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Biala Mountain
Elf comes by that special time of year, to spread joy, happiness and Christmas cheer.
Dress up your doll in reds, greens and golds or silver and white to look frosty and cold.
Play Elf's games for a wonderful prize. Enter the giveaways, you won't believe your eyes.

Elf is currently offline. He visits every December to run FREE forum contests, games and giveaways.
Elfember is in only 1 month, 6 days & 12 hrs

Make your account look festive with lots of red and green because Elf will be visiting profiles, looking for members with a festive themed doll and rewarding them with gifts. Elf will also be showing up on the forums with give aways for deserving players who have festive dolls, signatures and avatars. You could get rare and retired items or even a festive pet.

Elf Prizes