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You joined Marapets on October 26, 2006, 7:29 am
Why was I awake so early?
Add Me! Things I like:
Crochet (Knitting is too scary)
World Of Warcraft (For the Alliance!)
Medieval & Tudor Media (I'm super fun at parties.)

Pet Goals

Taily -->Chibi
Taisley -->Deca -->Halloween

Completed Pet Goals 2019
Wondre -->Snookle -->Baby

Completed Pet Goals 2018
Rosimund -->Baby
Crochet -->Daisy -->Plushie
Kassiopeia -->Straya -->Chibi
Aquitaine -->Straya-->Minipet
Turalyon -->Angel

Completed Pet Goals 2017
Pekingese -->Raulf -->Baby
Palmistry -->Pucu -->Halloween
Wintergrasp -->Vixen -->Tundra
Rosimund -->Vixen -->Candle
Crystalsong -->Viotto -->Advent
Feathermoon -->Viotto -->Calico
Aessina -->Raulf -->Spring
Pj -->Zhola -->Moonlight
Jilliet -->Fairy
Chrystabelle --->Chibi
Maudlin --->Chibi
Alianor -->Chibi
Feathermoon -->Chibi
Player for 16 years, 10 months & 28 daysJoined 26th Oct 2006 00:29
Player for 16 years, 10 months & 28 days Joined 26th Oct 2006 00:29

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