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  • Valentine's Day 2018     ~12 Feb 2018
  • Heartless Treasure Chest 09.0...     ~05 Feb 2018
  • missing CD's + DVD'...     ~09 Jan 2018
  • missing BOOKs - for Hildegun...     ~09 Jan 2018
  • missing PHOTO's - 9th ...     ~09 Jan 2018
  • Missing WARDROBE - Items - 08...     ~08 Jan 2018
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  • Missing Wardrobe items - 2017,...     ~08 Dec 2017
  • Krampus 2017 7th December 20...     ~07 Dec 2017
  • Advent Tree prizes 2017     ~06 Dec 2017
  • Advent Calender 2017     ~01 Dec 2017
  • KRONK ,,,, he is gone...3rd of...     ~03 Nov 2017
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  • Goals, which I must complete:     ~30 Mar 2017
  • Valentine's Day Hunt 2017     ~30 Mar 2017
  • EDITORIAL: Is there any chanc...     ~11 Mar 2017
  • New Capsule Machine items i s...     ~17 Jan 2017
  • Christmas 2016     ~03 Dec 2016
  • Advent Calendar 2016     ~03 Dec 2016
  • H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I ...     ~23 Nov 2016
  • M A R A W E E N S E A S O N ...     ~18 Oct 2016
  • Haunted Treasure Chest 17th ...     ~17 Oct 2016
  • MISSING Warderobe Clothes - St...     ~16 Oct 2016
  • GOURMETFOOD Missing List: 9...     ~09 Oct 2016
  • Up to 50 levels of the Lush La...     ~08 Oct 2016
  • Undying Festival 2016 .... i...     ~02 Oct 2016
  • Coming soon:     ~01 Oct 2016
  • Hildegunst*s nightmare 26th S...     ~27 Sep 2016
  • New BAKERY items.... 13.Sept...     ~14 Sep 2016
  • New Flowers - New Giant Flower...     ~13 Sep 2016
  • New Plates 13. Sept. 2016     ~13 Sep 2016
  • NEW Giant FRUITS - Gourmetfoo...     ~10 Sep 2016
  • GOT ALL items - Queen Bee - ...     ~09 Sep 2016
  • NATIVE Fairy ....     ~28 Aug 2016
  • new School Supplies 26. Augus...     ~26 Aug 2016

  • Valentine's Day 2018

    Posted on : 12th Feb 2018 16:37   Posted by : mythenmetz

    Broken Heart Pearl rarity 16 Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Broken Heart Skirt rarity 16
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Charming Heart rarity 19
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Chocolate Bouquet rarity 10
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Chocolate Heart Sandwich rarity 11
    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Cupid Heart rarity 18

    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Dark Cupid Bow rarity 10
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Frilly Top rarity 14
    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Giant Bear rarity 21

    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Healing Heart rarity 14

    [color=F50C0C] Valentine's Day Hunt 2018[/color]

    Heart Cheesecake rarity 14
    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Heart Sweater rarity 18
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Lace Veil rarity 14
    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Loser Tank Top
    rarity 11
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Love Harp rarity 18

    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Love Stamp rarity 21

    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Love Trumpet rarity 16
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Loveless Corset rarity 11
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Meh Candy Heart rarity 10
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Melting Heart Candle rarity 11
    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Pride Shirt rarity 14

    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Romantic Sunset rarity 19
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Rose Crown rarity 21
    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Rose in Mouth rarity 14

    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Secret Crush Contact Lenses rarity 21
    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Songs of Love rarity 19
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Sweet Hair Buns rarity 19
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Thank You Note rarity 11

    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Timber Boots rarity 21

    Valentine's Day Hunt 2018

    Valentine Azul Ears rarity 19
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018

    Valentine Bouquet rarity 10
    Valentine's Candy Tree 2018


    Heartless Treasure Chest 09.02.2018

    Posted on : 5th Feb 2018 07:42   Posted by : mythenmetz
    these are items i still need:
    .............i have some items in my trades for swapping.............

    Got all...........

    Thank you my friend


    missing CD's + DVD's for Hildegunst jan 2018

    Posted on : 9th Jan 2018 13:51   Posted by : mythenmetz

    Glitched Noises On sale at Memory Shop for 2,000 Memory Pts
    Rotten CD Retired Referral Contest 2010

    Angels Retired Account Upgrades Apr 2006
    Chibs on 34th Street Retired Advent Calendar 2004
    Dark Side of Enpiah Enpiah Goals
    Dumpster Diggers SPAM Fairy Prize
    Glitchzilla Attacks On sale at Memory Shop for 3,000 Memory Pts
    Guide to Marasites Retired Account Upgrades May 2007
    Learning Chess Retired Account Upgrades Dec 2005
    Love Story Retired Account Upgrades Dec 2005
    Marada at War Retired Account Upgrades Dec 2005
    My Journal Retired Account Upgrades May 2007
    Nightmare in Puchalla Retired Account Upgrades Dec 2005
    Stolen Christmas Retired Account Upgrades Dec 2007
    Uploader Retired Account Upgrades Jan 2007
    You Have Maramail Retired Account Upgrades Jan 2007


    missing BOOKs - for Hildegunst - 9th Jan. 2018

    Posted on : 9th Jan 2018 12:27   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Book of Ruins Simeria Goals
    Book of Storms Nimbus Goals
    Discovery of Enpiah Enpiah Goals
    Festive Candles Book Retired Account Upgrades Nov 2006
    Gift Wrapped Book Retired Advent Calendar 2004
    Maramail Grammar Guide Retired Account Upgrades Jan 2007
    Puchalla Village Book On sale at Referral Shop for 500 Referral Pts
    Smuggler Journal stock at Smuggling for 100 Dukka Coin

    missing PHOTO's - 9th January 2018

    Posted on : 9th Jan 2018 12:11   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Ancient King Baspinar Photo

    Ancient Marada Photo

    Aqua Astro
    Aqua Basil
    Aqua Bolimo
    Aqua Crikey
    Aqua Crindol
    Aqua Daisy
    Aqua Dakota
    Aqua Decadal
    Aqua Doyle
    Aqua Echlin
    Aqua Ercuw
    Aqua Eyru
    Aqua Fasoro
    Aqua Feliz
    Aqua Figaro
    Aqua Gizmo
    Aqua Gobble
    Aqua Huthiq
    Aqua Ike
    Aqua Jessup
    Aqua Kaala
    Aqua Limax
    Aqua Lorius
    Aqua Newth
    Aqua Nino
    Aqua Phanty
    Aqua Poera
    Aqua Quell
    Aqua Snookle
    Aqua Speiro
    Aqua Tantua
    Aqua Yakubi
    Aqua Zetlian

    Archeology Photo

    Autumn Photo

    Baspinar Castle Photo

    Beige Ike
    Beige Justin
    Beige Tasi

    Biala Mountain Photo

    Black Straya Photo

    Blue Straya Photo

    British Ercuw
    British Eyru
    British Ike
    British Justin
    British Kujo
    British Lorius
    British Mordo
    British Nino
    British Pucu
    British Raulf
    British Rofling
    British Snookle
    British Tasi
    British Troit
    British Vixen
    British Vlad
    British Zoosh

    Bronze Ercuw
    Bronze Eyru
    Bronze Huthiq
    Bronze Ike
    Bronze Lati
    Bronze Pucu
    Bronze Rusty
    Bronze Vlad

    Bunnysaurus Photo

    Burnt Eyru
    Burnt Gobble
    burnt mordo

    Calico Crikey
    Calico Dakota
    Calico Ercuw
    Calico Eyru
    Calico Nino
    Calico Oglue
    Calico Snookle
    Calico Sybri
    Calico Tasi
    Calico Troit
    Calico Vlad

    Camouflage Basil
    Camouflage Figaro
    Camouflage Huthiq
    Camouflage Ike
    Camouflage Lati
    Camouflage Mordo
    Camouflage Nino
    Camouflage Oglue
    Camouflage Raulf
    Camouflage Rofling
    Camouflage Rusty
    Camouflage Snookle
    Camouflage Yuni
    Camouflage Zoosh

    Candyland Photo

    Cheese Astro
    Cheese Basil
    Cheese Echlin
    Cheese Ercuw
    Cheese Eyru
    Cheese Justin
    Cheese Kidlet
    Cheese Kujo
    Cheese Nino
    Cheese Pucu
    Cheese Quell
    Cheese Raulf
    Cheese Rofling
    Cheese Rusty
    Cheese Tasi
    Cheese Troit
    Cheese Vixen
    Cheese Yakubi

    Chibi Straya Photo
    Coral Chibs Photo
    Coral Equilor Photo
    Coral Fasoro Photo
    Coral Grint Photo
    Coral Ideus Photo
    Coral Kaala Photo
    Coral Knutt Photo
    Coral Leido Photo
    Coral Limax Photo
    Coral Lorius Photo
    Coral Newth Photo
    Coral Nino Photo
    Coral Phanty Photo
    Coral Poera Photo
    Coral Pucu Photo
    Coral Quell Photo
    Coral Snookle Photo
    Coral Speiro Photo
    Coral Sybri Photo
    Coral Tantua Photo
    Coral Viotto Photo
    Coral Yakubi Photo
    Coral Yuni Photo
    Coral Zola Photo
    Coral Zoosh Photo

    Dalmatian Arinya Photo
    Dalmatian Astro Photo
    Dalmatian Basil Photo
    Dalmatian Bolimo Photo
    Dalmatian Daisy Photo
    Dalmatian Dakota Photo
    Dalmatian Decadal Photo
    Dalmatian Echlin Photo
    Dalmatian Equilor Photo
    Dalmatian Ercuw Photo
    Dalmatian Eyru Photo
    Dalmatian Fasoro Photo
    Dalmatian Feliz Photo
    Dalmatian Kujo Photo
    Dalmatian Poera Photo
    Dalmatian Straya Photo
    Dalmatian Tasi Photo

    Defective Basil
    Defective Chibs
    Defective Decadal
    Defective Eyru
    Defective Fasoro
    Defective Kronk
    Defective Leido

    Digital Arinya
    Digital Azul
    Digital Basil
    Digital Crikey
    Digital Dakota
    Digital Decadal
    Digital Doyle
    Digital Ercuw
    Digital Figaro
    Digital Gobble
    Digital Grint
    Digital Ike
    Digital Justin
    Digital Kaala
    Digital Kidlet
    Digital Kronk
    Digital Lorius
    Digital Newth
    Digital Nino
    Digital Osafo
    Digital Phanty
    Digital Poera
    Digital Pucu
    Digital Renat
    Digital Rofling
    Digital Sindi
    Digital Snookle
    Digital Speiro
    Digital Sybri
    Digital Troit
    Digital Ushunda
    Digital Vixen
    Digital Vlad
    Digital Willa
    Digital Zoink
    Digital Zola
    Digital Zoosh

    Drake Photo

    Dukka Caves Photo
    Dukka Town Photo
    Eleka Castle Photo
    Favolos Photo

    Firework Crindol Photo

    Floral Arinya
    Floral Echlin
    Floral Ercuw
    Floral Eyru
    Floral Figaro
    Floral Gonk
    Floral Huthiq
    Floral Ike
    Floral Lati
    Floral Nino
    Floral Oglue
    Floral Quell
    Floral Raulf
    Floral Snookle
    Floral Sybri
    Floral Tasi
    Floral Ushunda
    Floral Vixen
    Floral Vlad
    Floral Yuni

    Funky Osafo Photo
    Funky Straya Photo
    Funky Viotto Photo
    Funky Xoi Photo

    Galaxy Addow
    Galaxy Azul
    Galaxy Crikey
    Galaxy Crindol
    Galaxy Decadal
    Galaxy Doyle
    Galaxy Eyru
    Galaxy Figaro
    Galaxy Gobble
    Galaxy Gonk
    Galaxy Grint
    Galaxy Ike
    Galaxy Jessup
    Galaxy Justin
    Galaxy Kidlet
    Galaxy Kronk
    Galaxy Kujo
    Galaxy Lati
    Galaxy Limax
    Galaxy Lorius
    Galaxy Mordo
    Galaxy Murfin
    Galaxy Oglue
    Galaxy Osafo
    Galaxy Quell
    Galaxy Raulf
    Galaxy Reese
    Galaxy Rusty
    Galaxy Sindi
    Galaxy Straya
    Galaxy Sybri
    Galaxy Tasi
    Galaxy Troit
    Galaxy Vlad
    Galaxy Walee
    Galaxy Xoi
    Galaxy Yuni
    Galaxy Zetlian

    Genie Photo

    Gigantic Paradise Photo

    Gingerbread Huthiq
    Gingerbread Pucu
    Gingerbread Reese
    Gingerbread Sindi

    Glass Ercuw
    Glass Figaro
    Glass Lati
    Glass Lorius
    Glass Pucu
    Glass Raulf
    Glass Rusty
    Glass Sindi
    Glass Tasi
    Glass Vixen
    Glass Yuni

    Gold Ercuw
    Gold Eyru
    Gold Figaro
    Gold Leido
    Gold Pucu
    Gold Raulf
    Gold Rusty
    Gold Sybri
    Gold Ushunda

    Golem Photo

    Green Straya Photo
    Grey Straya Photo

    Griffin Photo

    Hairy Straya Photo

    Ian Photo

    Ice Basil
    Ice Echlin
    Ice Eyru
    Ice Figaro
    Ice Huthiq
    Ice Kujo
    Ice Murfin
    Ice Raulf
    Ice Sindi
    Ice Ushunda
    Ice Vlad
    Ice Zola

    Insideout Arinya
    Insideout Astro
    Insideout Basil
    Insideout Chibs
    Insideout Dakota
    Insideout Echlin
    Insideout Equilor
    Insideout Eyru
    Insideout Fasoro
    Insideout Figaro
    Insideout Flab
    Insideout Gizmo
    Insideout Ike
    Insideout Jessup
    Insideout Knutt
    Insideout Kronk
    Insideout Kujo
    Insideout Lati
    Insideout Lorius
    Insideout Nino
    Insideout Oglue
    Insideout Osafo
    Insideout Paffuto
    Insideout Phanty
    Insideout Poera
    Insideout Pucu
    Insideout Quell
    Insideout Rofling
    Insideout Rusty
    Insideout Snookle
    Insideout Sybri
    Insideout Troit
    Insideout Ushunda
    Insideout Vixen
    Insideout Willa
    Insideout Xoi
    Insideout Zetlian
    Insideout Zola

    Invisible Dakota
    Invisible Eyru
    Invisible Figaro
    Invisible Gizmo
    Invisible Gobble
    Invisible Huthiq
    Invisible Ike
    Invisible Kujo
    Invisible Lorius
    Invisible Pucu
    Invisible Yuni
    Invisible Zola

    Jenoa Photo

    Job Centre Photo

    Kamilah Desert Photo

    Kirin Photo

    Lightning Arinya
    Lightning Chibs
    Lightning Hump
    Lightning Kidlet
    Lightning Kujo
    Lightning Lati
    Lightning Nino
    Lightning Oglue
    Lightning Raulf
    Lightning Renat
    Lightning Rusty
    Lightning Sindi
    Lightning Sybri
    Lightning Willa
    Lightning Justin
    Lightning Walee

    Lilac Addow
    Lilac Arinya
    Lilac Astro
    Lilac Basil
    Lilac Chibs
    Lilac Crikey
    Lilac Crindol
    Lilac Dakota
    Lilac Echlin
    Lilac Ercuw
    Lilac Figaro
    Lilac Gizmo
    Lilac Gobble
    Lilac Justin
    Lilac Kronk
    Lilac Kujo
    Lilac Lati
    Lilac Lorius
    Lilac Mordo
    Lilac Newth
    Lilac Nino
    Lilac Oglue
    Lilac Phanty
    Lilac Quell
    Lilac Raulf
    Lilac Rusty
    Lilac Sindi
    Lilac Sybri
    Lilac Troit
    Lilac Ushunda
    Lilac Vixen
    Lilac Vlad
    Lilac Willa
    Lilac Yuni
    Lilac Zoink
    Lilac Zola
    Lilac Zoosh

    Love Basil
    Love Crikey
    Love Ercuw
    Love Ike
    Love Kujo
    Love Nino
    Love Oglue
    Love Raulf
    Love Rusty
    Love Vlad
    Love Zoosh

    Lowlyhood Photo

    Lush Lake Photo

    Magenta Daisy
    Magenta Dakota
    Magenta Decadal
    Magenta Ercuw
    Magenta Eyru
    Magenta Figaro
    Magenta Gizmo
    Magenta Hump
    Magenta Huthiq
    Magenta Ike
    Magenta Justin
    Magenta Kujo
    Magenta Lorius
    Magenta Oglue
    Magenta Rofling
    Magenta Sindi
    Magenta Snookle
    Magenta Troit
    Magenta Ushunda
    Magenta Vixen
    Magenta Vlad
    Magenta Willa
    Magenta Zola

    Merman Photo

    Millionaire Arinya
    Millionaire Basil
    Millionaire Crikey
    Millionaire Dakota
    Millionaire Decadal
    Millionaire Ercuw
    Millionaire Eyru
    Millionaire Figaro
    Millionaire Ike
    Millionaire Lati
    Millionaire Limax
    Millionaire Nino
    Millionaire Oglue
    Millionaire Osafo
    Millionaire Poera
    Millionaire Raulf
    Millionaire Sindi
    Millionaire Snookle
    Millionaire Sybri
    Millionaire Tasi
    Millionaire Vixen
    Millionaire Vlad
    Millionaire Zola

    Minipet Astro Photo
    Minipet Eyru Photo
    Minipet Island Photo
    Minipet Island Photo

    Negative Ercuw
    Negative Eyru
    Negative Raulf
    Negative Snookle
    Negative Ushunda

    Nimbus Photo
    Nimbus Photo

    Orange Straya

    Pastel Arinya
    Pastel Crikey
    Pastel Ercuw
    Pastel Eyru
    Pastel Huthiq
    Pastel Ike
    Pastel Kujo
    Pastel Lati
    Pastel Nino
    Pastel Poera
    Pastel Quell
    Pastel Raulf
    Pastel Sindi
    Pastel Sybri
    Pastel Troit
    Pastel Vixen

    Pink Straya Photo

    Puchalla Village Photo

    Purple Straya Photo

    Radioactive Decadal
    Radioactive Ercuw
    Radioactive Eyru
    Radioactive Ike
    Radioactive Oglue
    Radioactive Quell

    Rainbow Crikey
    Rainbow Dakota
    Rainbow Eyru
    Rainbow Fairy
    Rainbow Huthiq
    Rainbow Ike
    Rainbow Nino
    Rainbow Oglue
    Rainbow Rofling
    Rainbow Sybri
    Rainbow Ushunda
    Rainbow Zola

    Red Straya Photo

    Robot Kronk
    Robot Reese

    Rotten Bolimo Photo
    Rotten Chibs Photo
    Rotten Crindol Photo

    Royal Fairy

    Santa Claws Photo

    Seasonal Eyru
    Seasonal Gonk
    Seasonal Kaala
    Seasonal Limax
    Seasonal Troit
    Seasonal Zetlian

    Sewer Fairy

    Silver Eyru
    Silver Grint
    Silver Ike
    Silver Lati
    Silver Nino
    Silver Pucu
    Silver Sindi
    Silver Tasi
    Silver Vixen
    Silver Zoosh

    Simeria Photo

    Sketch Astro
    Sketch Basil
    Sketch Decadal
    Sketch Echlin
    Sketch Ercuw
    Sketch Ike
    Sketch Justin
    Sketch Kujo
    Sketch Lati
    Sketch Oglue
    Sketch Pucu
    Sketch Raulf
    Sketch Renat
    Sketch Snookle
    Sketch Vixen
    Sketch Yakubi
    Sketch Zoosh

    Slater Park Photo

    Slime Astro
    Slime Crikey
    Slime Dakota
    Slime Gizmo
    Slime Justin

    Snow Astro
    Snow Crikey
    Snow Dakota
    Snow Equilor
    Snow Ercuw
    Snow Eyru
    Snow Gizmo
    Snow Gobble
    Snow Ike
    Snow Leido
    Snow Limax
    Snow Sindi
    Snow Snookle
    Snow Sybri
    Snow Zetlian
    Snow Zola

    SPAM Fairy

    Sparkle Straya
    Sparkle Arinya
    Sparkle Astro
    Sparkle Basil
    Sparkle Chibs
    Sparkle Crikey
    Sparkle Daisy
    Sparkle Dakota
    Sparkle Decadal
    Sparkle Equilor
    Sparkle Ercuw
    Sparkle Eyru
    Sparkle Figaro
    Sparkle Gizmo
    Sparkle Gonk
    Sparkle Hump
    Sparkle Ike
    Sparkle Justin
    Sparkle Kidlet
    Sparkle Kujo
    Sparkle Lati
    Sparkle Leido
    Sparkle Mordo
    Sparkle Murfin
    Sparkle Newth
    Sparkle Nino
    Sparkle Paffuto
    Sparkle Phanty
    Sparkle Poera
    Sparkle Raulf
    Sparkle Rusty
    Sparkle Sindi
    Sparkle Sybri
    Sparkle Willa

    Starry Arinya
    Starry Crikey
    Starry Decadal
    Starry Echlin
    Starry Huthiq
    Starry Ike
    Starry Kronk
    Starry Kujo
    Starry Poera
    Starry Raulf

    Stone Arinya
    Stone Astro
    Stone Crikey
    Stone Daisy
    Stone Decadal
    Stone Echlin
    Stone Eyru
    Stone Figaro
    Stone Huthiq
    Stone Nino
    Stone Oglue
    Stone Pucu
    Stone Quell
    Stone Raulf
    Stone Rofling
    Stone Snookle
    Stone Sybri
    Stone Tasi
    Stone Vixen
    Stone Walee
    Stone Yuni
    Stone Zola
    Stone Zoosh

    Strobe Arinya
    Strobe Bolimo
    Strobe Crikey
    Strobe Dakota
    Strobe Eyru
    Strobe Fasoro
    Strobe Gizmo
    Strobe Gobble
    Strobe Grint
    Strobe Hump
    Strobe Jessup
    Strobe Kidlet
    Strobe Kronk
    Strobe Kujo
    Strobe Lati
    Strobe Lorius
    Strobe Mordo
    Strobe Nino
    Strobe Oglue
    Strobe Paffuto
    Strobe Phanty
    Strobe Poera
    Strobe Pucu
    Strobe Raulf
    Strobe Reese
    Strobe Rofling
    Strobe Rusty
    Strobe Ushunda
    Strobe Vixen
    Strobe Vlad
    Strobe Walee
    Strobe Willa

    Sultan Photo

    Teal Basil
    Teal Daisy
    Teal Gizmo
    Teal Gobble
    Teal Ike
    Teal Jessup
    Teal Lati
    Teal Limax
    Teal Newth
    Teal Rusty
    Teal Sybri
    Teal Ushunda

    Tiger Arinya
    Tiger Crindol
    Tiger Dakota
    Tiger Eyru
    Tiger Justin
    Tiger Lati
    Tiger Leido
    Tiger Nino
    Tiger Poera
    Tiger Quell
    Tiger Rusty
    Tiger Snookle
    Tiger Sybri
    Tiger Ushunda
    Tiger Vixen
    Tiger Zoosh

    Town Hall

    Undying Woods

    Vintage Marada Photo

    Vortex Park Photo

    White Straya Photo
    Winter Photo

    Yellow Straya Photo

    Ziranek Photo

    Zombie Straya Photo


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