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The High Score lists the Top 100 Players for certain games and collections on Marapets. If you make it near the top of the High Scores List, you will receive either a Gold, Silver or Bronze trophy for your Profile.


Pos Username Total Trophy
Newths at Work

The MaraPets server is currently offline

22 February Update

The part has finally arrived and we are now working around the clock to get Marapets back as quickly as possible. Once again, sorry for the delay and we will keep you updated.

19 February Update

As you may have noticed, we have been down for almost 3 days. Marapets experienced a catastrophic hardware failure and we have been working around the clock to fix it. We are sorry for not updating you sooner but we didn't have any news until now. We are waiting on a replacement part to be delivered and installed (the weekend made this slower). Once we have this ready we will know more information and keep you updated here. Marapets is not closing and any information you hear elsewhere is false.