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  • Christmas 2018 - Missing Items     ~03 Dec 2018
  • Fleek ~ 5 Days of Elfmas     ~02 Dec 2018
  • Advent Calendar 2018     ~01 Dec 2018
  • Progress Goal Planning     ~27 Sep 2018
  • Missing Capsule Machine Items     ~10 Sep 2018
  • Missing Queen Bee     ~31 Jul 2018
  • Safari 2018 - Missing Items     ~01 Jun 2018
  • Memory Shop - Missing     ~11 Apr 2018
  • Spring/Easter Capsule Machine ...     ~09 Apr 2018
  • DREAM PETS!     ~08 Jun 2016

  • Christmas 2018 - Missing Items

    Posted on : 3rd Dec 2018 09:56   Posted by : Wonderstruck
    Capsule Machine
    Walrus Glowing Egg
    Caroler Skirt
    Seasonal Puff Skirt
    Caroler Jacket
    Gingerbread Hoodie
    Ice Antlers
    Caroler Hat
    Ice Boots
    Ice Gloves
    Angel Food Cake
    Rudolph Pearl
    Ribbon Cookie
    Touch of Frost
    Ice Covered Presents
    Sleigh Ornament
    Candycane Latte
    Ice Candle
    Chandelier Princess Dress

    Millionaire Stamp
    Millionaire Music
    Millionaire Donut
    Scrooge Sugar Cookie
    Scrooge Ornament
    Scrooge Figurine
    Money Bag Candle
    Sack of Coins


    Fleek ~ 5 Days of Elfmas

    Posted on : 2nd Dec 2018 13:55   Posted by : Wonderstruck
    1. 5 basic info facts: (nickname, favorite color(s), favorite pet/marapet, favorite TV shows, movies, etc.)
    My name is Megan! My favorite color is pink. My favorite Marapet would have to be Rusty. I love dogs, so naturally, I love Rusties! My favorite tv shows right now would have to be Modern Family, The Office, and Friends. My favorite movie is the Lion King. I'm obsessed!

    2. What do you collect in Marapets?
    Because of goals and fairy rewards, I've gotten to the point where I pretty much collect everything. My main focus for pet collections is Zinyda. So I will be appreciative of anything! However, my current favorite collections and collections I'm actively working on are wardrobe, glowing eggs, instruments and gourmets.

    3. What are some of your goals in Marapets?
    My top two current goals in Mara are to finish my glowing egg collection and Zinyda's instrument collection.

    4. Name a few of your favorite/ideal items in Marapets?
    My ideal items are mostly the ones listed in my wishlist, which include some wardrobe items and missing glowing eggs and instruments.

    5. Anything else you want to add in to help your Secret Santa choose a better gift for you?
    My blog and wishlist might be some helpful references. Also, as I mentioned before, anything Zinyda is missing would be appreciated. I'm also collecting photos and plates for goals so any of those I'm missing would be appreciated as well!

    I hope this is helpful! Smile

    Advent Calendar 2018

    Posted on : 1st Dec 2018 05:36   Posted by : Wonderstruck
    Day 1: 2 Ice Crown and 5,000MP
    Day 2: 2 Angel Ornament and 750MP
    Day 3: 2 Glacier Pearl and 3,000MP
    Day 4: 2 Candycane Wreath and 1,250MP
    Day 5: 2 Ice Belt and 250MP
    Day 6: 2 Gingerbread Latte and 2,000MP
    Day 7: 2 Angel Food Cupcake and 1,000MP
    Day 8: 2 Baubles and Snowflakes and 500MP
    Day 9: 2 Purple Candycane Candle and 1,500MP
    Day 10: 2 Back Head Hair Extensions and 4,000MP
    Day 11: 2 Ice Ribbon and 1MP
    Day 12: 2 Carol Singing Hat and 2,500MP
    Day 13: 2 Santa Gumball and 10,000MP
    Day 14: 2 Teddy Bear Ornament and 2,250MP
    Day 15: 2 Carol Singing Vest and 2,750MP
    Day 16: 2 Christmas Tree Ice Sculpture and 7,500MP
    Day 17: 2 Pig Tails Hair Extensions and 50MP
    Day 18: 2 Festive Sea Shell and 100MP
    Day 19: 2 Seasonal Socks and 200MP
    Day 20: 2 Gingerbread Candle and 1,750MP
    Day 21: 2 Holly Brownie and 2,500MP
    Day 22: 2 Frosted Book and 8,000MP
    Day 23: 2 Cuddly Pillow and 12,500MP
    Day 24: 2 Tree Plushie and 25,000MP
    Day 25: 2 Ice Skater Dress and £1 Account Upgrade Credit
    Day 26: 2 Winter Fence and 20,000MP
    Day 27: 2 Ice Candycane and 6,000MP
    Day 28: 2 Tea Cup and 900MP
    Day 29: 2 Ribbon Stockings and 1,000MP
    Day 30:
    Day 31:


    Progress Goal Planning

    Posted on : 27th Sep 2018 20:24   Posted by : Wonderstruck
    1. Complete Level 21 or higher of Undying Woods Goals
    2. Win a battle with a Wild Minipet
    3. Collect 500 or more Plates in your Plate Collection

    1. Complete Level 22 or higher of Ziranek Goals
    2. Curse a Pet
    3. Have 50 or more Trading Cards in your Battle Deck

    1. Complete Level 22 or higher of Simeria Goals (15/22)
    2. Catch a Bug Minipet
    3. Collect 500 or more Photos in your Photo Album

    1. Complete Level 23 or higher of Elekas Castle Goals
    2. Win a prize on a Scratchcard
    3. Collect 80 or more Glowing Eggs in your Nest

    1. Complete Level 23 or higher of Biala Mountain Goals
    2. Create an Undying Minipet
    3. Find 100 or more Hidden Avatars

    1. Complete Level 23 or higher of Enpiah Goals
    2. Free or Bribe a Pet out of Prison
    3. Collect 75 or more Stamps in your Stamp Album

    1. Complete Level 24 or higher of Candyland Goals
    2. Fix a Broken Home (Attic)
    3. Complete 100 or more Mission levels

    1. Complete Level 24 or higher of Slater Park Goals (22/24)
    2. Grow an Organic Minipet
    3. Have 5 or more Giftboxes in your collection

    1. Complete Level 25 or higher of Nimbus Goals
    2. Have the Genie grant your wish
    3. Find 150 or more Hidden Avatars

    1. Complete Level 25 or higher of Jenoa Goals
    2. Enter the Monthly Checklist
    3. Have 3 or more completed Treasure Maps in your collection

    1. Complete Level 26 or higher of City of Marada Goals (22/26)
    2. Send a pet to the Gates of the Graveyard
    3. Pay 21 days or more of Sultan Taxes

    1. Complete Level 26 or higher of Dukka Caves Goals
    2. Win a Wild Minipet in the Battle Arena
    3. Win 500 or more Battles

    1. Complete Level 27 or higher of Gigantic Paradise Goals
    2. Pay an Electricity Bill
    3. Complete 500 or more Quests

    1. Complete Level 27 or higher of Lush Lake Goals
    2. Restock from a main shop an item that has a Retirement Date
    3. Collect 500 or more items in your Wardrobe

    1. Complete Level 28 or higher of Baspinars Castle Goals (20/28)
    2. Use the Capsule Machine
    3. Collect 750 or more Plates in your Plate Collection

    1. Complete Level 28 or higher of Minipet Island Goals
    2. Complete a level of the Beanstalk
    3. Have 75 or more Trading Cards in your Battle Deck

    Missing Capsule Machine Items

    Posted on : 10th Sep 2018 17:59   Posted by : Wonderstruck
    Relaxing Ocean Sounds

    Gourmet Foods
    Beach Pearl
    Sand Cupcake

    Avalon Plushie

    Handheld Bass Guitar
    Handheld Guitar
    Melting Ice Cream
    Spotted Tie

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