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Marapets is mobile friendly
achievements on marapets account

1. collect phanty maker (2 green pots, 1 black pot, 1 pink pot,1 ice fairy pot, 1 snow pot, 2 blue pots, 1 black plushie, 1 snow plushie, 1pink plushie, 1 white plushie, 1 princess plushie)

2. collect theme coloured enchanted plushie (bee reese, undying fairy Murfin, devil azul, dragon gonk, daylight/moonlight decadal, candy Willa, dragon Raulf)

3. collect old retired UB's

4. Partake in marapets events marapets events (undying festival, Halloween 2014, Christmas 2014, 10th birthday,summer event, Halloween 2015, undying festival 2015)

5. obtain first LE pet (radioactive daisy, black phanty)

6.collect other LE potions (yellow poera potions)

7.obtain over 3mil marapoints

8.get a theme coloured phanty potion (ice fairy phanty)

9. collect enchanted L.E plushie (white quell plushie, pink zoosh plushie, green zoosh plushie, Orange zoosh plushie, candy Willa plushie, daylight/moonlight decadal plushie, dragon Raulf)
10.complete the trunx mission at least once

10. Collect over 25mil mp

11. Collect over 50mil mp

12 collect an enchanted sindi plushie/ potion (enchanted phantom sindi plushie)

13 Get over 400 stamps in collection

14 transform furble into a sindi pet (angel sindi)

15get one pets transformation count to 250

16 complete another mission after the trunx mission (Tarquin, ublish)

1. Have 100 or less stamps to collect

3.have over 100mil marapoints
Player for 11 years, 3 months & 26 daysJoined 5th Jun 2009 11:02
no pets are for trades unless specified. Gallery isn't for sale. I don't accept friend requests unless we at least have 1 conversation
Player for 11 years, 3 months & 26 days Joined 5th Jun 2009 11:02

shinytotodile has 16 pets