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Trading Pics,Plates see blog Looking for missing eggs,gr.foods or clothing
Looking for missing eggs,g.foods or clothing .
Check out my shop.
Adult Player
Swapping Pics,Plates and more
I swap pics,plates,mags and collectibles 4 items I need.
Looking for gr.foods,and clothing swapping pics,plates,mags or newspapers ur choice








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  • current Newspaper swap July>...     ~05 Feb 2019
  • Current Swapping Mags complete...     ~09 Dec 2015
  • 9-20-2018 photo list updated c...     ~20 Sep 2018
  • My Missing Eggs- Trading for     ~25 Jan 2019
  • Plushies need R-Z     ~28 Mar 2019
  • Plushies needed A-Q     ~28 Mar 2019
  • foods needed for lil muffusa     ~23 Nov 2018
  • sewers poop needed     ~13 Mar 2019
  • Quick list of enchanted plushi...     ~16 Jan 2019
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  • Treasure chest items I need or...     ~11 Oct 2018
  • Avatars to work on Borrowing A...     ~27 Feb 2018
  • plates I need     ~20 Nov 2015
  • my pet values     ~11 Mar 2012
  • rs times, meds, job perks     ~07 Jul 2009
  • Loaned items: reminder urls     ~13 Feb 2009
  • wardrobe list part 2     ~19 Jan 2019
  • wardrobe items needed partial ...     ~19 Jan 2019
  • i-o-u s owed to me     ~23 Jan 2019
  • Tantua-Zetlian transformations...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Newth-Speiro transformations n...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Kaala-Murfin transformations n...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Gonk - Jessup transformations ...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Equilor-Flab transformations n...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Bolimo-Doyle transformations n...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Imperial Treasure Chest     ~04 Apr 2019
  • Addow and Azul transformations...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Friends Requests and mm and ty...     ~01 Dec 2008
  • Goal's and dont trade with...     ~21 Sep 2007
  • Zola and Zoosh transformations...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Yuni-Zoink Transformations nee...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Vlad-Willa Transformations nee...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Viotto-Vixen transformations n...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Tasi-Troit Transformations nee...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Straya-Sybri transformation ne...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Sindi and Snookle transformati...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Rofling and Rusty transformati...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Quell and Raulf transformation...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • phanty and poera transformatio...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Nino and Oglue Transformations...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Transformations Le A-Erc trans...     ~14 Jan 2019
  • Limax and lorius transformatio...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Lati and mordo transformations...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • kronk and kujo transformations     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Justin and Pucu transformation...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Ike- Transformations     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Hump to hut transformations ne...     ~14 Jan 2019

  • current Newspaper swap July>>>June is done

    Posted on : 5th Feb 2019 12:12   Posted by : KarenLostAngel
    G or got = I have it
    Quick list

    Baspinar Castle News
    Biala News
    Candyland News
    City Sewers News
    Dukka Caves News
    Dukka Town News
    Eleka Castle News
    Enpiah News
    Foxfire Forest News
    Gigantic Paradise News
    Jenoa News
    Kamilah Desert News
    Lowlyhood News
    Lush Lake News
    Marada News
    Minipet Island News
    Nimbus News
    Puchalla Village News
    Simeria News
    Slater Park News
    Undying Woods News
    Vortex Park News
    Ziranek News

    Current Swapping Mags completed

    Posted on : 9th Dec 2015 21:40   Posted by : KarenLostAngel
    Current I need swapping mags and newspapers be FAIR
    these are what i still need

    Quick list.....


    marked with a g=means I have it
    Newspapers +++ done +++

    Master List and beginning of that Month.
    When I only need a few its UP ABOVE

    Addow Magazine
    Arinya Magazine
    Astro Magazine
    Azul Magazine
    Basil Magazine
    Bolimo Magazine
    Chibs Magazine
    Crikey Magazine
    Crindol Magazine
    Daisy Magazine
    Dakota Magazine
    Decadal Magazine
    Doyle Magazine
    Echlin Magazine
    Equilor Magazine
    Ercuw Magazine
    Eyru Magazine
    Fasoro Magazine
    Feliz Magazine
    Figaro Magazine
    Flab Magazine
    Gizmo Magazine
    Gobble Magazine
    Gonk Magazine
    Grint Magazine
    Hump Magazine
    Huthiq Magazine
    Ideus Magazine
    Ike Magazine
    Jessup Magazine
    Justin Magazine
    Kaala Magazine
    Kidlet Magazine
    Knutt Magazine
    Kronk Magazine
    Kujo Magazine
    Lati Magazine
    Leido Magazine
    Limax Magazine
    Lorius Magazine
    Mordo Magazine
    Murfin Magazine
    Newth Magazine
    Nino Magazine
    Oglue Magazine
    Osafo Magazine
    Paffuto Magazine
    Phanty Magazine
    Poera Magazine
    Pucu Magazine
    Quell Magazine
    Raulf Magazine
    Reese Magazine
    Renat Magazine
    Rofling Magazine
    Rusty Magazine
    Sindi Magazine
    Snookle Magazine
    Speiro Magazine
    Sybri Magazine
    Straya Magazine
    Tantua Magazine
    Tasi Magazine
    Troit Magazine
    Ushunda Magazine
    Viotto Magazine
    Vixen Magazine
    Vlad Magazine
    Walee Magazine
    Willa Magazine
    Xoi Magazine
    Yakubi Magazine
    Yuni Magazine
    Zetlian Magazine
    Zoink Magazine
    Zola Magazine
    Zoosh Magazine

    ***note to self always check end of photo blog before trading****

    9-20-2018 photo list updated constantly

    Posted on : 20th Sep 2018 15:26   Posted by : KarenLostAngel
    Only accepting pics from this blog no exceptions sorry
    As u can see I only need 51 pics
    so willing to trade for wardrobe items I need or foods or plushies my pet needs I have blogs up of what I need and what i am accepting.
    You are missing 51 Photos

    new pics

    Drake Photo

    Golem Photo
    Griffin Photo

    Lava Arinya Photo
    Lava Decadal Photo
    Lava Echlin Photo
    Lava Gizmo Photo
    Lava Huthiq Photo
    Lava Ideus Photo
    Lava Jessup Photo
    Lava Newth Photo
    Lava Osafo Photo
    Lava Paffuto Photo
    Lava Quell Photo
    Lava Raulf Photo
    Lava Tantua Photo
    Lava Ushunda Photo
    Lava Viotto Photo
    Lava Zetlian Photo

    Mafia Boss Mugshot Photo

    Merman Photo
    Mutant Astro Photo

    Royal Fairy Photo

    SPAM Fairy Photo

    Sewer Fairy Photo
    Sewers Ike Photo

    Thunder Kaala Photo
    Thunder Murfin Photo
    Thunder Walee Photo
    Thunder Xoi Photo

    Vampire Photo


    My Missing Eggs- Trading for

    Posted on : 25th Jan 2019 19:15   Posted by : KarenLostAngel
    My Missing Eggs
    Not looking for the crystal ones or any rsable ones or from goals
    Looking for past events and old aus prefered
    please check the prices on what u are offering I do not accept under offers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beanstalk Glowing Egg do not need yet
    Black Damask Glowing Egg 20,000,000 crazy price
    Blue Crystal Glowing Egg do not need yet

    Corrupted White Glowing Egg 6,000,000

    Demonic Glowing Egg none on ss
    Drake Glowing Egg none on ss

    Eleka Glowing Egg none on ss
    Extremely Scary Glowing Egg 19,500,000 crazy price

    Fire Fairy Glowing Egg none on ss

    Glitched Glowing Egg none on ss
    Golem Glowing Egg none on ss
    Griffin Glowing Egg none on ss

    Hairy Glowing Egg 18,000,000

    Haunted Moon Glowing Egg none on ss

    Ivory Fleshy Glowing Egg 8,000,000

    Light Fairy Glowing Egg 10,000,000

    Mafia Glowing Egg 20,000,000
    Melted Glowing Egg 24,500,000
    Merman Glowing Egg none on ss
    Mummy Glowing Egg 4,850,000

    Nimbus Glowing Egg none on ss

    Orange Crystal Glowing Egg do not need yet
    Ornament Glowing Egg 9,000,000

    Panda Glowing Egg 1,700,000
    Party Glowing Egg 4,500,000
    Pink Crystal Glowing Egg do not need yet
    Present Glowing Egg 5,000,000

    Red Damask Glowing Egg 10,000,000

    Seaside Glowing Egg 7,950,000
    Sewer Fairy Glowing Egg
    Snowman Glowing Egg no price
    Space Glowing Egg none on ss
    Spam Fairy Glowing Egg
    Spring Glowing Egg 12,500,000
    Sultan Glowing Egg 30,000,000
    Summer Glowing Egg 5,950,000
    Summer Troit Glowing Egg 5,000,000
    Summer Yuni Glowing Egg 6,500,000

    Teal Crystal Glowing Egg do not need yet

    Wizard Glowing Egg none on ss
    Wonky Glowing Egg 7,000,000

    Plushies need R-Z

    Posted on : 28th Mar 2019 14:59   Posted by : KarenLostAngel
    Ra Plushie

    Radioactive Arinya Plushie
    Radioactive Basil Plushie
    Radioactive Kronk Plushie
    Radioactive Rusty Plushie
    Radioactive Yuni Plushie

    Rainbow Arinya Plushie
    Rainbow Chibs Plushie
    Rainbow Ercuw Plushie
    Rainbow Feliz Plushie
    Rainbow Pucu Plushie
    Rainbow Speiro Plushie

    Rat Plushie

    Recycled Duck Plushie

    Red Arinya Plushie
    Red Basil Plushie
    Red Candycane Plushie
    Red Chubs Plushie
    Red Crikey Plushie
    Red Dakota Plushie
    Red Decadal Plushie
    Red Figaro Plushie
    Red Gobble Plushie
    Red Ike Plushie
    Red Justin Plushie
    Red Limax Plushie
    Red Mordo Plushie
    Red Pucu Plushie
    Red Raulf Plushie
    Red Straya Plushie
    Red Tasi Plushie
    Red Ushunda Plushie
    Red Vlad Plushie
    Red Willa Plushie
    Red Yuni Plushie
    Red Zoink Plushie
    Red Zoosh Plushie

    Robot Mordo Plushie
    Robot Quell Plushie
    Robot Speiro Plushie

    Rotten Corn Poop Plushie
    Rotten Echlin Plushie
    Rotten Poop Plushie

    Royal Chibs Plushie
    Royal Echlin Plushie

    Runny Plushie

    Sad Pumpkin Plushie

    Safari Camp Jessup Plushie
    Safari Limax Plushie
    Safari Tantua Plushie

    Sakko Plushie

    Sawni Plushie

    School Chibs Plushie
    School Jessup Plushie
    School Kujo Plushie

    Scorch Plushie

    Scout Fasoro Plushie

    Seaso Plushie

    Seasonal Beelzebub Plushie
    Seasonal Candycane Plushie
    Seasonal Reese Plushie
    Seasonal Vixen Plushie

    Seven Hundred and Fifty Dukka Coin Plushie
    Seven Thousand Dukka Coin Plushie

    Sewer Cleaner PlushieSewer Goals Plushie
    Sewer Struggle Plushie
    Sewers Hump Plushie

    Shilpy Plushie

    Silver Arinya Plushie
    Silver Astro Plushie
    Silver Basil Plushie
    Silver Crikey Plushie
    Silver Rusty Plushie
    Silver Yuni Plushie

    Simeria Goals Plushie

    Six Thousand Dukka Coin Plushie

    Skater Chibs Plushie
    Skater Gonk Plushie

    Sleepy Quell Plushie

    Slymol Plushie

    Smuggler Plushie

    Snow Dakota Plushie
    Snow Echlin Plushie
    Snow Phanty Plushie
    Snow Pucu Plushie
    Snow Sindi Plushie
    Snow Snookle Plushie
    Snow Sybri Plushie
    Snow Yuni Plushie
    Snow Zoink Plushie

    Snowman Newth Plushie
    Snowman Sybri Plushie

    Snowy Candycane Plushie

    Sokoban Pumpkin Plushie
    Sokoban Yuni Plushie

    Space Echlin Plushie
    Space Fairy Fasoro Plushie
    Space Fairy Snookle Plushie
    Space Quell Plushie

    Speedy Plushie

    Splatter Quell Plushie

    Spring Fasoro Plushie

    Starry Addow Plushie
    Starry Chibs Plushie
    Starry Gobble Plushie
    Starry Viotto Plushie

    Starstruck Plushie

    Steampunk Dakota Plushie
    Steampunk Gonk Plushie

    Stoneage Nino Plushie
    Stoneage Zetlian Plushie

    Strawbri Plushie

    Strobe Sybri Plushie

    Summer Decadal Plushie
    Summer Eyru Plushie
    Summer Nino Plushie

    Swamp Ercuw Plushie
    Swamp Renat Plushie

    Tadi Plushie

    Talking Nimble Plushie

    Teal Astro Plushie
    Teal Basil Plushie
    Teal Dakota Plushie
    Teal Decadal Plushie
    Teal Echlin Plushie
    Teal Ercuw Plushie
    Teal Eyru Plushie
    Teal Gizmo Plushie
    Teal Hump Plushie
    Teal Huthiq Plushie
    Teal Justin Plushie
    Teal Kronk Plushie
    Teal Kujo Plushie
    Teal Lati Plushie
    Teal Limax Plushie
    Teal Lorius Plushie
    Teal Mordo Plushie
    Teal Nino Plushie
    Teal Phanty Plushie
    Teal Pucu Plushie
    Teal Quell Plushie
    Teal Rofling Plushie
    Teal Rusty Plushie
    Teal Sindi Plushie
    Teal Snookle Plushie
    Teal Straya Plushie
    Teal Sybri Plushie
    Teal Tasi Plushie
    Teal Troit Plushie
    Teal Ushunda Plushie
    Teal Vixen Plushie
    Teal Vlad Plushie
    Teal Willa Plushie
    Teal Yuni Plushie
    Teal Zoink Plushie
    Teal Zola Plushie
    Teal Zoosh Plushie

    Team Acorn Plushie

    Tisha Plushie

    Toddler Chibs Plushie
    Toddler Reese Plushie
    Toddler Vlad Plushie

    Tundra Jessup Plushie
    Tundra Quell Plushie

    Underwater Dakota Plushie
    Underwater Gobble Plushie
    Underwater Ideus Plushie
    Underwater Quell Plushie
    Underwater Tantua Plushie
    Underwater Zetlian Plushie

    Uno Plushie

    Uploads Sindi Plushie

    Valentine Tantua Plushie
    Valentine Tasi Plushie

    Vampire Quell Plushie
    Vampire Sybri Plushie

    Vault Plushie

    Verano Plushie

    Villain Doyle Plushie
    Villain Vlad Plushie

    Vintage Murfin Plushie

    Vortex Park Goals Plushie

    White Arinya Plushie
    White Chibs Plushie
    White Chubs Plushie
    White Crikey Plushie
    White Daisy Plushie
    White Decadal Plushie
    White Echlin Plushie
    White Equilor Plushie
    White Ercuw Plushie
    White Eyru Plushie
    White Gobble Plushie
    White Huthiq Plushie
    White Limax Plushie
    White Mordo Plushie
    White Phanty Plushie
    White Poera Plushie
    White Pucu Plushie
    White Raulf Plushie
    White Rofling Plushie
    White Rusty Plushie
    White Sindi Egg Plushie
    White Sindi Plushie
    White Straya Plushie
    White Sybri Plushie
    White Tasi Plushie
    White Ushunda Plushie
    White Vixen Plushie
    White Vlad Plushie
    White Willa Plushie
    White Yuni Plushie
    White Zoink Plushie
    White Zola Plushie
    White Zoosh Plushie

    Winter Kujo Plushie
    Winter Newth Plushie

    Wonky Pyramid Plushie

    Worm Plushie

    Wreath Plushie

    Yellow Arinya Plushie
    Yellow Candycane Plushie
    Yellow Crikey Plushie
    Yellow Daisy Plushie
    Yellow Dakota Plushie
    Yellow Echlin Plushie
    Yellow Flower Osafo Plushie
    Yellow Gobble Plushie
    Yellow Ike Plushie
    Yellow Justin Plushie
    Yellow Kronk Plushie
    Yellow Limax Plushie
    Yellow Mordo Plushie
    Yellow Phanty Plushie
    Yellow Raulf Plushie
    Yellow Rusty Plushie
    Yellow Straya Plushie
    Yellow Sybri Plushie
    Yellow Tasi Plushie
    Yellow Ushunda Plushie
    Yellow Vixen Plushie
    Yellow Vlad Plushie
    Yellow Willa Plushie
    Yellow Yuni Plushie
    Yellow Zoink Plushie

    Zombie Chibs Plushie
    Zombie Echlin Plushie
    Zombie Poera Plushie


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