Hector is an obsessive collector. He moved to the Lost City of Simeria to collect rare artifacts, keys, runes, bones and now hes obsessed with collecting Stamps. Other Maradans laugh at Hector for wasting all of his time collecting stamps but he hopes to change their minds by encouraging more and more Maradans to collect Stamps for their Stamp Albums. Hector needs your help. He wants to encourage everyone in Marada to collect stamps for their own album. He has 30 different missions for you, each harder than the last. If you fail to have any of the stamps he asks for in your album, you will have to start again.
Completed Level of 30
Hector the Collector

Complete more Missions

Hector the Collector can ask for these items on Level 10
3 Years Old Stamp
4 Years Stamp
ATM Stamp
Abolous Stamp
Acne Stamp
Addow Ride Stamp
Addow Stamp
Advent Calendar Stamp
Ant Hill Stamp
Azul Stamp
Bakery Stamp
Ball of Yarn Stamp
Balloons Stamp
Baspinar Castle Stamp
Baterminator Stamp
Battle of Baspinar Stamp
Bauble Stamp
Beast Victim Stamp
Biala Stamp
Biala Tetris Stamp
Bigne Stamp
Black Healing Potion Stamp
Blackjack Stamp
Bolimo Stamp
Bounchy Stamp
Burnt Stamp
Can Stamp
Candy Cannon Stamp
Candy Corn Stamp
Castle Wall Stamp
Cat Burglar Stamp
Cheddar Stamp
Chinese Stamp
Christmas 2008 Stamp
Christmas Gift Stamp
Christmas Stocking Stamp
Chubley Stamp
Circus Stamp
City Recession Stamp
City of Marada Stamp
Click Stamp
Clocktower Stamp
Clown Stamp
Club Stamp
Cobweb Stamp
Cracked Stamp
Dash Stamp
Dasher Stamp
Daylight Troit Stamp
Demi Stamp
Devil Stamp
Digital Stamp
Don Pefuto Stamp
Double Peck Stamp
Doyle Stamp
Dracone Stamp
Dukka Trove Stamp
Easter 2012 Stamp
Easter Egg Collectors Stamp
Egg Painting Stamp

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