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Trading Pics,Plates see blog Looking for missing eggs,gr.foods or clothing
Looking for missing eggs,g.foods or clothing .
Check out my shop.
Adult Player
Swapping Pics,Plates and more
I swap pics,plates,mags and collectibles 4 items I need.
Looking for gr.foods,and clothing swapping pics,plates,mags or newspapers ur choice








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  • gennie raulf, pastel straya an...     ~13 Feb 2019
  • 9-20-2018 photo list updated c...     ~20 Sep 2018
  • foods needed for lil muffusa     ~23 Nov 2018
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  • Lati and mordo transformations...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • kronk and kujo transformations     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Justin and Pucu transformation...     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Ike- Transformations     ~15 Jan 2019
  • Hump to hut transformations ne...     ~14 Jan 2019
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  • Transformations Le A-Erc trans...     ~14 Jan 2019

  • gennie raulf, pastel straya and Sewers Rofling

    Posted on : 13th Feb 2019 15:17   Posted by : KarenLostAngel
    sign if u want to trade new pic for new pic please post ur offers as well.

    9-20-2018 photo list updated constantly

    Posted on : 20th Sep 2018 15:26   Posted by : KarenLostAngel
    Only accepting pics from this blog no exceptions sorry
    As u can see I only need 15 pics
    so willing to trade for wardrobe items I need or foods my pet needs I have blogs up of what I need and what i am accepting.

    Drake Photo working on going slowly

    Golem Photo working on going slowly
    Griffin Photo working on going slowly

    Mafia Boss Mugshot Photo
    Merman Photo working on going slowly
    Mutant Astro Photo

    Royal Fairy Photo working on going slowly

    SPAM Fairy Photo
    Sewer Fairy Photo

    Vampire Photo working on going slowly


    foods needed for lil muffusa

    Posted on : 23rd Nov 2018 12:18   Posted by : KarenLostAngel
    Addimo Poop
    Addow Ice Sculpture
    American Cupcake
    Angel Gumball
    Apple Bug Lolly
    Apple Crumble
    Apple Juice Box
    Applex Poop
    Armoured Potato
    Astro Dip
    Aura Pearl
    Australian Potato
    Autumn Pearl
    Autumn Poop
    Azlian Poop
    Azulor Poop

    Baby Pearl
    Balloon Gumball
    Balloon Pearl
    Balloon Potato
    Balloon Potato Chips
    Banana Ice Cream Marapop
    Battle Fairy Sugar Cube
    Battle Gumball
    Baylien Poop
    Beach Pearl
    Beanberry Sundae
    Bee Gumball
    Bee Pearl
    Beige Gumball
    Beige Jelly
    Birthday Pancakes
    Bite Sized Cheese Pizza
    Bite Sized Hawaiian Pizza
    Black Blood
    Black Bunns
    Black DNA
    Black Gummi
    Black Potato
    Black Yolk
    Blitzen Potato
    Blue Blood
    Blue Bunns
    Blue Eyeball Gummies
    Blue Gummi
    Blue Osafo Marshmallow
    Blue Potato
    Blue Yolk
    Blueberry Love Pie
    Bone Potato
    Bootleg Potato
    Booty Poop
    Bottled Poop
    Breeze Potato Chips
    British Potato
    Broken Egg Pearl
    Bronze Potato
    Brown Bean
    Brown Bunns
    Brown DNA
    Brown Eyeball Gummies
    Brown Gummi
    Brown Rice Onigiri
    Brown Yolk
    Bubblegum Snowcone
    Bugsy Poop
    Burnt Pearl
    Burnt Pokey
    Burnt Potato
    Buttercream Poop
    Buttered Potato
    Butterfly Pearl

    Calico Gumball
    Calico Potato
    Camouflage Pearl
    Camouflage Potato
    Candyland Potato Chips
    Cantaloupe Smoothie
    Charm Me Candy Heart
    Charmer Poop
    Checkered Potato
    Cheese Fries
    Cheese Pearl
    Cherry Bug Lolly
    Cherry Love Pie
    Chili Cheese Fries
    Chocolate Beach Cake
    Chocolate Croissant
    Chocolate Love Pie
    Chocolate Marapop
    Chocolate Pearl
    Chocolate Pokey
    Choi Poop
    Christmas Pearl
    Christmas Pretzel
    Christmas Tree Sugar Cookie
    Clovite Poop
    Coconut Colada
    Coddle Poop
    Cohnonut Poop
    Coin Purse Eggs
    Cookie Dough Ice Cream Waffle Bowl
    Cool Candy Heart
    Corned Beef and Vegetables
    Corrupted Carrot
    Cotton Candy Potato
    Cowboy Potato
    Crab Fritters
    Cream Egg
    Creamy Leek Soup
    Crispy Won Ton
    Cupid Potato

    DNA Pearl
    Dark Chocolate Decadal
    Dark Fairy Potato Chips
    Dark Side Pearl
    Darling Candy Heart
    Dazmo Poop
    Decadal Dip
    Decapitate Poop
    Delayed Poop
    Deluxe Banana Split
    Deviled Easter Egg
    Digital Fairy Sugar Cube
    Digital Pearl
    Double Chocolate Ice Cream Vixen Lolly
    Drake Cupcake
    Drake Sugar Cube
    Drenched Poop
    Dusk Cupcake

    Easter Bunny Stew
    Easter Cupcake
    Easter Egg Shaped Pearl
    Easter Potato
    Edwina Poop
    Egg Potato
    Eleka Macaron
    Elephant Moth
    Elf Potato Chips
    Empty Plate
    Endangered Fish
    Enpiah Ice Cream
    Ercuw Blood
    Eyeball Martini
    Eyru Dip

    Famous Cupcake
    Fang Potato
    Fawna Poop
    Figgy Pudding
    Fire Berry
    Fire Fairy Cupcake
    Fire Fairy Potato
    Fire Potato
    Fish Soup
    Fish and Sweetcorn Soup
    Flaming Chili Pepper
    Flaming Spiced Punch
    Flonk Poop
    Floral Pearl
    Flounder Sashimi
    Forest Fairy Sugar Cube
    Frankenstein Cupcake
    Frankenstein Pearl
    Frankenstein Potato
    Fresh Chocolate Melon Bread
    Fresh Cruller
    Fresh Matcha Melon Bread
    Fresh Melon Bread
    Fresh Strawberry Melon Bread
    Frozen Bone
    Frozen Candycane
    Frozen Crab Claws
    Frozen Frog Legs
    Frozen Hamburger
    Frozen Pot Pie
    Frozen Shrimp
    Frozen Yam
    Fruit Potato
    Ful Medames
    Funnel Cake
    Fwidman Poop

    Galactic Cotton Candy
    Gargrunt Poop
    Ghostling Poop
    Giant Anis
    Giant Poinsettia
    Giant Salad Bowl
    Gigantic Potato
    Gingerbread Pearl
    Gingerbread Potato
    Glazed Apple Pie
    Glazed Blueberry Pie
    Glazed Cherry Pie
    Glazed Chocolate Pie
    Glazed Kiwi Pie
    Glazed Pie
    Glazed Pineapple Pie
    Glitched Gumball
    Glitched Potato
    Gnome Potato
    Gobble Leg
    Gold Chocolate Truffle
    Golem Sugar Cube
    Grape Bug Lolly
    Greedy Fairy Sugar Cube
    Green Blood
    Green Bunns
    Green DNA
    Green Eyeball Gummies
    Green Gummy Hump
    Green Yolk
    Grepig Poop
    Grey Blood
    Grey Bunns
    Grey DNA
    Grey Gummi
    Grey Potato
    Grey Yolk
    Griffin Sugar Cube
    Grilled Corn
    Grilled Dumplings
    Grilled Salmon
    Grinido Poop

    Halloween Pearl
    Harmoni Poop
    Harpy Sugar Cube
    Hazel Eyeball Gummies
    Heart Cupcake
    Heart Shaped Cheese Pizza
    Heart Shaped Hawaiian Pizza
    Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza
    Heart Shaped Sandwich
    Heart Shaped Sausage Pizza
    Hearty Drink
    Hethe Poop
    Holly Ice Cream
    Honey Glazed Ham
    Hot Dawg
    Hot Dawg Poop
    Hot Tomato Soup
    Hug Me Candy Heart
    Hund Poop

    Ice Cream Pearl
    Ice Cream and Candy
    Insideout Pearl

    Jar of Artifacts
    Jar of Birthday Confetti
    Jar of Bones
    Jar of Bubbles
    Jar of Butterflies
    Jar of Buttons
    Jar of Cotton
    Jar of Fireworks
    Jar of Galaxy
    Jar of Herbs
    Jar of Infinity
    Jar of Jewels
    Jar of Marbles
    Jar of Mushrooms
    Jar of Petals
    Jar of Rocks
    Jar of Sand
    Jar of Storms
    Jar of Strawberries
    Jar of Taffy
    Jar of Yellow Teeth
    Jelly Hearts
    Jelly Pearl
    Jenoa Punch
    Jessul Poop

    Kaaleus Poop
    Kade Poop
    Kamilah Desert Cupcake
    Kidlet Ice Sculpture
    Killer Gumball
    King Baspinar Tail
    Kirin Sugar Cube
    Knight Pearl
    Koob Poop
    Kusil Poop

    Ladybird Pearl
    Leaf Rolls
    Leidow Poop
    Leo Steak
    Leprechaun Pearl
    Leprechaun Potato
    Light Side Pearl
    Limax Dip
    Limoose Poop
    Lobster Dinner
    Lorius Dip
    Love Struck Pumpkin Candy
    Lovebird Poop
    Lucifer Poop
    Luffley Poop

    Magenta Gumball
    Magenta Jelly
    Magenta Potato
    Magic Carpet Poop
    Makara Tail
    Mara Ice Cream
    Marshmallow Snowman
    Meat Potato
    Merman Sugar Cube
    Merry Hot Chocolate
    Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberry
    Milk Chocolate Decadal
    Mini Pearl
    Miniature Pumpkins
    Minipet Pearl
    Minipet Potato
    Mint Chocolate Decadal
    Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Vixen Lolly
    Miort Poop
    Monster Pearl
    Monster Potato
    Mouldy Gumball
    Mr Rabbit Poop
    Mud Pie
    Mummy Gumball
    Munch Chocolate Bar
    Murfzul Poop
    Music Note Lolly
    Mutant Food
    My Boy Candy Heart
    My Girl Candy Heart
    My Love Candy Heart
    My Pal Candy Heart
    My Person Candy Heart
    My Treat Candy Heart
    Mystery Meat

    Naga Cupcake
    Naga Martini
    Neapolitan Ice Cream Vixen Lolly
    Nebbi Poop
    Negative Potato
    Nimble Poop
    Number One Fan Candy Heart
    Nyuchan Poop

    Oley Poop
    Olvic Poop
    Olympic Onion Rings
    Olympics Pearl
    Omen Poop
    One Hundred Cake
    Orange Blood
    Orange Bunns
    Orange Chocolate Decadal
    Orange DNA
    Orange Gummi
    Orange Ice Cream Vixen Lolly
    Orange Love Pie
    Orange Yolk
    Ottra Poop

    Pancake Roll
    Panda Onigiri
    Panda Pearl
    Party Flower
    Party Pearl
    Pearl with a Hat
    Peppermint Swirl Ice Cream
    Phantasm Poop
    Pile of Mould
    Pink Blood
    Pink DNA
    Pink Gummi
    Pink Osafo Marshmallow
    Pink Potato
    Pink Yolk
    Pliger Poop
    Plugged Poop
    Plushie Fairy Sugar Cube
    Poison Berry Parfait
    Polka Dot Meat
    Prancer Poop
    Prawn and Squid Soup
    Prison Gumball
    Puddle of Piddle
    Pumpkin Cookie
    Pumpkin Pancakes
    Pumpkin Pokey
    Pumpkin Potato
    Punk Pearl
    Purple Blood
    Purple Bunns
    Purple DNA
    Purple Gummi
    Purple Potato
    Purple Yolk

    Quantum Marapop

    Rababerry Poop
    Radioactive Potato
    Rainbow Fairy Cupcake
    Rainbow Pizza
    Rainbow Popsicle
    Rainbow Smoothie
    Rainbow Sugar Cube
    Rainbow Toast
    Raulf Dip
    Recycled Cake Crumbs
    Recycled Gumball
    Red Bean
    Red Blood
    Red Bunns
    Red DNA
    Red Eyeball Gummies
    Red Gummi
    Red Gummy Hump
    Red Potato
    Red Yolk
    Roasted Chestnuts
    Root Beer Float
    Rotten Corn Dung
    Royal Fairy Sugar Cube
    Royal Nectar

    SPAM Fairy Sugar Cube
    Salmon Sashimi
    Sand Cupcake
    Sand Sandwich
    Santa Cheesecake
    Satyr Sugar Cube
    Scratchy Poop
    Sea Salt Ice Cream
    Seasonal Potato
    Seasonal Tootoo
    Serri Poop
    Sewer Fairy Cupcake
    Sewer Fairy Sugar Cube
    Sewer Milkshake
    Sewer Mousse
    Sewer Stew
    Sewers Pancakes
    Sewers Pearl
    Silser Poop
    Simerian Pearl
    Simerian Wine
    Sixth Poop
    Skelebat Poop
    Slice of Banana Cream Pie
    Slice of Blueberry Lemon Cream Pie
    Slice of Caramel Apple Cream Pie
    Slice of Chocolate Cream Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Apple Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Cherry Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Chocolate Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Coconut Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Pumpkin Pie
    Slice of Gourmet Strawberry Pie
    Slice of Lemon Cream Pie
    Sliced Potato
    Slime Boy Sugar Cube
    Smuggler Pearl
    Snow Pearl
    Snowman Poop
    Soap Flavoured Gummy
    Sock Pasta
    Soft Pretzel
    Solidified Blood
    Soy Sauce
    Space Pearl
    Spam Fairy Cupcake
    Spam Fairy Pearl
    Spam Fairy Potato
    Sparkle Potato
    Spicy Chicken Soup
    Splish Poop
    Spring Pearl
    Spring Potato
    Springo Poop
    Sprouted Bean Potato
    Spurkle Poop
    Spy Pearl
    St Patricks Day Cake
    Star Burger
    Star Shaped Cheese Pizza
    Star Shaped Hawaiian Pizza
    Star Shaped Pepperoni Pizza
    Star Shaped Sausage Pizza
    Starry Blueberry Pie
    Starry Cherry Pie
    Starry Chocolate Pie
    Starry Coconut Pie
    Starry Lemon Pie
    Steak and Potatoes
    Steampunk Cake
    Steampunk Pearl
    Stone Potato
    Stormy Potato
    Strawberry Croissant
    Strawberry Doughnut Milk
    Strawberry Jam and Banana Sandwich
    Strawberry Love Pie
    Strawbri Poop
    Straya Dip
    Striped Pearl
    Strobe Pancake
    Sultan Gumball
    Sultan Sugar Cube
    Summer Potato
    Sunny Poop
    Super Sized Cotton Candy
    Superhero Pearl
    Surf and Turf
    Suspicious Yellow Snowcone
    Sweet Bean Pancakes
    Sweet Figaro Tea

    Tangy Figaro Taffy
    Teal Potato
    Tiger Pearl
    Tiger Potato
    Tomato Pearl
    Tooth Fairy Sugar Cube
    Torall Poop
    Troit Ice Sculpture
    Turkey Burger
    Turkey Dinner

    Ugly Teeth Gumball
    Undying Fairy Pearl

    Vacation Gumball
    Vacation Pearl
    Valentines Day Chocolates
    Vampire Sugar Cube
    Vanilla Brownie
    Vegetable Stew
    Village Pearl
    Villain Pearl
    Vlad Dip
    Volcanic Drink

    Wasabi Paste
    Wedding Cake
    Weep Poop
    White Bunns
    White Chocolate Covered Strawberry
    White Chocolate Decadal
    White DNA
    White Gummi
    White Rice Onigiri
    White Yolk
    Winter Potato
    Witch Cupcake
    Wreath Cookie

    Yakuow Poop
    Yakuth Poop
    Yellow Blood
    Yellow Bunns
    Yellow DNA
    Yellow Gummi
    Yellow Gummy Hump
    Yellow Osafo Marshmallow
    Yin Yang Jelly
    Yule Log
    Yunicorn Doughnut

    Zetoro Poop
    Zointy Poop
    Zola Dip
    Zombear Poop
    Zombie Figaro Tail


    done for feb,,,current Newspaper swap March

    Posted on : 5th Feb 2019 12:12   Posted by : KarenLostAngel
    G or got = I have it

    Baspinar Castle News
    Biala News
    Candyland News
    City Sewers News
    Dukka Caves News
    Dukka Town News
    Eleka Castle News
    Enpiah News
    Foxfire Forest News
    Gigantic Paradise News
    Jenoa News
    Kamilah Desert News
    Lowlyhood News
    Lush Lake News
    Marada News
    Minipet Island News
    Nimbus News
    Puchalla Village News
    Simeria News
    Slater Park News
    Undying Woods News
    Vortex Park News
    Ziranek News

    My Missing Eggs- Trading for

    Posted on : 25th Jan 2019 19:15   Posted by : KarenLostAngel
    My Missing Eggs
    Not looking for the crystal ones or any rsable ones or from goals
    Looking for past events and old aus prefered
    please check the prices on what u are offering I do not accept under offers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Acorn Glowing Egg

    Beanstalk Glowing Egg
    Black Damask Glowing Egg
    Blue Crystal Glowing Egg

    Corrupted White Glowing Egg

    Demonic Glowing Egg
    Drake Glowing Egg

    Eleka Glowing Egg
    Extremely Scary Glowing Egg

    Fire Fairy Glowing Egg
    Firework Glowing Egg

    Glitched Glowing Egg
    Golem Glowing Egg
    Griffin Glowing Egg

    Hairy Glowing Egg

    Haunted Moon Glowing Egg

    Injured Tan Glowing Egg
    Ivory Fleshy Glowing Egg

    Light Fairy Glowing Egg

    Mafia Glowing Egg
    Melted Glowing Egg
    Merman Glowing Egg
    Mummy Glowing Egg

    Nimbus Glowing Egg

    Orange Crystal Glowing Egg
    Ornament Glowing Egg

    Panda Glowing Egg
    Party Glowing Egg
    Pink Crystal Glowing Egg
    Present Glowing Egg
    Purple Crystal Glowing Egg

    Red Damask Glowing Egg

    Seaside Glowing Egg
    Sewer Fairy Glowing Egg
    Snowman Glowing Egg
    Space Glowing Egg
    Spam Fairy Glowing Egg
    Spring Glowing Egg
    Sultan Glowing Egg
    Summer Arinya Glowing Egg
    Summer Glowing Egg
    Summer Troit Glowing Egg
    Summer Yuni Glowing Egg

    Teal Crystal Glowing Egg

    Wizard Glowing Egg
    Wonky Glowing Egg

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