I am always willing to lend my pets and swap photos. Just MM/MT and I should respond within a day.

I like to trade pets, feel free to MM/MT offers (but for anyone in the top 3 rows I'm hard to please).







  • Minipets I have (Plate Swappin...     7th Jan 2018 19:12
  • Goals     13th May 2013 10:35
  • Photos I do have     29th Mar 2013 16:49

  • Minipets I have (Plate Swapping)

    Posted on : 7th Jan 2018 19:12   Posted by : Curious567
    Alphabetized by minipet, not color.

    Beige Bop
    Halloween Candy
    Orange Clover
    Orange Coddle
    Green Damaged
    Orange Damaged
    Purple Devan
    Blue Flicker
    Blue Fropa
    Pink Jessido
    Black Loyal
    Black Lush
    Plushie Mia
    Green Popo
    Black Pyri
    Grey Shamrock
    Red Sixth
    Pink Sniffles

    Last Updated: 1/8/18


    Posted on : 13th May 2013 10:35   Posted by : Curious567
    Just making a list so I don't forget:

    Skater Dakota
    Mafia Ercuw
    Ninja Rofling

    Have Mollymawk learn to play all instruments

    Have Seaker4 transform into 1,100 pets (Highest current reward for Rainbow Fairy)

    Complete Enchanted Plushie Instructions (6/16)

    Photos I do have

    Posted on : 29th Mar 2013 16:49   Posted by : Curious567
    This is the opposite of what people normally do, instead being a list of photos I need, it's a list of those already in my collection. If it isn't on the list, I need it.
    Last updated 5/11

    American Crikey Photo
    American Huthiq Photo
    American Murfin Photo

    Angel Azul Photo
    Angel Knutt Photo

    Anime Doyle Photo
    Anime Jessup Photo

    Autumn Sindi Photo

    Balloon Daisy Photo
    Balloon Flab Photo
    Balloon Murfin Photo
    Balloon Vixen Photo

    Bee Doyle Photo
    Bee Newth Photo
    Bee Xoi Photo

    Black Bolimo Photo
    Black Oglue Photo
    Black Zoink Photo
    Black Zoosh Photo

    Blue Azul Photo
    Blue Bolimo Photo
    Blue Doyle Photo
    Blue Echlin Photo
    Blue Equilor Photo
    Blue Jessup Photo
    Blue Knutt Photo
    Blue Nino Photo
    Blue Paffuto Photo
    Blue Poera Photo
    Blue Speiro Photo
    Blue Tantua Photo
    Blue Vixen Photo
    Blue Yakubi Photo

    British Azul Photo

    Brown Addow Photo

    Burnt Ideus Photo
    Burnt Zoink Photo

    Calico Murfin Photo

    Camouflage Speiro Photo
    Camouflage Ushunda Photo

    Checkered Newth Photo
    Checkered Poera Photo

    Chocolate Fasoro Photo
    Chocolate Gonk Photo
    Chocolate Murfin Photo
    Chocolate Vixen Photo
    Chocolate Zoink Photo

    Christmas Addow Photo
    Christmas Leido Photo

    Clown Flab Photo
    Clown Walee Photo

    Cowboy Ideus Photo

    Cupid Addow Photo
    Cupid Jessup Photo

    Dark Fasoro Photo
    Dark Zetlian Photo

    Digital Addow Photo
    Digital Equilor Photo
    Digital Rusty Photo

    Earth Fairy Gonk Photo
    Earthfairy Ideus Photo

    Easter Knutt Photo
    Easter Murfin Photo
    Easter Newth Photo
    Easter Tantua Photo

    Eleka Gonk Photo
    Eleka Mordo Photo
    Eleka Newth Photo

    Fairy Gonk Photo
    Fairy Fasoro Photo
    Fairy Sindi Photo

    Fat Osafo Photo

    Fire Ideus Photo
    Fire Tantua Photo
    Fire Yakubi Photo

    Firework Newth Photo

    Funky Reese Photo
    Funky Zoosh Photo

    Furry Doyle Photo

    Geek Osafo Photo

    Genie Feliz Photo

    Ghost Jessup Photo

    Goblin Gonk Photo

    Gold Bolimo Photo

    Gothic Zetlian Photo

    Green Bolimo Photo
    Green Equilor Photo
    Green Tantua Photo
    Green Yakubi Photo

    Grey Gonk Photo
    Grey Kidlet Photo
    Grey Walee Photo

    Hairy Gonk Photo

    Halloween Bolimo Photo
    Halloween Fasoro Photo
    Halloween Paffuto Photo
    Halloween Poera Photo
    Halloween Zetlian Photo

    Hobo Osafo Photo
    Hobo Walee Photo

    Ice Poera Photo
    Ice Yakubi Photo

    Icecream Mordo Photo
    Icecream Newth Photo

    Injured Bolimo Photo

    Kamilah Newth Photo

    Leprechaun Murfin Photo

    Light Azul Photo
    Light Xoi Photo

    Lightining Equilor Photo

    Love Grint Photo
    Love Tantua Photo
    Love Xoi Photo

    Madscientist Renat Photo

    Mafia Renat Photo

    Mental Sindi Photo

    Millionaire Daisy Photo
    Millionaire Walee Photo

    Minipet Azul Photo
    Minipet Crindol Photo
    Minipet Fasoro Photo
    Minipet Gonk Photo

    Mummy Daisy Photo
    Mummy Doyle Photo
    Mummy Osafo Photo
    Mummy Paffuto Photo
    Mummy Walee Photo

    Musical Feliz Photo

    Mutant Chibs Photo
    Mutant Figaro Photo
    Mutant Mordo Photo
    Mutant Phanty Photo

    Native Knutt Photo

    Negative Yakubi Photo

    Nightmare Mordo Photo

    Orange Bolimo Photo
    Orange Ercuw Photo
    Orange Feliz Photo
    Orange Gonk Photo
    Orange Jessup Photo
    Orange Paffuto Photo
    Orange Poera Photo
    Orange Reese Photo
    Orange Sindi Photo
    Orange Tantua Photo

    Pink Flab Photo
    Pink Gobble Photo
    Pink Gonk Photo
    Pink Jessup Photo
    Pink Murfin Photo
    Pink Speiro Photo
    Pink Walee Photo

    Plushie Grint Photo
    Plushie Huthiq Photo

    Princess Ercuw Photo
    Princess Hump Photo
    Princess Renat Photo

    Prison Fasoro Photo
    Prison Gonk Photo
    Prison Kujo Photo
    Prison Poera Photo
    Prison Speiro Photo
    Prison Tantua Photo
    Prison Tasi Photo

    Puchalla Gonk Photo

    Punk Knutt Photo

    Purple Doyle Photo
    Purple Feliz Photo
    Purple Jessup Photo
    Purple Nino Photo
    Purple Sybri Photo

    Radioactive Jessup Photo
    Radioactive Kujo Photo
    Radioactive Newth Photo
    Radioactive Rusty Photo
    Radioactive Sindi Photo
    Radioactive Walee Photo

    Rainy Azul Photo

    Rainbow Tantua Photo

    Recycled Gizmo Photo
    Recycled Knutt Photo

    Red Addow Photo
    Red Azul Photo
    Red Crindol Photo
    Red Doyle Photo
    Red Equilor Photo
    Red Feliz Photo
    Red Gonk Photo
    Red Huthiq Photo
    Red Knutt Photo
    Red Murfin Photo
    Red Paffuto Photo
    Red Xoi Photo
    Red Yakubi Photo

    Robot Xoi Photo

    Rotten Leido Photo

    Royal Tantua Photo
    Royal Troit Photo

    School Addow Photo

    Seasonal Bolimo Photo

    Shaved Walee Photo

    Silver Murfin Photo

    Simerian Speiro Photo

    Skater Gobble Photo
    Skater Newth Photo

    Skeleton Huthiq Photo
    Skeleton Renat Photo
    Skeleton Snookle Photo

    Skinny Murfin Photo

    Sleepy Nino Photo
    Sleepy Yuni Photo

    Slime Gobble Photo

    Snow Basil Photo
    Snow Knutt Photo
    Snow Murfin Photo

    Snowman Bolimo Photo
    Snowman Kidlet Photo

    Spacefairy Ercuw Photo
    Spacefairy Feliz Photo

    Sparkle Crindol Photo

    Splatter Zoink Photo

    Spy Bolimo Photo

    Starry Flab Photo

    Stone Viotto Photo

    Stoneage Knutt Photo

    Superhero Mordo Photo
    Superhero Newth Photo
    Super Hero Speiro Photo

    Toddler Reese Photo

    Underwater Quell Photo
    Underwater Tantua Photo

    Undyingfairy Fasoro Photo

    Valentine Crindol Photo
    Valentine Fasoro Photo

    Vampire Reese Photo

    Voodoo Equilor Photo
    Voodoo Ercuw Photo
    Voodoo Tantua Photo

    Vortex Fasoro Photo
    Vortex Paffuto Photo

    Water Ideus Photo

    White Crikey Photo
    White Fasoro Photo
    White Gonk Photo
    White Knutt Photo
    White Tasi Photo

    Winter Kujo Photo
    Winter Vixen Photo

    Wizard Addow Photo
    Wizard Equilor Photo

    Yellow Addow Photo
    Yellow Crindol Photo
    Yellow Grint Photo
    Yellow Knutt Photo
    Yellow Leido Photo
    Yellow Paffuto
    Yellow Rofling Photo
    Yellow Walee Photo

    Zombie Mordo Photo
    Zombie Rofling Photo

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