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Every player has their own plate collection. The Ferris Wheel is the best ride in Marada for minipets to ride on! You can ride once every 4 hours for 1,250MP and will receive a souvenir plate. Select any minipet that you own, and if available, you will win a plate with a picture of your minipet on it for you to collect. The Mini Fairy rewards you for collecting Plates.

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Plate Collection

Ferris Wheel Giftbox

Giftbox Shop

Buy a Ferris Wheel Giftbox item and you can use the Ferris Wheel twice as often for life!

Caliroks has collected 50 Plates

Alen Plate

Black Doomed Plate

Black Easter Plate

Black Miort Plate

Candy Plate

Diamond Plate

Fang Plate

Green Devan Plate

Green Fynx Plate

Green Olvic Plate

Grey Easter Plate

Grey Fang Plate

Grey Olvic Plate

Grey Pat Plate

Grey Pugwash Plate

Grey Rat Plate

Grey Shaggy Plate

Maddox Plate

Miort Plate

Olvic Plate

Orange Lela Plate

Orange Olvic Plate

Orange Witchlet Plate

Pink Doomed Plate

Pink Flaydor Plate

Pink Lela Plate

Pink Miort Plate

Pink Pingi Plate

Pink Wax Plate

Pink Yhing Plate

Punk Plate

Purple Gazillionaire Plate

Purple High Plate

Purple Witchlet Plate

Rat Plate

Red Bacon Plate

Red Buckaroo Plate

Red Floss Plate

Red Lela Plate

Red Twittle Plate

Schmog Plate

White High Plate

White Kronos Plate

White Middy Plate

White Olvic Plate

Yellow Anubis Plate

Yellow Liiing Plate

Yellow Pingi Plate

Yellow Sheepbow Plate

Yellow Snickle Plate

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