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Lizzlie keeps track of all of the recent Price Changes that happen to all of the different Shops around Marada. Shopkeepers are constantly increasing and decreasing the MP, RP and BP prices they charge for their items and Lizzlie will let you be the first to know about them here.

You can also find out what items will soon be retiring from shops at the Retirement Planning.
Price Changes
Recent Cheese Price Changes
20th May 2024 07:37
MP560MP to MP555MP
19th May 2024 14:54
MP1,025MP to MP1,023MP
13th May 2024 20:51
MP618MP to MP613MP
12th May 2024 13:32
MP1,047MP to MP1,044MP
10th May 2024 01:07
MP1,049MP to MP1,047MP
9th May 2024 18:47
MP1,235MP to MP1,238MP
8th May 2024 22:15
MP905MP to MP908MP
1st May 2024 00:59
MP1,643MP to MP1,650MP
30th Apr 2024 00:44
MP825MP to MP841MP
29th Apr 2024 14:11
MP1,304MP to MP1,305MP
24th Apr 2024 11:12
MP1,162MP to MP1,158MP