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Marapets is mobile friendly
If you want to lend my pets for goals, feel free to ask. I'm also lending out the Chameleon (minipet) for the lush lake goal.

Welcome to my profile ^^,
I collect wardrobe items, and my favorite is the wigs section. I'm an entusiast to dress up my doll XD

~Don't hold back anymore what I want to. Listen to myself, and follow myself~ Well that's one of my personal goals for this period.

Thanks for visiting:)

WD3EoVG.jpg _§_§§_______§__§_____§§____§___________________________
______§________________________________________ _§§_____

Note to staff: I log in on multiple devices on different locations. (sometimes from the car if I'm a passenger). I also visit my friend Bondskii, then we use the same wireless. That's all.

Note to people offering photo to my photo on trades: I'm not into swapping photos/plates from trades. ⍩


~^^∿≈≋ Welcome to my profile ≋≈∿^^~

I don't know what to write here.. And probably you're not looking here either xD
So I'm just gonna talk to my self! Oh, that sounds fun!

Well, I'm an ♒Aquarius♒, learning how to live the life..
And I'm not gonna tell u how "old" I am.

A random fact? Uhm.. well.. I'm in love with people who can draw realistic, (or very good manga)
Why..? Because it's so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

So... Yes, I like to draw aswell.. But I'm currently busy with other things in my mind right now..
My webside??
No, it's.. kinda..I.. It's not that much.. Oh, well.. Have a look then..
*handing over the links*



I love my familiy, I love my friends. I should love life, but sometimes I can't.

Step by step, I'm learning about myself.



㋛ Funfacts about me here on mara: ㋛

▶ Do you collect something?

-Yeah, that I do^^,

I collect wigs, wardrobe items and worms. It's totally random that they all starts with the "w".

I also collect glowing eggs=) and hoping drew can accept those eggs I have..

▶ Right, good luck with that.

-Thanks, I really needed that.

▶ ☺, So, what's your favorite pet species?

-Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh. Hard hard haaaaard to choose.

Top three might be: Kaalas, Sindis, Raulf and Chibs

(yeah I know that's 4..)

▶ I agree, it's really hard to choose XD
Moving on.. What's (y)our favorite item?

-If it's not the wigs, it's the chests!

▶ Okey, can you be more specific?

-Sure, I'll try..=P
I'm very interested in Golden Anklets&ArmBands, Ancient Kamilah Wings, Flower Shower, Pea skirt, Bottle of fireflies, Rose Vine Shoes, Autumn Trees, Bangs, Virgo Pants, Kitsune Tail, Dragon, Full moon/Rising sun..
This list only grows's longer and longer.

▶ Favorite pet costume?

-Whaaat? I think I'll have say: Anime, alien, dragon, daylight, elf and hairy.

▶ And the best marapet event so far?

-I enjoy many of the events. The most amazing event for me has been with the Elf. I got a pet wish granted, my lovely panda Sindi<3 I still can't believe that was real. The Easterbunny event was also great! I still can't believe the easterbunny gave me, ME of all people, a easterbunny costume. My wardrobe was so flat then.
And the safari event!(which also was the hardest event). It gave me a really mara-boost! I'll always love camp jani.

▶ Alright, so next question.. What do you usually do here?

-I can't say all that, I'm already just talking to myself, noone is reading this stuff.
Anyway thank you for reading and take care.

▶Excuse me, who are you talking to..?
- ⍜_O


Player for 16 years, 4 months & 26 daysJoined 16th Feb 2008 10:43
Be yourself
Player for 16 years, 4 months & 26 days Joined 16th Feb 2008 10:43

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