plate
    Purple Bubbles Plate
    Purple Bugsy Plate
    Purple Chevron Plate
    Purple Chibzul Plate
    Purple Gobby Plate
    Purple Lucky Plate
    Purple Miort Plate
    Purple Napoleon Plate
    Purple Osabri Plate
    Purple Psyclone Plate
    Purple Schmog Plate
    Purple Tearex Plate
    Purple Twinkle Plate
    Purple Verano Plate
    Purple Vorto Plate

    Red Chevron Plate
    Red Decapitate Plate
    Red Jezebel Plate
    Red Knuzul Plate
    Red Leon Plate
    Red Pat Plate
    Red Pinkal Plate
    Red Rocket Plate
    Red Stitch Plate
    Red Tearex Plate

    Space Oleni Plate

    White Bolint Plate
    White Dantiz Plate
    White Ian Plate
    White Nerd Plate
    White Pinto Plate
    White Psyclone Plate
    White Rocket Plate
    White Schmog Plate
    White Shilpy Plate
    White Snowman Plate
    White Superhero Plate
    White Valentino Plate
    White Yeti Plate
    White Yule Plate

    Yellow Buckaroo Plate
    Yellow Chiliz Plate
    Yellow Chutt Plate
    Yellow Drowsy Plate
    Yellow Fiffo Plate
    Yellow Filondor Plate
    Yellow Fluffy Plate
    Yellow Maeven Plate
    Yellow Pinkal Plate
    Yellow Pinto Plate
    Yellow Reon Plate
    Yellow Scorpi Plate
    Yellow Sixth Plate
    Yellow Snuggles Plate
    Yellow Spirit Plate
    Yellow Tinsel Plate
    Yellow Vorto Plate

    Missing Photos

    Posted on : 7th Jan 2019 01:07   Posted by : Jhennya
    Putting wanted adds up as I get more mp. Paying 250k per photo! And always swapping for photos/plates/poops/hieros/runes/toy blocks in shop! Or for 10 diamonds.

    If it has * after it, it means I've offered on one or waiting for someone to make me.


    Rainbow Straya Photo
    Headless Straya Photo
    Love Straya Photo

    Checkered Astro Photo
    Checkered Hump Photo
    Checkered Huthiq Photo
    Checkered Phanty Photo
    Checkered Zoosh Photo
    Checkered Raulf Photo
    Checkered Zola Photo
    Checkered Flab Photo
    Checkered Sybri Photo
    Checkered Grint Photo

    Sewers Gobble Photo


    British Dakota Photo
    British Decadal Photo
    British Pucu Photo
    British Quell Photo
    British Zola Photo
    British Zoosh Photo

    Camouflage Arinya Photo
    Camouflage Nino Photo
    Camouflage Snookle Photo
    Camouflage Troit Photo

    Cheese Justin Photo
    Cheese Pucu Photo
    Cheese Raulf Photo

    Digital Troit Photo

    Drake Photo

    Eleka Crikey Photo
    Eleka Justin Photo

    Fade Ushunda Photo

    Galaxy Poera Photo
    Galaxy Snookle Photo
    Galaxy Sybri Photo

    Halloween Tasi Photo
    Halloween Zoosh Photo

    Insideout Crikey Photo
    Insideout Quell Photo

    Invisible Pucu Photo

    Lightning Justin Photo

    Lilac Decadal Photo
    Lilac Huthiq Photo
    Lilac Poera Photo
    Lilac Zoosh Photo

    Love Crikey Photo
    Love Huthiq Photo
    Love Pucu Photo

    Midnight Tasi Photo

    Moonlight Fairy Photo

    Mutant Zoink Photo

    Pastel Kujo Photo

    Pinkie Photo

    Radioactive Justin Photo

    SPAM Fairy Photo

    Sewer Fairy Photo

    Sketch Basil Photo
    Sketch Justin Photo

    Slime Boy Photo
    Slime Huthiq Photo

    Snow Crikey Photo
    Snow Huthiq Photo

    Sparkle Astro Photo
    Sparkle Huthiq Photo
    Sparkle Phanty Photo

    Starry Sybri Photo

    Stone Daisy Photo
    Stone Dakota Photo
    Stone Figaro Photo
    Stone Huthiq Photo
    Stone Poera Photo
    Stone Quell Photo
    Stone Sybri Photo
    Stone Troit Photo
    Stone Vixen Photo
    Stone Yuni Photo

    Strobe Arinya Photo
    Strobe Gobble Photo
    Strobe Lorius Photo
    Strobe Mordo Photo
    Strobe Pucu Photo
    Strobe Vixen Photo

    Sultan Photo

    Witch Phanty Photo

    Missing Gourmets (Pandomina)

    Posted on : 25th Mar 2017 09:05   Posted by : Jhennya
    Trading for gourmets I have in trades/shop, buying when I have funds to do so. I have wanted adds up for missing meats! Smile Paying 200k each for poops! Mail/Maratalk if you have for sale.

    For most expensive ones (over 3 mill) I do Jester. I DO NOT TRADE/BUY GOALS/FAIRY gourmets as I will get them eventually.

    Addafo Poop
    Adorab Poop
    Anjet Poop
    Anlur Poop
    Ant Poop
    Anubis Poop
    Apollo Poop
    Apple Potato Chips
    Arasi Poop
    Arizona Poop
    Ata Poop
    Aviv Poop
    Avocado Potato Chips
    Azint Poop
    Azubi Poop
    Bacon Poop
    Bananey Poop
    Bandit Poop
    Batsy Poop
    Batty Poop
    Batz Poop
    Baxter Poop
    Bellerina Poop
    Billy Poop
    Blake Poop
    Bloobloo Poop
    Bolint Poop
    Bolisoro Poop
    Boris Poop
    Broken Poop
    Buckaroo Poop
    Bullo Poop
    Butters Poop
    Buzzy Poop
    Cackles Poop
    Camelot Poop
    Camero Poop
    Camofog Poop
    Caribow Poop
    Cerberus Poop
    Champion Poop
    Chariot Poop
    Checkmate Poop
    Cherub Poop
    Chickle Poop
    Chidow Poop
    Chiliz Poop
    Chlug Poop
    Chocolate Chip Potato Chips
    Chook Poop
    Choyle Poop
    Chuckles Poop
    Chutt Poop
    Cian Poop
    Cinnabar Poop
    Concerto Poop
    Cricket Poop
    Crikey Poop
    Crindol Poop
    Cupcake Poop
    Dandy Poop
    Dasher Poop
    Decadal Poop
    Demi Poop
    Devan Poop
    Devilray Poop
    Diamond Poop
    Diwali Poop
    Doogle Poop
    Dracorex Poop
    Dragoth Poop
    Drake Sugar Cube
    Drinas Poop
    Drowsy Poop
    Dumpling Poop
    Durabat Poop
    Easter Poop
    Echera Poop
    Echlin Poop
    Egbert Poop
    Eggy Poop
    Eleka Horns Pearl
    Eleka Sugar Cube
    Embers Poop
    Erni Poop
    Fang Poop
    Farley Poop
    Fasafo Poop
    Fasofin Poop
    Fatty Poop
    Fawlt Poop
    Faye Poop
    Fee Poop
    Feliz Poop
    Fidge Poop
    Fiestan Poop
    Fifi Poop
    Filondor Poop
    Fire Fairy Cupcake
    Fire Fairy Potato
    Fire Potato Chips
    Flaming Spiced Punch
    Flin Poop
    Flitter Poop
    Flix Poop
    Floof Poop
    Floss Poop
    Flurso Poop
    Fly Poop
    Foh Poop
    Forte Poop
    Fraggle Poop
    Freedom Poop
    Frex Poop
    Fritzi Poop
    Frosty Poop
    Fumb Poop
    Future Poop
    Gator Poop
    Gemma Poop
    Ghost Potato Chips
    Ghosty Poop
    Gingerbread Imposter Poop
    Glaxis Poop
    Glitch Poop
    Goglue Poop
    Golem Sugar Cube
    Gooey Poop
    Gordo Poop
    Green Grape Juice
    Griffin Sugar Cube
    Gromps Poop
    Grouchy Poop
    Gruff Poop
    Gruffle Poop
    Grypho Poop
    Gutur Poop
    Hairy Potato Chips
    Halloweenie Poop
    Harpy Cupcake
    Harpy Gumball
    Harpy Ice Cream
    Harpy Potato Chips
    Hart Poop
    Heartling Poop
    Hearty Poop
    High Poop
    Hippow Poop
    Homeless Fairy Sugar Cube
    Houo Poop
    Hump Milk
    Hump Poop
    Huxen Poop
    Hyebi Poop
    Ian Poop
    Indy Poop
    Iris Poop
    Jason Poop
    Jinn Poop
    Jinnie Poop
    Keech Poop
    Kimble Poop
    King Baspinar Pancakes
    King Baspinar Pearl
    Kirikoo Poop
    Kirin Sugar Cube
    Kitsune Poop
    Koa Poop
    Korn Poop
    Kringle Poop
    Kujo Poop
    Lafter Poop
    Laiyee Poop
    Lambit Poop
    Laurel Pearl
    Leafy Poop
    Lemnkey Poop
    Lemon Potato Chips
    Lightbug Poop
    Liiing Poop
    Lime Potato Chips
    Limited Poop
    Lobster Dinner
    Lolzbra Poop
    Lorius Poop
    Lubadore Poop
    Lurve Poop
    Maddox Poop
    Maestro Poop
    Maft Poop
    Maragotchi Poop
    Meepo Poop
    Merant Poop
    Merman Sugar Cube
    Mia Poop
    Minibot Poop
    Minifoot Poop
    Miraffe Poop
    Misti Poop
    Moneybag Poop
    Moofle Poop
    Moonie Poop
    Moonlight Fairy Sugar Cube
    Munch Chocolate Bar
    Mushtoo Poop
    Naga Cupcake
    Naga Mocktail
    Naga Poop
    Naia Poop
    Napoleon Poop
    Neesta Poop
    Noosh Poop
    Oasis Water
    Octopus Potato Chips
    Oglue Poop
    Oleni Poop
    Orville Poop
    Osabri Poop
    Osafup Poop
    Otus Poop
    Pat Poop
    Patrick Poop
    Pear Potato Chips
    Pee Poop
    Pickle Potato Chips
    Pidge Poop
    Piggy Poop
    Pikaboo Poop
    Pinekoo Poop
    Pinkal Poop
    Pinto Poop
    Plap Poop
    Plapus Poop
    Plump Poop
    Plushie Fairy Doughnut
    Plushie Fairy Pie
    Polar Poop
    Pongin Poop
    Poppy Poop
    Princess Poop
    Psyclone Poop
    Pudine Poop
    Puff Poop
    Pumkitty Poop
    Pumpee Poop
    Pumpkin Potato Chips
    Pyri Poop
    Pythonix Poop
    Queen Eleka Gumball
    Queen Eleka Ice Cream
    Queen Eleka Pancake
    Quelow Poop
    Quibs Poop
    Raulf Poop
    Reaper Poop
    Reezul Poop
    Rock Poop
    Rokma Poop
    Romantic Poop
    Rosie Poop
    Rupper Poop
    Rutabaga Poop
    Rweek Poop
    Ryno Poop
    Sabertooth Poop
    Safari Poop
    Sakko Poop
    Salad Poop
    Salvaged Poop
    Sawni Poop
    Schnoodle Poop
    Schoot Poop
    Scorch Poop
    Scrooge Poop
    Seaso Poop
    Sewer Fairy Cupcake
    Sewer Mousse
    Shea Poop
    Shelly Poop
    Shmancy Poop
    Shnuggle Poop
    Shroomy Poop
    Shyda Poop
    Shyee Poop
    Silkie Poop
    Sk8er Poop
    Skelly Poop
    Skramp Poop
    Slig Poop
    Slime Boy Sugar Cube
    Slime Potato Chips
    Smartdo Poop
    Smew Poop
    Snek Poop
    Sniffles Poop
    Snixie Poop
    Snoween Poop
    Snowel Poop
    Snowy Poop
    Sobek Poop
    Spam Fairy Cupcake
    Spam Fairy Potato
    Spark Poop
    Sphinx Poop
    Spinestein Poop
    Spinner Poop
    Spooks Poop
    Spootli Poop
    Sprig Poop
    Spud Poop
    Squink Poop
    Starcub Poop
    Stego Poop
    Sultan Sugar Cube
    Superhero Poop
    Tadi Poop
    Tail Poop
    Tantibs Poop
    Tee Poop
    Tefty Poop
    Teto Poop
    Thirst Quencher
    Thracius Poop
    Tisha Poop
    Toadling Poop
    Tokem Poop
    Toki Poop
    Toodles Poop
    Tootoo Poop
    Topplin Poop
    Toto Poop
    Treat Poop
    Troogle Poop
    Tropeck Poop
    Tubby Poop
    Tuly Poop
    Tune Poop
    Turdle Poop
    Tweblud Poop
    Twins Poop
    Twittle Poop
    Unlucky Poop
    Ush Poop
    Ushundow Poop
    Ushunoro Poop
    Valentino Poop
    Vampider Poop
    Vampire Sugar Cube
    Velox Poop
    Vile Poop
    Vixen Poop
    Vlad Poop
    Waffleo Poop
    Waka Poop
    Wallet Poop
    Wax Poop
    Willafo Poop
    Witchie Poop
    Xoi Poop
    Yhing Poop
    Yolk Poop
    Yonce Poop
    Yule Poop


    Missing Plushies

    Posted on : 5th Apr 2019 15:41   Posted by : Jhennya
    Swapping, got UB plushies in trades and ss ones are in my shop.

    Angel Echlin Plushie

    Aqua Ercuw Plushie
    Aqua Eyru Plushie
    Aqua Gizmo Plushie
    Aqua Gobble Plushie
    Aqua Hump Plushie
    Aqua Ike Plushie
    Aqua Justin Plushie
    Aqua Kujo Plushie
    Aqua Lati Plushie
    Aqua Mordo Plushie
    Aqua Phanty Plushie
    Aqua Pucu Plushie
    Aqua Quell Plushie
    Aqua Raulf Plushie
    Aqua Rofling Plushie
    Aqua Rusty Plushie
    Aqua Sindi Plushie
    Aqua Snookle Plushie
    Aqua Vixen Plushie
    Aqua Willa Plushie
    Aqua Zola Plushie
    Aqua Zoosh Plushie

    Beige Eyru Plushie
    Beige Hump Plushie
    Beige Justin Plushie
    Beige Kujo Plushie
    Beige Nino Plushie
    Beige Phanty Plushie
    Beige Quell Plushie
    Beige Rofling Plushie
    Beige Sindi Plushie
    Beige Snookle Plushie
    Beige Tasi Plushie
    Beige Vixen Plushie
    Beige Vlad Plushie
    Beige Zola Plushie
    Beige Zoosh Plushie

    Black Echlin Plushie
    Black Sindi Egg Plushie
    Black Sindi Plushie
    Black Straya Plushie
    Black Tasi Plushie
    Black Vlad Plushie

    Blue Limax Plushie
    Blue Mordo Plushie
    Blue Raulf Plushie
    Blue Sindi Egg Plushie
    Blue Vlad Plushie

    Brown Echlin Plushie
    Brown Ercuw Plushie
    Brown Hump Plushie
    Brown Ike Plushie
    Brown Lati Plushie
    Brown Limax Plushie
    Brown Lorius Plushie
    Brown Phanty Plushie
    Brown Raulf Plushie
    Brown Sindi Plushie
    Brown Straya Plushie
    Brown Sybri Plushie
    Brown Tasi Plushie
    Brown Vlad Plushie
    Brown Zola Plushie
    Brown Zoosh Plushie

    Coral Eyru Plushie
    Coral Gizmo Plushie
    Coral Gobble Plushie
    Coral Hump Plushie
    Coral Kujo Plushie
    Coral Lati Plushie
    Coral Mordo Plushie
    Coral Pucu Plushie
    Coral Rofling Plushie
    Coral Rusty Plushie
    Coral Sindi Plushie
    Coral Sybri Plushie
    Coral Tasi Plushie
    Coral Vixen Plushie
    Coral Vlad Plushie
    Coral Willa Plushie
    Coral Zoink Plushie

    Devil Echlin Plushie

    Digital Addow Plushie
    Digital Arinya Plushie
    Digital Astro Plushie
    Digital Azul Plushie
    Digital Basil Plushie
    Digital Bolimo Plushie
    Digital Crikey Plushie
    Digital Crindol Plushie
    Digital Daisy Plushie
    Digital Dakota Plushie
    Digital Decadal Plushie
    Digital Doyle Plushie
    Digital Echlin Plushie
    Digital Ercuw Plushie
    Digital Eyru Plushie
    Digital Fasoro Plushie
    Digital Feliz Plushie
    Digital Figaro Plushie
    Digital Flab Plushie
    Digital Gizmo Plushie
    Digital Gobble Plushie
    Digital Gonk Plushie
    Digital Grint Plushie
    Digital Hump Plushie
    Digital Ideus Plushie
    Digital Ike Plushie
    Digital Jessup Plushie
    Digital Justin Plushie
    Digital Kaala Plushie
    Digital Kidlet Plushie
    Digital Knutt Plushie
    Digital Kronk Plushie
    Digital Kujo Plushie
    Digital Lati Plushie
    Digital Leido Plushie
    Digital Limax Plushie
    Digital Lorius Plushie
    Digital Mordo Plushie
    Digital Murfin Plushie
    Digital Newth Plushie
    Digital Nino Plushie
    Digital Oglue Plushie
    Digital Osafo Plushie
    Digital Paffuto Plushie
    Digital Phanty Plushie
    Digital Poera Plushie
    Digital Pucu Plushie
    Digital Quell Plushie
    Digital Raulf Plushie
    Digital Reese Plushie
    Digital Renat Plushie
    Digital Rofling Plushie
    Digital Sindi Plushie
    Digital Snookle Plushie
    Digital Speiro Plushie
    Digital Sybri Plushie
    Digital Tantua Plushie
    Digital Tasi Plushie
    Digital Troit Plushie
    Digital Ushunda Plushie
    Digital Viotto Plushie
    Digital Vixen Plushie
    Digital Vlad Plushie
    Digital Walee Plushie
    Digital Willa Plushie
    Digital Xoi Plushie
    Digital Yuni Plushie
    Digital Zetlian Plushie
    Digital Zoink Plushie
    Digital Zola Plushie
    Digital Zoosh Plushie

    Dumpling Plushie *

    Earwig Plushie

    Flea Plushie

    Goblin Yakubi Plushie

    Green Limax Plushie
    Green Raulf Plushie
    Green Straya Plushie
    Green Tasi Plushie
    Green Vlad Plushie

    Grey Ercuw Plushie
    Grey Limax Plushie
    Grey Raulf Plushie
    Grey Rofling Plushie
    Grey Zola Plushie

    Invisible Gizmo Plushie

    Lark Plushie

    Lilac Ercuw Plushie
    Lilac Eyru Plushie
    Lilac Gizmo Plushie
    Lilac Hump Plushie
    Lilac Ike Plushie *WANTED ADD UP*
    Lilac Justin Plushie
    Lilac Kujo Plushie
    Lilac Lorius Plushie
    Lilac Nino Plushie
    Lilac Pucu Plushie
    Lilac Quell Plushie
    Lilac Raulf Plushie
    Lilac Rofling Plushie
    Lilac Sindi Plushie
    Lilac Snookle Plushie
    Lilac Sybri Plushie
    Lilac Ushunda Plushie *WANTED ADD UP*
    Lilac Vixen Plushie
    Lilac Vlad Plushie
    Lilac Willa Plushie
    Lilac Zola Plushie
    Lilac Zoosh Plushie

    Lishon Plushie

    Magenta Ercuw Plushie
    Magenta Eyru Plushie
    Magenta Gizmo Plushie
    Magenta Hump Plushie
    Magenta Justin Plushie
    Magenta Kujo Plushie
    Magenta Lati Plushie
    Magenta Limax Plushie
    Magenta Nino Plushie
    Magenta Phanty Plushie
    Magenta Pucu Plushie
    Magenta Raulf Plushie
    Magenta Sindi Plushie
    Magenta Snookle Plushie
    Magenta Sybri Plushie
    Magenta Tasi Plushie
    Magenta Zola Plushie

    Maroon Ercuw Plushie
    Maroon Gizmo Plushie
    Maroon Gobble Plushie
    Maroon Hump Plushie
    Maroon Kujo Plushie
    Maroon Limax Plushie
    Maroon Nino Plushie
    Maroon Pucu Plushie
    Maroon Raulf Plushie
    Maroon Rofling Plushie
    Maroon Rusty Plushie
    Maroon Sindi Plushie
    Maroon Straya Plushie
    Maroon Vixen Plushie
    Maroon Willa Plushie
    Maroon Zola Plushie
    Maroon Zoosh Plushie

    Musical Azul Plushie *WANTED ADD UP*
    Musical Doyle Plushie *WANTED ADD UP*
    Musical Paffuto Plushie *WANTED ADD UP*

    Navy Ercuw Plushie
    Navy Eyru Plushie
    Navy Gizmo Plushie
    Navy Hump Plushie
    Navy Ike Plushie
    Navy Justin Plushie
    Navy Kronk Plushie
    Navy Kujo Plushie
    Navy Limax Plushie
    Navy Lorius Plushie
    Navy Mordo Plushie
    Navy Pucu Plushie
    Navy Raulf Plushie
    Navy Rusty Plushie
    Navy Sindi Plushie
    Navy Snookle Plushie
    Navy Sybri Plushie
    Navy Tasi Plushie
    Navy Ushunda Plushie *WANTED ADD UP*
    Navy Vixen Plushie
    Navy Willa Plushie
    Navy Zola Plushie

    Nefarious Echlin Plushie

    Negative Echlin Plushie

    Olive Gizmo Plushie
    Olive Gobble Plushie
    Olive Kujo Plushie
    Olive Lorius Plushie
    Olive Nino Plushie
    Olive Phanty Plushie
    Olive Pucu Plushie
    Olive Quell Plushie
    Olive Raulf Plushie
    Olive Rusty Plushie
    Olive Sindi Plushie
    Olive Snookle Plushie
    Olive Sybri Plushie
    Olive Tasi Plushie
    Olive Viotto Plushie
    Olive Vixen Plushie
    Olive Vlad Plushie
    Olive Yuni Plushie
    Olive Zola Plushie

    Orange Echlin Plushie
    Orange Ercuw Plushie
    Orange Lorius Plushie
    Orange Mordo Plushie
    Orange Rofling Plushie
    Orange Sindi Plushie
    Orange Tasi Plushie
    Orange Vlad Plushie
    Orange Zola Plushie

    Orion Plushie *

    Pink Limax Plushie
    Pink Mordo Plushie
    Pink Quell Plushie
    Pink Rofling Plushie
    Pink Sindi Plushie
    Pink Tasi Plushie
    Pink Vlad Plushie
    Pink Willa Plushie
    Pink Zoosh Plushie

    Pizza Plushie *

    Prison Echlin Plushie

    Punk Tantua Plushie *Wanted Add up*

    Purple Lorius Plushie
    Purple Mordo Plushie
    Purple Rofling Plushie
    Purple Tasi Plushie
    Purple Vlad Plushie
    Purple Zola Plushie
    Purple Zoosh Plushie

    Red Limax Plushie
    Red Mordo Plushie
    Red Raulf Plushie
    Red Vlad Plushie

    Royal Echlin Plushie

    Shilpy Plushie *

    Simeria Goals Plushie *

    Snowy Candycane Plushie

    Spring Knutt Plushie *Wanted add up*

    Teal Ercuw Plushie
    Teal Eyru Plushie
    Teal Hump Plushie
    Teal Ike Plushie
    Teal Justin Plushie
    Teal Kujo Plushie
    Teal Lati Plushie
    Teal Limax Plushie
    Teal Lorius Plushie
    Teal Nino Plushie
    Teal Phanty Plushie
    Teal Rofling Plushie
    Teal Sindi Plushie
    Teal Straya Plushie
    Teal Vixen Plushie
    Teal Vlad Plushie
    Teal Zola Plushie
    Teal Zoosh Plushie

    Teddy Plushie *WANTED ADD UP*

    White Ercuw Plushie
    White Raulf Plushie
    White Rofling Plushie
    White Sindi Egg Plushie
    White Sindi Plushie
    White Tasi Plushie
    White Vlad Plushie
    White Zola Plushie

    Yellow Mordo Plushie
    Yellow Tasi Plushie
    Yellow Ushunda Plushie *WANTED ADD UP*
    Yellow Vlad Plushie

    Missing Magic Beans to play with

    Posted on : 30th Apr 2019 19:11   Posted by : Jhennya
    Magic Australian Bean
    Magic Balloon Bean
    Magic Bee Bean
    Magic Black Bean
    Magic Blue Bean
    Magic Bronze Bean
    Magic Burnt Bean
    Magic Camouflage Bean
    Magic Checkered Bean
    Magic Cheese Bean
    Magic Chocolate Bean
    Magic Cotton Candy Bean
    Magic Cursed Bean
    Magic Digital Bean
    Magic Fairy Bean
    Magic Fire Bean
    Magic Funky Bean
    Magic Gingerbread Bean
    Magic Green Bean
    Magic Grey Bean
    Magic Love Bean
    Magic Moonlight Bean
    Magic Native Bean
    Magic Negative Bean
    Magic Purple Bean
    Magic Rainbow Bean
    Magic Silver Bean
    Magic Snow Bean
    Magic Starry Bean
    Magic Teal Bean
    Magic White Bean
    Magic Yellow Bean

    I am NOT buying. Just swapping or borrowing if someone is kind enough to lend (will have carpenter ready of course).

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