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  • for lending to sunidelite     ~12 Jan 2019
  • trick or treat     ~19 Oct 2018
  • stuff     ~02 Oct 2018
  • missing eggs     ~16 Sep 2018
  • missing clothes     ~17 May 2018
  • missing news pappers     ~17 May 2018
  • missing cd's     ~21 Feb 2018

  • for lending to sunidelite

    Posted on : 12th Jan 2019 19:43   Posted by : rosieteapots
    Make an Agatha plate at the Ferris Wheel.

    Attach an Ata to your pet for 22 days then view the minipet. (will send pet when ready with a good few avies)

    Make a Bablah plate at the Ferris Wheel.

    Attach a Batz to your pet for 11+ days then remove it. (on a pet remove then re attach )

    Make a Bellerina plate at the Ferris Wheel.

    Have Bewmel Plate in your Plate Collection and view it.(will send you a plate)

    Make a Bop plate.

    Make a Bunns plate.

    Make a Bouncer Plate.

    Attach a Bugsy to your Minipet pet then view the minipet.

    Make a Camofog Plate.

    Make a Cantoo plate.

    Make a Caribow plate.

    Make a Cerberus plate.

    View attached Chuckles aged 16 days (on a pet)

    Attach a Fang to your pet for 10+ days then view the minipet. (on minipet)

    Attach 5 Fattys (red, pink, green, blue and yellow (original) to your pet and then view your pet. (will send on the minipet )

    Attach a Pink Fidge to your pet then view the minipet. (on minipet)

    Attach a Rubble to your pet for 15+ days then view the minipet. (on minipet)

    Attach a Spidly to your pet for 15+ days then view the minipet. (on minipet)

    ok i have put on my lowest priced pet the ones to age also some you just look at by clicking on them i have put this on a blog as well so i can keep track of the pets i lend you for making a plate i will give you one at a time i will send you the next one when i receive the other back are you ok with this

    trick or treat

    Posted on : 19th Oct 2018 22:21   Posted by : rosieteapots
    atm trick or treat

    have a good time i am at work all day
    i live in Scotland so trick or treats will be sent when i get home



    Posted on : 2nd Oct 2018 23:24   Posted by : rosieteapots
    44 + Bamboo Shoot + Flute = Bamboo Flute
    51 + Drum + Knutt Stick = Drumsticks

    Gourmet Food:
    36 + Brie + Be Mine Candy Heart = Brie Mine
    60 + Yuni Horn + Fresh Glazed Strawberry Doughnut = Yunicorn Doughnut
    9 + Ant + Jar of Mermaid Tail = Merant
    54 + Half of a Pepperoni Pizza + Salty Bagel = Pizza Bagel
    Galaxy Bar

    34 + Yellow Balloon + Fatty = Fatty Balloon

    24 + Red Bean + Cooling Fan = Cool Jelly Beans Stamp

    Spade Shirt

    missing eggs

    Posted on : 16th Sep 2018 01:49   Posted by : rosieteapots
    Battle Fairy Glowing Egg
    Black Crystal Glowing Egg
    Black Damask Glowing Egg
    Blue Candy Glowing Egg
    Bootleg Pyramid Glowing Egg
    Candycane Glowing Egg
    Coral Glowing Egg
    Digital Fairy Glowing Egg
    Drake Glowing Egg
    Eleka Glowing Egg
    Fire Fairy Glowing Egg
    Frostfire Glowing Egg
    Galaxy Glowing Egg
    Glitched Glowing Egg
    Gnome Glowing Egg
    Golem Glowing Egg
    Green Candy Glowing Egg
    Green Crystal Glowing Egg
    Griffin Glowing Egg
    Hairy Glowing Egg
    Harpy Glowing Egg
    Ivory Fleshy Glowing Egg
    Kirin Glowing Egg
    Light Fairy Glowing Egg
    Lilac Glowing Egg
    Mafia Glowing Egg
    Mara Glowing Egg
    Maroon Glowing Egg
    Melted Glowing Egg
    Merman Glowing Egg
    Moonlight Fairy Glowing Egg
    Naga Glowing Egg
    Native Fairy Glowing Egg
    Navy Glowing Egg
    Nimbus Glowing Egg
    Olive Glowing Egg
    Orange Crystal Glowing Egg
    Pale Bikini Glowing Egg
    Pink Candy Glowing Egg
    Purple Candy Glowing Egg
    Purple Crystal Glowing Egg
    Queen Eleka Glowing Egg
    Red Crystal Glowing Egg
    Seaside Glowing Egg
    Sewer Fairy Glowing Egg
    Skull Glowing Egg
    Slime Boy Glowing Egg
    Space Glowing Egg
    Spam Fairy Glowing Egg
    Spring Glowing Egg
    Sultan Glowing Egg
    Summer Glowing Egg
    Summer Jessup Glowing Egg
    Summer Nino Glowing Egg
    Summer Yuni Glowing Egg
    Sunkissed Bikini Glowing Egg
    Sunset Beach Glowing Egg
    Tanned Bikini Glowing Egg
    Teal Crystal Glowing Egg
    Tooth Fairy Glowing Egg
    Vampire Glowing Egg
    Vortex Park Glowing Egg
    White Crystal Glowing Egg
    Yellow Crystal Glowing Egg

    missing clothes

    Posted on : 17th May 2018 23:19   Posted by : rosieteapots

    Beach Sandals
    Check Price
    Bloody Knife
    Cheerful Purse
    Easter Basket
    Fasoro Doll
    Heart Scepter
    Mp3 Player
    Sweetheart Purse
    Voodoo Pins


    Aries Belt
    Divine Belt
    Pisces Belt
    Waist Sash
    Woven Branch Belt


    Ancient Kamilah Contact Lenses
    Blue Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Brown Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Bunny Contact Lenses
    Cancer Contact Lenses
    Cloud Contact Lenses
    Digital Fairy Contact Lenses
    Gemini Contact Lenses
    Hake Contact Lenses
    Nightmare Contact Lenses
    Pink Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Pisces Contact Lenses
    Pisces Mismatched Contact Lenses
    Poison Contact Lenses
    Pollen Dusted Contact Lenses
    Purple Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Rainbow Contact Lenses
    Rainbow Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Red Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Sagittarius Contact Lenses
    Scorpio Contact Lenses
    Starry Contact Lenses
    Summer Contact Lenses
    White Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Yellow Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses


    Blitzen Justin Onesie
    Candy Floss Costume
    Christmas Cake Costume
    Christmas Pudding Costume
    Devious Elf Costume
    Evil Queen Costume
    Flab Costume
    Frankenstein Bride Costume
    Frankenstein Costume
    Kamilah Lord Costume
    Kamilah Queen Costume
    Krampus Costume
    Lowlyhood Suit
    Mutated Costume
    Plushie Feliz Costume
    Simerian God Costume
    Simerian Goddess Costume
    Spring Flower Costume
    Yeti Costume


    Alice Dress
    Alice Smock
    Ancient Kamilah Dress
    Black Glowing Dress
    Bloody Wench Dress
    Bow Dress
    Candycane Dress
    Checkered Dress
    Cover Up Dress
    Elf Dress
    Goddess Dress
    Gold Flake Dress
    Gumball Dress
    Harmony Dress
    Hole Easter Dress
    Holiday Dress
    Light Fairy Dress
    Long Santa Dress
    Lowlyhood Gown
    Lucky Clover Dress
    Melody Dress
    Noble Dress
    Overall Dress
    Punk Dress
    Rainbow Dress
    Seasonal Black Ruffle Dress
    Seasonal Ribbon Dress
    Serene Dress
    Short White And Gold Dress
    Star Pyjamas
    White And Gold Dress
    White Button Dress

    Arinya Ears
    Azul Ears
    Capricorn Fish Ears
    Capricorn Horns
    Chibs Ears
    Dakota Ears
    Dragon Phanty Ears
    Ercuw Ears
    Fake Eleka Horns
    Fasoro Ears
    Figaro Ears
    Horns of Hathor
    Kaala Ears
    Quell Ears
    Reindeer Antlers


    Aries Eye Shadow
    Bloody Tears
    Pisces Eye Shadow
    Pisces Sparkle Eye Shadow
    Wadjet Eye Makeup


    Aries Blush
    Gentle Blush
    Sunscreen Face Makeup

    Alice Shoes
    Billie Jean Shoes
    Bunny Shoes
    Camouflage War Boots
    Embroidered Boots
    Gothabilly Heels
    Grunge Boots
    Heartless Shoes
    Hermes Shoes
    High Capricorn Shoes
    Ice Heels
    Mary Janes
    Melody Boots
    Melody Shoes
    Moonwalk Shoes
    Musical Heels
    Musical Shoes
    Pisces Boots
    Reindeer Hooves
    Satyr Legs
    Smooth Criminal Shoes
    Sweet Boots
    Tall Archer Boots
    Tall Libra Boots
    Temptress Heels
    White Leo Shoes

    Golem Eye

    Aries Flame Sash
    Bad Glove
    Fishnet Arm Warmers
    Pisces Gloves
    Rebel Glove
    Red Knight Gauntlets
    Sagittarius Gloves
    Single Crystal Glove
    Speed Demon Glove


    Amy Bandana
    Butterfly Hair Bow
    Cheerful Hair Bows
    Hair Bow Bandana
    Hair Puffs
    Holly Hair Clip
    Light Fairy Headband
    Poinsettia Headband
    Polka Dot Hair Bow Bandana
    Simple Bow
    Wing Hair Clips


    Ancient Kamilah Veil
    Antler Crown
    Candle Hat
    Cat Beanie
    Divine Headdress
    Fire Hat
    Head Knife
    Holly Crown
    Lone Star Hat
    News Boy Cap
    Noble Hat
    Pancake Hat
    Party Tiara
    Pharaoh Headdress
    Plushie Feliz Hat
    Pom Pom Hat
    Roman Helmet
    Scarab Tiara
    Shady Hat
    Simerian Tiara
    Ski Hat
    Smooth Criminal Hat
    Tilted Hat
    Turkey Hat
    Winter Beret
    Winter Hat
    Wonderland Top Hat

    Adorab Summoning Stone
    Bastet Statue
    Doon Summoning Stone
    Egg Splatter
    Giant Easter Basket
    Goop Summoning Stone
    Halloween Decadal Summoning Stone
    Hulau Summoning Stone
    Kumbha Summoning Stone
    Magic Clover Hairpin
    Mizu Summoning Stone
    Phantom Vixen
    Pikaboo Summoning Stone
    Sand Castle
    Splish Summoning Stone
    Spooky Bats
    Sprite Summoning Stone
    Summer Princess Summoning Stone
    Summer Sprite Summoning Stone
    Tea Party Set
    Twin Fish
    Verano Summoning Stone
    Wonderland Door


    Ancient Kamilah Shawl
    Cotton Candy Fluff
    Female Leo Jacket
    Lace Capelet
    Pisces Jacket
    Pisces Long Jacket
    Rebel Jacket
    Sheer Rose Jacket
    Skeleton Jacket
    Thriller Jacket
    Thriller Open Jacket
    Track Jacket
    White Ruffle Shrug


    Addow Necklace
    Ankh Necklace
    Azul Necklace
    Bolimo Necklace
    Chibs Necklace
    Clan Headband
    Crystal Necklace
    Doyle Necklace
    Eleka Collar
    Equilor Necklace
    Fasoro Necklace
    Feliz Necklace
    Frozen Necklace
    Golden Anklets
    Golden Arm Bands
    Grint Necklace
    Jessup Necklace
    Jumbo Diamond Ring
    Knutt Necklace
    Leido Necklace
    Murfin Necklace
    Newth Necklace
    Osafo Necklace
    Paffuto Necklace
    Pearl Necklace
    Pisces Necklace
    Quell Necklace
    Rebel Jewellery Set
    Reese Necklace
    Rofling Necklace
    Royal Fairy Earrings
    Seashell Necklace
    Shell Anklet
    Tantua Necklace
    Ushunda Necklace
    Viotto Necklace
    Walee Necklace
    Wire Wrapped Leaf Pendant
    Yakubi Necklace
    Zetlian Necklace

    Ballet Mask
    Creepy Bunny Mask
    Digital Fairy Mask
    Flab Mask
    Plushie Feliz Mask


    Short Overalls


    Bedazzled Pants
    Female White Whistle Leo Pants
    Long Overalls
    Love Pants
    Pisces Pants
    Rebel Pants
    Torn Jeans
    War Long Pants
    War Pants


    Plushie Shirt


    Hanging Icicles
    Nightmare Glow
    Painted Roses
    Sheet of Ice
    Spring Foliage


    Flower Shorts
    High Waisted Shorts
    Moonlight Swim Shorts
    Pastel Denim Shorts
    Sports Shorts
    Taurus Pants

    Avatar Skin
    Glow Stick Skin
    Leopard Skin
    Oily Skin
    Skeleton Skin
    Stitched Skin
    Wounded Skin
    Zombie Boy Skin

    Ancient Kamilah Skirt
    Archer Underskirt
    Embroidered Skirt
    Flower Skirt
    Gemini Skirt
    Long Santa Skirt
    Snowy Skirt
    Spring Skater Skirt
    Sweetheart Skirt
    Wonderland Skirt

    Hairy Socks
    Please Shave Socks


    Bunny Sweater
    Button Cardigan
    Button Sweater
    Button Up Sweater
    Long Calico Cat Hoodie
    Long Demon Hoodie
    Long White Panda Hoodie
    Short Bunny Hoodie
    Short Calico Cat Hoodie
    Short Demon Hoodie
    Zipper Sweater


    Capricorn Bikini Bottoms
    Diamond Swimsuit
    Eleka Bikini Bottoms
    Eleka Bikini Top
    Moonlight Swimsuit
    Rainbow Mankini
    Ruffle Top Swim Dress
    Summer Bikini Bottoms
    Summer Bikini Top

    Capricorn Tail
    Eleka Tail
    Fasoro Tail
    Halloween Snookle Tail
    Water Fairy Tail

    Black Bow Top
    Cross Crop Top
    Daisy Crop Top
    Dolphin Top
    Embroidered Bodice
    Fishnet Tank Top
    Ice Bodice
    War Sleeveless Top

    Capricorn Scale Tattoo
    Crescent Moon Tattoo
    Eye of Horus Sleeve Tattoo
    Pisces Tattoo
    Sagittarius Rose Tattoo
    Sunburnt Tattoo
    Sunkissed Tattoo
    Virgo Tattoo


    Archer Top
    Aries Bodice
    Bedazzled Top
    Bunny Leotard
    Cancer Top
    Crop Top
    Dark Side Shirt
    Eggciting Shirt
    Fear the Spork Shirt
    Gemini Blouse
    Glitter Bandeau Top
    Harmony Top
    Libra Feathered Brooch Top
    Light Side Shirt
    Open Summer Shirt
    Plaid Shirt
    Polka Dot Crop Top
    Side Button Top
    Snowy Overshirt
    Sweetheart Blouse
    Sweetheart Bodice
    Tied Shirt
    Vacation Shirt
    War Shirt
    White Bow Top
    Wonderland Bodice


    Ancient Kamilah Wig
    Aries Flame Chopped Wig
    Bat Wig
    Bittersweet Wig
    Bleached Gothabilly Braids
    Bleached Gothabilly Wig
    Bun Top Wig
    Bunny Headband Wig
    Capricorn Wig
    Cat Lover Wig
    Cute Bun Wig
    Digital Fairy Wig
    Double Braid Wig
    Eleka Wig
    Famous Wig
    Gemini Wig
    Harley Quell Wig
    Harmony Wig
    Headless Wig
    Heartless Wig
    Island Wig
    Jenoa Wig
    Kamilah Wig
    Leo Wig
    Libra Wig
    Light Fairy Wig
    Long Undercut Wig
    Love Wig
    Lunar Wig
    Musical Fairy Wig
    Musical Wig
    Native Hibiscus Wig
    New Year Wig
    Pisces Wig
    Poofy Hair Wig
    Rapunzel Wig
    Rebel Wig
    Sagittarius Wig
    Scorpio Wig
    Sea Salt Ponytail Wig
    Sea Salt Wig
    Simeria Wig
    Spring Wig
    Steampunk Goggles Wig
    Summer Hat Wig
    Surfer Wig
    Unruly Locks
    Wahoo Wig
    Water Fairy Wig
    Well Groomed Locks
    Werewolf Wig
    Wonderland Wig
    Woodland Wig

    Ancient Kamilah Wings
    Baby Angel Wings
    Butterfly Wings
    Cheery Wings
    Demon Wings
    Demonic Wings
    Dracorex Wings
    Eleka Wings
    Light Fairy Wings
    Phoenix Wings
    Plushie Fairy Wings
    Royal Fairy Wings


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