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Ltb: a daylight pet, though i have no pet space atm.
Travelling, writing, gaming, tattoo's, (forensic) psychology, chemistry, Greek mythology, too many fandoms I'm geeking about, ...

Fav musicals: Les Mis, Tanz der Vampire and Beetlejuice; but I love many other musicals too.
Fav music: Rammstein, movie/musical soundtracks, Duncan Laurence, Krezip, Black Sabbath, team starkid, In This Moment, Ayreon, Ruben Hein, Pink Floyd, All Time Low, Marilyn Manson, R.E.M., etc..
Fav animals: cats, penguins, alpaca's, turtles, platypus, meercats, dolphins, giraffes, butterflies, ...

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