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Lizzlie keeps track of all of the recent Price Changes that happen to all of the different Shops around Marada. Shopkeepers are constantly increasing and decreasing the MP, RP and BP prices they charge for their items and Lizzlie will let you be the first to know about them here.

You can also find out what items will soon be retiring from shops at the Retirement Planning.
Price Changes
Recent School Supplies Price Changes
23rd Feb 2021 02:30
MP314MP to MP313MP
21st Feb 2021 14:27
MP408MP to MP405MP
20th Feb 2021 01:11
MP500MP to MP505MP
19th Feb 2021 13:47
MP548MP to MP552MP
18th Feb 2021 18:29
MP355MP to MP351MP
16th Feb 2021 22:44
MP147MP to MP144MP
13th Feb 2021 01:58
MP563MP to MP560MP
12th Feb 2021 02:01
MP56MP to MP51MP
11th Feb 2021 05:04
MP180MP to MP179MP
11th Feb 2021 00:54
MP599MP to MP603MP
9th Feb 2021 04:09
MP67MP to MP64MP
8th Feb 2021 23:47
MP2,362MP to MP2,364MP
6th Feb 2021 17:08
MP195MP to MP191MP
6th Feb 2021 02:58
MP1,025MP to MP1,015MP
6th Feb 2021 02:45
MP2,788MP to MP2,785MP
5th Feb 2021 20:48
MP148MP to MP152MP
5th Feb 2021 20:11
MP104MP to MP101MP
5th Feb 2021 19:57
MP2,318MP to MP2,322MP
4th Feb 2021 00:08
MP3,859MP to MP3,865MP
3rd Feb 2021 16:47
MP144MP to MP147MP
31st Jan 2021 11:27
MP77MP to MP75MP
30th Jan 2021 22:47
MP171MP to MP167MP
30th Jan 2021 02:43
MP443MP to MP449MP
29th Jan 2021 09:44
MP1,321MP to MP1,317MP
29th Jan 2021 04:16
MP81MP to MP84MP
27th Jan 2021 14:49
MP827MP to MP830MP