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About Marapets

Marapets is a free character based virtual pet site. When you create your account, your Character is born. You start off with three currencies - MP, BP and RP. MP stands for Marapoints, which is the main currency of Marada, the world you are exploring. You need Marapoints to do most things on the site.

How do I earn MP?

You can earn MP in many places. You can play our Games for MP, chat on the Forums for MP, complete Quests & Missions, invest in the Stock Market and from some of the many Activities & Contests in each of the World's of Marada. You can also get MP randomly from just simply Exploring the site - so make sure you check everything out!

Is the site really FREE to play?

Yes, the site is 100% free for anyone to play. However, you may like to Upgrade your Account to unlock new features and gain lots of cool items. The site is also supported by advertisements, which help keep us free for everyone to play.

What can you do on Marapets?

There is a huge amount of content on this site to keep you entertained! And best of all, we're forever adding more! We have daily news with new items for you to buy, new pet colours for you to have, new clothes and accessories for your Character to wear, and new stamps, photos, avatars and blogs for you to collect. There is too much content for us to explain it all here, so instead we suggest you Explore the site for yourself!

What are Marapets?

Marapets are the virtual pets that you create or adopt on the site and own. Just like any pet, you need to look after. You need to feed your pet when its hungry, play with it when its bored, put it to sleep in a bed inside your home when its tired and cure it when its sick. This is just to keep it alive - you can also train it's stats in the Gym for battling, educate it at the School so that it can earn you more MP with its own Job, put a Costume on it so that it has a new style, read it books, play it CDs, watch DVDs with it and teach it how to play Musical Instruments.

What are Characters?

Marapets is a community site and therefore a great way to make new friends of all ages and from all parts of the world. Your character is you as you are playing the site. You can completely personalise it by changing its physical features, skin colour, eye colour and of course, it's gender. You can also buy clothes for your Character which you can add to your Wardrobe to change it's clothes whenever you need to. You can also change your character's lip colour with lipstick, hair colour with hair dyes, hair style at the Salon or Barbers and it's shoes at the shops in Puchala Village. You can personalise your Character even more with accessories such as jewellery, hats, sunglasses and glasses. Your character will show up when you use Maramail, which is our messaging system which allows you to privately chat to anyone (over the age of 13) on the site. We also have Forums where your character will show up as you talk in public forums with other players of the site.

What are Items?

Marapets has thousands of items for you to find. You can see all of the site's items at the Wishlists. Items you have are in your Inventory but you can store items safely in your Attic. You can also sell items in your Shop and show off your items in your Gallery.

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