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Hector is an obsessive collector. He moved to the Lost City of Simeria to collect rare artifacts, keys, runes, bones and now hes obsessed with collecting Stamps. Other Maradans laugh at Hector for wasting all of his time collecting stamps but he hopes to change their minds by encouraging more and more Maradans to collect Stamps for their Stamp Albums. Hector needs your help. He wants to encourage everyone in Marada to collect stamps for their own album. He has 30 different missions for you, each harder than the last. If you fail to have any of the stamps he asks for in your album, you will have to start again.
Completed Level of 30
Hector the Collector

Complete more Missions

Hector the Collector can ask for these items on Level 23
Costumes Shop Stamp
Cowboy Potato Stamp
Crindol Stamp
Cupcake Stamp
Cursed Stamp
Daisy Stamp
Dakota Stamp
Dark Fairy Stamp
Daylight Stamp
Decadal Stamp
Decorated Christmas Tree Stamp
Desert Spy Stamp
Digital Fairy Stamp
Doll Stamp
Doughnut Stamp
Dragon Stamp
Drake Stamp
Duckling Stamp
Dukka Caves Stamp
Dukka Fairy Stamp
Dumbbell Stamp
Earth Fairy Stamp
Earth Stamp
Easter 2017 Stamp
Easter Bunny Stamp
Easter Egg Hunt 2016 Stamp
Easter Egg Hunt Stamp
Easter Egg Stamp
Easter Stamp
Elger Stamp
Enpiah Daisy Stamp
Enpiah Stars Stamp
Ercuw Stamp
Explorer Stamp
Fading Stamp
Fairy Stamp
Fallen Leaves Stamp
Fancy Stamp
Festive Bell Stamp
Fire Stamp
Fluffy Stamp
Fossil Stamp
Friday 13th Stamp
Fried Egg Stamp
Frostfire Stamp
Full Moon Stamp
Gamer Stamp
Games Arcade Stamp
Gamma Stamp
Garbage Stamp
Geek Stamp
Genie Stamp
Ghost Stamp
Gingerbread Stamp
Glass Willa Stamp
Gnome Stamp
Gobble Chef Stamp
Gobble Music Lover Stamp
Gobble Stamp
Gobble Up Stamp