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Puchalla Village
The Stock Market is where you can invest your own MP in many of the Shops through out Marada. The share price of each shop changes throughout the day, depending on the level of stock, number of customers, weather, profit, events and other various factors. If a company goes bankrupt you will lose any MP invested in this company.

You can buy shares in a company with a price of MP100MP or above and below MP1,000MP. You can only make one purchase of shares every 3 hours and sell within 2 hours of investing. A purchase can be between 1 and 100 shares in one company.

NotYourGhost just sold shares in Car Parts for MP29,480MP +7.9%
Chai just sold shares in Car Parts for MP67,000MP +6.3%
KodaFox just sold shares in Medicine for MP32,400MP +17.4%
Katiebean just sold shares in Pottery for MP35,250MP +11%
SnugglePrincess just sold shares in Car Parts for MP67,000MP +27.4%
SnugglePrincess just sold shares in Car Parts for MP67,000MP +25%
meesha9980 just sold shares in Smoothies for MP2,284MP +36.4%
Miyuki224 just sold shares in Candy for MP10,941MP +450.4%

Invest in my Voodoo Dolls Shop

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Number of Shares

Between 1 and 100 shares

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  Voodoo Dolls News

Intermittent power shortages in Puchalla Village saw Voodoo Dolls trading down 12% to MP983MP
29th Nov 2019 15:41
A mild winter in Biala Mountain has shares in Voodoo Dolls up 7.95% today to MP1,113MP
28th Nov 2019 10:52
Voodoo Dolls had a huge surge in sales last week, with profits increasing 8.03% today to MP1,022MP
13th Nov 2019 21:08