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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly

Your Wishlist allows you to add and remove any items on the site that you want to own. Other players can view your wishlist from your profile, which could be helpful when you are trading, or if you are unsure what gift to buy for a friend.

Wanted Ads can be created for any item you want to buy with the exact price you are willing to pay. You will be charged the full amount of MP in advance and then any player with the item can automatically sell it to you for this price if they choose to do so. All sales are final and the minimum sell price is MP500,000MP for items not on the Shop Search and MP250,000MP those avaliable in shops. If the sale has not been completed, you can cancel your Wanted ad at any time and your MP will be refunded. You can only create one Wanted Ad for each item.
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