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Rudolf sends you his jolly greetings this season!

For staff: I log on in different types of devices/platforms, so please don't ban me. Thanks.
My Birthday is on November 2.

My pet Phop is the only one up for trade. MT only, thanks. I do photo and plate swaps. I also collect news and mags.

[x] 1st Chibs (Yeshua)
[x] Desert Chibs (Sphirus)
[x] Dragon Chibs (Spike)
[x] Chibi Chibs (Olliver)
[x] Candy Chibs (Lydelle)
[x] Cursed Chibs (Nathanaiel)
[x] Underwater Chibs (Evian)
[x] Stoneage Chibs (Nunmuri)
[x] Killer Chibs (Harde)
[x] Shaved Chibs (sadyrock)
[x] Christmas Tree Chibs (Jenne, previously sadyrock)
[x] Blitzen Chibs (Rudolf)
[x] Scout Chibs (Louie - temple for baby)
[ ] Baby Chibs
[ ] Plushie Chibs
[ ] Bootleg Chibs

[x] Angel Poera (Kleoo)
[x] Princess Phanty (Saitahna)
[x] 1st Chibi costumed pet (Kuroumaru)
[x] Elf Quell (Kraul)
[x] Daylight Quell (Koai)
[x] Dragon Quell (Draeconian)
[x] 1st Sleepy Quell (Mandali)
[x] 2nd Sleepy Quell (Xylias)
[x] Dragon Zoosh
[x] Nimbus Chibs (Conversal)
[x] Scout Chibs (Zadimus)
[x] Stoneage Chibs (Nunmuri)
[x] Candy Chibs (Lydelle)
[x] Native Mordo (Vallience)
[x] Scout Chibs (Finnleigh)
R/W :
[x] Imprisoner the Prison Tantua
[x] Bloodily the Blue Kaala
[x] Princess Chibs (Sensations)
[x] Shaved Chibs (Nudism)
[x] Witch Feliz (Scream)
[x] Splatter Crindol (Crayola)
[x] Cheese Doyle (Starve)

- Ralfeigh
- Imprisoner
- Bloodily
- Scream
- Clarke
- Olliver
- Louie
- Rudolf
- Jullian
- Starve

- Chibs Makers (would be loved even more if discounted)

- Person who sold me a Royal Chibs potion, hence Yeshumaru.
- Kem, who sold me a Burnt Chibs potion, hence Sphirus.
- Joeltoward, who sold me a Desert Costume which I used onto Sphirus.
- GVirus, who traded with me for Kuroumaru, my new chibi daisy.
- Paigesmurf, who traded with me. Oatmeals my toy Kujo for her wonderful Elf Quell, Kraul.
- Zell, who traded with me for my firefairy poera for her pixie troit.
- Pirate, who traded with me for 2 of my pets, valentine tasi and pixie troit for her Daylight Quell.
- Michael_Jackson, gave me 3mil to add into my username certificate fund <3
- Mccandles, was kind enough to allow a trade for my daylight quell Koai and RW pet Imprisoner for her Desert chibs MaruKitty.
- Tofferr, sold me the enchanted chibi chibs plushie for 17mil, considered somewhat of a discount.
- Kuro, traded her chibs Sensations for my quells, chibi daisy and dragon zoosh
- Octopus, who traded Nuxx (who is now Nathanaiel) with my lightfairy Yuni named TRESemme
- Swaggerrr, traded her chibs Nudism for my minipet figaro Ramul
- VanillaBella, traded Veneziano for 3 of my chibs (Nudism + Sensations + Conversal). Truly a wonderful achievement and addition to the family.
- MelaShen, traded my Scout Chibs Zadimus for her stoneage Chibs Nunmuri
- Hibi, traded my stoneage Chibs Nunmuri for her seasonal Chibs Misete. Lovely name.
- Hobbits, gifted me my letter of acceptance to Hogwarts with a Hogwarts robe school uniform costume
- xoPixiexo, traded Harde the Killer chibs for my candy chibs Lydelle
- hazelhatessyou, donated her shaved chibs sadyrock (who is now Jenne) to me
- Pal, gave me a devious elf costume so I can go caroling
- Wrist, traded her zombie poera with the name Evian for my scout chibs Finnleigh so I could swap names of Veneziano and Evian
- Xero, who traded her Strobe Rusty named Phop for my cheese doyle named Starve
Player for 11 years, 10 months & 7 daysJoined 3rd Oct 2008 00:13
I buy bulk crystals and diamonds! I also do lots of swapping for my collections: Photos, plates, news, mags, plushies
Player for 11 years, 10 months & 7 days Joined 3rd Oct 2008 00:13

Sen has 14 pets