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The Stock Market is where you can invest your own MP in many of the Shops through out Marada. The share price of each shop changes throughout the day, depending on the level of stock, number of customers, weather, profit, events and other various factors. If a company goes bankrupt you will lose any MP invested in this company.

You can buy shares in a company with a price of MP100MP or above and below MP1,000MP. You can only make one purchase of shares every 3 hours and sell within 2 hours of investing. A purchase can be between 1 and 100 shares in one company.

WarEagle1996 just sold shares in Minipets for MP14,875MP +7.6%
emmy323 just sold shares in Cleaning Products for MP25,779MP +6.2%
mrsmaisel just sold shares in Canned Food for MP3,834MP +11.3%
loe987 just sold shares in Clothing for MP4,260MP +14.9%
Rye just sold shares in Stars for MP683MP +23.7%
mrsmaisel just sold shares in Clothing for MP2,130MP +28.5%
Mccandles just sold shares in Cheese for MP6,477MP +538.8%
Foxgirl just sold shares in Face Make Up for MP3,256MP +100.5%

Invest in my Spells Shop

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Total Value:
Average Rarity:
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Number of Shares

Between 1 and 100 shares

Price per share last week
Current price per share

  Spells News

14th Nov 2021 15:22

Shares in Spells are 11.43% higher today at MP117MP after the Sultan of Kamilah Desert hinted at lowering high taxes
8th Nov 2021 11:00

News from Foxfire Forest that MP might actually grow on trees has pushed the share price of Spells to MP94MP - up by 10.59 per cent!
21st Oct 2021 15:47

Lower than average Quests completed brought shares in Spells to MP87MP - down 13%!
11th Oct 2021 02:20

Spells shares are up 4.35% at MP96MP
5th Oct 2021 09:27

30th Sep 2021 03:15

Spells are trading 11.63% higher today at MP144MP after it was announced that residents of Undying Woods are living longer
26th Sep 2021 02:23

Prices are down 10.32% to MP113MP at Spells as a knock on effect to the recent Lush Lake flood
20th Sep 2021 04:06

Spells shares are down 0.7% at MP141MP
14th Sep 2021 03:49

Spells shares are up 0.69% at MP146MP
13th Sep 2021 14:37

Spells shares are down 0.7% at MP141MP
11th Sep 2021 19:34

Spells shares are down 1.39% at MP142MP
11th Sep 2021 01:19

Spells shares are up 1.59% at MP128MP
7th Sep 2021 03:14

Spells shares are up 1.64% at MP124MP
6th Sep 2021 16:21

Spells shares are up 2.31% at MP133MP
5th Sep 2021 20:43

Spells shares are down 5.11% at MP130MP
4th Sep 2021 06:21

Spells shares are down 1.44% at MP137MP
4th Sep 2021 02:58

Spells shares are down 0.74% at MP134MP
2nd Sep 2021 17:13

Spells shares are up 3.05% at MP135MP
2nd Sep 2021 03:49

Spells shares are down 0.76% at MP130MP
1st Sep 2021 14:35