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Every item has a use but sometimes it is nice to collect items just for show. Your Gallery is where you can organise and display your items. Browse all items and create your own Wishlist. If you are looking to buy an item you can create a Wanted Ad for sellers to find you. The Greedy Fairy rewards you for your gallery.

Your Wishlist allows you to add and remove any items on the site that you want to own. Other players can view your wishlist from your profile, which could be helpful when you are trading, or if you are unsure what gift to buy for a friend.

Wanted Ads can be created for any item you want to buy with the exact price you are willing to pay. You will be charged the full amount of MP in advance and then any player with the item can automatically sell it to you for this price if they choose to do so. All sales are final and the minimum sell price is 250,000MP. If the sale has not been completed, you can cancel your Wanted ad at any time and your MP will be refunded. You can only create one Wanted Ad for each item.

Find items below to add to My Wishlist or My Wanted Ads

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Click on any item to add it to your wishlist
Press the 'Wanted' button to Create a Wanted Ad

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Where do items come from?

Christmas Present Prize 2015
42 items

Christmas Present Prize 2016
19 items

Christmas Present Prize 2017
16 items

Christmas Present Prize 2018
22 items

Christmas Tree Prize
304 items

Circus Prize
51 items

City Sewers Goals
26 items

City of Marada Goals
26 items

City of Marada Recession 2011
21 items

Clam Prize
56 items

Clothing Rack Prize
289 items

Completing Marapets Stamps
8 items

Completing Undying Woods Stamps
10 items

Computer Repair Prize
1 items

Cooked at Microwave
30 items

Cosmonaut Prize
154 items

Crevice Prize
34 items

Crossword Prize
1 items

Cup Shuffle Prize
6 items

Dark Fairy Prize
12 items

Day 100 Prize
1 items

Daylight Fairy Prize
27 items

Desert Fairy Prize
22 items

Desert Treasure Chest
27 items

Digital Fairy Prize
29 items

Double or Nothing Prize
7 items

Drake Prize
18 items

Dukka Caves Goals
27 items

Dukka Dash
121 items

Dukka Piracy Event 2010
33 items

Dukka Scratchcards
10 items

Earth Fairy Prize
17 items

Easter Bunny Prize
17 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2006
28 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2007
44 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2008
43 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2009
46 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2010
30 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2012
46 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2013
47 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2014
54 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2015
80 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2016
59 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2017
72 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2018
72 items

Easter Egg Hunt 2019
80 items

Eleka Prison Prize
1 items

Eleka Tombola Prize
6 items

Eleka Treasure Chest
22 items

Eleka's Castle Goals
27 items

Elf Prize
10 items

Elger's Trick or Treat 2005
11 items

Elger's Trick or Treat 2006
4 items

Elger's Trick or Treat 2007
6 items

Elger's Trick or Treat 2009
20 items

Elger's Trick or Treat 2010
8 items

Elger's Trick or Treat 2011
8 items

Elger's Trick or Treat 2012
9 items

Elger's Trick or Treat 2013
17 items

Elger's Trick or Treat 2014
29 items

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Full House
in 5 minutes
780,318MP Prize

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