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Dear staff, I log in from multiple IP address.

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Away from the computer, I am a wife, a mom, an aspiring author, and a tarot card reader.

Some random facts about me:
• I read at least 52 books a year.
• I have colored my hair every color of the rainbow.
• I could live on pasta and be happy. Fat, but happy.
• I got married on a leap day.
• I have written rough drafts of 4 books.

I'm always open to making new friends, so please don't be shy about sending me a MM or MT. <3

Player for 5 years, 11 months & 10 daysJoined 23rd Oct 2017 11:15
Player for 5 years, 11 months & 10 days Joined 23rd Oct 2017 11:15

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