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Mail: Closed - I just chat with friends | Maratalk: Closed - I prefer mail| Friends: Maybe - if we've talked on the forums| Clubs: No invites | Gallery: Mine | Votes: Eh | Lending: pets for goals | Swaps: Photos | Buying: Nothing - no solicitation | Trades: See the lot description | Pets: Not for trade | Mentions: Anyone

About Me


I love science, history, geography, language and culture. It is my dream to visit Africa someday. I like watching boring documentaries and learning new things. I love music! Soccer is my favorite! Meeting new people is one of my hobbies. I like night. I'm happy when it rains. Lilacs smell amazing!

On Mara I like making up usernames (I probably have too many), pet names & characters. I'm working on goals, missions, collections and my dream pets. My favorite pets are Kidlets, Poeras, Oglues, Decadals, Feliz, Flabs and Gonks. My favorite games are Bingo, Extract Enpiah, Plushie Machines and Foxfire Pond. I like participating in site events and making new friends along the way here!
Feel free to check out my art portfolio in my blog! *My wishlist is not of items that I'm actively seeking. I use it to keep track.

Personal Achievements
Usernames Goal One: 8/3/17
Usernames Goal Two: 11/18/18
Usernames Goal Three: 7/30/19
Savings Goal One: 10/10/16
Savings Goal Two: 11/13/18
Savings Goal Three: n/a
Pet Goals One: Max pets - complete
Pet Goals Two: Dream pets - incomplete

Collecting: Blue Gumballs

Note for staff: I log in sometimes from different devices

I appreciate your reading this.
Have a wonderful day! :)

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