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Marapets is mobile friendly
Player for 2 years, 2 months & 12 daysJoined 13th Aug 2019 09:24
Player for 2 years, 2 months & 12 days Joined 13th Aug 2019 09:24
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And she has 10 prizes of a Decadal, £25 and £5 to be won

Tweetly is back running the Official MaraPets Social Media pages and she would love for you to follow her

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Contests and Giveaways
Our social media pages run their own special contests, giveaways and events that will not be announced on MaraPets

Exclusive Prizes and Benefits
There will be secret links and special vault codes to redeem prizes on MaraPets! There will also be special benefits and perks you can only unlock by visiting our social pages first - like getting to play one of our games or dailies an extra time, a guaranteed prize from a game or an exclusive discount at a Marapets shop
Meme Mondays
Each week we'll feature a meme made by Marapets players, you can take part by posting on the topics and creating your own funny Marapets themed memes
Transformation Tuesdays
On Tuesdays we feature the biggest glow ups in Marada, plenty of pets had awkward teen years, but they're looking great now!
Wardrobe Wednesdays
Do you know a fashion guru, an icon, someone who has amazing dolls whenever you see them? Nominate someone each week and they could get their selfie creation featured across social media!
Throwback Thursday
Journey back to simpler times on Marapets. Discover secrets about the history of Marapets. With old layouts, pet art, and more, see how far we've come!
Fan-art Friday
Calling all aspiring artists, it's your time to shine! Post some Marapets themed fanart and your art could get featured on our social media pages for everyone to admire
Spotlight Saturday
Everyone loves their pets, so it's only fair that we show some love too! Each week we'll shine the spotlight on a player's pet so we can appreciate their hard work
Sunday Funday
Share fun things that have happened on Marapets during the week - did you win a jackpot or complete a goal? Let us know! You can also join us and take part in comment games on social media pages
Help MaraPets Grow
Following our social media pages cost you nothing, only takes a few seconds to do and really helps MaraPets to grow. We really appreciate your support!

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